10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Bed

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mitakes girls make in bed

In fact, most times women do these things in bed without even knowing it kills their marriage or relationship slowly, so there is nothing to worry about after we diagnose these dirty habits that make men feel unhappy in marriage or relationship. We came up with these 10 biggest mistakes women make in bed without knowing it is dangerous.

most mistakes women makes in bed


It’s really sad for a man when you find out your partner crib about sex and things you do wrong in bed, so let make it clear and simple to let her know the biggest mistakes she makes when in bed also. So that women can avoid these things and make their men feel comfortable in bed.


1.  Too Much Drama

Too much drama turns your man off. Especially when he brings you to the bed and started touching you playing with your hair, relax open up to him be happy and participate in the mood so that you don’t put him off. Give him your time don’t find an excuse or pretending not really in the mood these things turn men off.

2.  Stop Worrying About Your Look

Women now find pleasure to be perfect at all times. Not at all! Feel free to enjoy the act, Nobody Is secretly shooting you relax it’s not a parade of miss beauty. Appreciate it when you’re in bed with your man stop worrying about your look and stop complaining about your cream, hair all that soever it turns men off quickly.

3.  Be Submissive

mistakes ladies make in bed

Well, nothing to explain too much here all women or ladies know when it’s time for bed she needs to be submissive to her man that’s right. But try ladies when your man woos and he is tired try to come out from your comfort zone ladies! Why noy you ladies? Grab the bull by the horns After all sex is an act that takes two to play! When you don’t do these men feel you are not really with them? And turn them off slowly so be wise ladies.

4.  Stop Don’t Fake It


Some ladies do it, in a strange manner screaming loud whereas she is just cheating him. Don’t think he is incapable to know if really you feel the vibration, so please don’t fake it these faking stuff kill the heart of a man and turn him off immediately, or perhaps slowly you start losing him. So ladies another aspect when your man touches you at night you start with a strange manner that you don’t want to stop faking it just give him a chance.

5.  Talking After The Act

 biggest mistakes women make in nbed

This is where women get it wrong and mix it up, your man is tired after pleasing you in bed he is tired weak, and even sleepy. So let him rest for some hours before you start interacting with him. When he is tired let him rest but when talking to him you give him bad energy and this one puts off men easily that’s the fact ladies.

6.  Honey Go Down! Please

This is where most women find pleasure in its turn them up quickly, while he goes down on you, you love it and feel the sensation you are fingering it heads but when he wants the same you look for a strategy to escape it. Please show him some love, for all the good work and effort he puts to please in bed. Let him enjoy a good sucking session too

7.  Suck With Tongue Not With Teeth

my wife is not getting discharge

This one is very important in bed most women make these mistakes and unfortunately your man doesn’t enjoy you anymore in bed, sometimes when you want to touch him he will find an excuse of tiredness to escape from it because you don’t do the right thing in bed. When you happily go down on him make sure you don’t treat it like a candy stick or where you start licking with mouth and tongue you start chewing it and biting it with teeth please don’t use teeth it turns men off quickly.

8.  Don’t Smash His Egos

This is really important for women please if really you didn’t like all his effort in bed, don’t make him feel like he is doing the wrong thing you can teach him to open up to him. Guidance is good but doesn’t kill his ego while doing the same, sex is combining two souls together two different words becomes one sex is a serious issue for men too so please try don’t kill his ego it turns men off seriously.

9.  Hygiene

how to be the aggressor in bed

This is the most interesting of all women must take note of this, hygiene is a must and this goes for but men and women please ladies keep it down there clean and applying cleanliness I don’t mean clean shaven down there because some men still find pleasure when they find some small savanna forest where they go hunting. But armpit should be clean please ladies

10.  Don’t Get Too Comfortable

A few advice ladies, even if you have had sex too many times doesn’t mean now you don’t bother even if you are in your old granny panties or wearing those old faded worn-out bra. So please ladies don’t make these mistake it turn off men easily especially when he knows you better well it plays a role in the sexual encounter please ladies do spice things up at least twice a month


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