18 Gestures That Make Men Feel Loved And Appreciated

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Making a man feel loved and appreciated is the dream for every woman especially when he is your man. This is why finding those gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated are important.

People talk about the complexity of women but in reality, men are the people who are hard to figure out. Society has given us a lot of misconceptions about men and this is why it is hard to keep them happy. For example, who knew men would even want to feel loved and appreciated.

We all believed that men get their happiness from seeing their women, businesses, and children thrive. But just like us, men too want to be all lovey with their partner, they want to be reassured that they are loved. Just like women, men want to feel loved and appreciated now and then.

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18 Gestures That Make Men Feel Loved And Appreciated

The topic of feeling loved and appreciated might seem like an easy pass. The way to a man’s heart is his stomach, at least that is what the famous quote made us believe. Now, we are not saying they are lying but the chef’s husband just filed for a divorce.

If his stomach is the way to make him feel loved and appreciated, why did he leave her?
Well, the truth is the stomach is one way but not the only way. Take a man’s heart like a maze – so many roads lead to the destination. Some will be interconnected and others will lead straight there.

Also, in the maze, some roads will take you nowhere and this is the same when you are looking for amazing gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated. Men are different and what this means is that what works for one person might not work for the second person. So, the key is looking for the ones that will suit your man and focusing on them.

During our research, we found so many gestures/things to do but we focused more on the ones that are general to almost everybody – they include;

Effective Communication

A happy home is usually inhabited by a happy man – this is a fact we have established already. So, when you are looking for what makes a man feel loved, find what makes the home happy. This is where effective communication comes into the picture. When it comes to effective communication, there are two parts to this puzzle.

We have to talk and listen – here, we will be focusing more on the latter. Listening to your man might seem like one basic thing to do but in all honesty something this basic might be the spark your relationship needs to go to the next level. Men will always feel loved and appreciated when a woman who listens to them.

When we talk about listening here, we don’t just mean keeping quiet and letting him speak although it is part. It is more of understanding what he has to say and asking questions to get more clarity. He has to know that you are listening when he has something to say. Also, you should understand that no matter how good you seem, you can be better – no one is perfect.

So, ask him of the ways you can get better – the conscious effort to please him is everything. When he is not around you pick up your phone and check in with him. Don’t do it like you are being noisy, more like you miss him.


Spend Time With Him

how to make a man feel like a king

When we are talking about gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated, spending quality time with him will always be top of the list. There are so many techniques you can adopt to transform the time you spend with him into quality time.

The first on our list is to drop your phone when he is with you. the basic function of a phone is to communicate especially with our loved ones when they are not around. So, when he is at home with you, there is no reason to hold on to it. The one time the phone should be found with you when is around is if you want to show him something.

You can’t be texting and smiling while he is telling you how bad his day went. Let’s put you in his shoes, would you be happy if you were telling him about the fight at the mall and he was texting and laughing. Being present is one thing that cannot go out of fashion as far as you want your man and home happy.

Especially when he is having a bad day or stressed, your presence might be all that is needed. If you notice he is having a bad day, go into the shower with him and spend minutes hugging under the water without saying any words.


Find The Love Language He Speaks

It is either word of affirmation, acts of services, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch. Sometimes, it turns out to be a combination of two or more but ultimately everyone has a love language. The reason why you are searching for how to make a man feel loved and respected without getting the result is that you are doing the wrong things.

We found that love languages are the way to win people over and we started doing them all. Most times we even do some and ignore the important ones. For love languages, it works better after you have studied your partner to know which he loves. When you know what your man is into or what he loves, it becomes easy for you to win him over and make him feel both loved and appreciated.

So, if he is moved by physical touch – you wouldn’t be spending all your time and resources on giving him physical gifts. Yes, the gifts are nice but if that is not his love language, it will not get the desired result you want.


Send Him Gifts

This is one of the popular gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated. Gifts are not meant for women alone – research has shown that men appreciate them even more. This might be attributed to the fact that society has made us believe men don’t deserve or need gifts.

So, a man will hold whoever gifts him something in high esteem since it is not something that happens frequently. What makes gifts work is not just the fact that you sent something but the thought behind what you sent. Always do your research to find out exactly what your man needs at a particular time – that should be what you send to him as a gift.

Know what he likes if you cannot know what he needs – perfumes are nice but a man who loves jewelry will rather have a wristwatch or bracelet. This is where effective communication still creeps into the conversation (like we said some of these gestures are intertwined). When you know your man, getting him thoughtful gifts becomes easier.

Sometimes gifts are not gifts, just something you do normally do. For example, rather than packing him lunch before he goes to work, drive down and deliver it yourself.


Plan His Finances And Save Him Money

There is a saying that women make everything given to them better. There is also one that says a woman will build with a man she loves rather than spend everything. So, if you are looking for a way to make your guy feel important, it is quite a simple task. All you have to do is build rather than spend or build more than you spend.

Men will always be men and they plan their finances but half the time they are only planning to spend. Saving to buy a car and then saving again for college tuition or to buy a house. Men don’t know how to just save but women do. This is why they say behind every successful man there is a woman.

If you want to be that woman that makes him feel loved and appreciated, you should cultivate the habit of saving for him. It is not a hard task to do however, just change the menu and options to good but cheaper products. Tell him, we don’t need to get ice cream today, we can save the money for dinner and just cook at home.

Some women take money from their man and save it down for him then give him after some time to use for whatever he wants. These things might seem basic but they go a long way in the heart of a man.


Find His Hobby And Make It Yours

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What do men love more than anything in the world – sports. Research shows that more than 90% of men on earth are fans of one sporting club – it could be baseball, soccer, football, basketball, etc. There are also other hobbies men have but the most common is sports so we will keep our focus here.

What you are looking for are gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated. Now, there are so many to mention but this has to be top on every list. You see how you feel when he watches your favorite series with you even if he is not a movie person. That is how it feels, knowing that your partner is watching the LA lakers and cheering them on simply because you love them.

This can turn out to become a strong bonding method for the two of you making it good for so many reasons.
Encourage him to have alone time/time with the boys – yes, we know you love him and you want him but you must understand that you are not the only one that does. The question is how to make a man feel like a king and let him do what he wants is one of them.

He deserves to enjoy some of the things he used to enjoy before he met you. Also, once in a while he will desire to be with his friends and not with you. Fighting in situations like this is usually not the best thing to do because you end up having a grumpy partner. However, if you allow him to enjoy these things, he comes back feeling loved and appreciated for the time he spends with you, and thanks to you for letting him have fun by loving you even more.


Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Some of the gestures to make men feel loved and appreciated have nothing to do with men at all. This is one of those gestures – loving yourself and taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give to your man. a woman who is well kept, successful, and full of confidence is a blessing for her man.

So, if you are looking to make your man feel appreciated and loved then try to build your confidence. Be yourself, the best and most real version of you – he will fall head over heels for that. Try cooking nude for him, being goofy around him – the confidence is what gets to him.


Seek Advice From Him

We are looking for how to make a man feel free and how to make him feel loved and appreciated. On this quest, you must understand that men love to be seen as the head, it is something that has been there since the dawn of man. so, doing those little things that make him feel like he is in charge might be all that is needed to make him feel loved.

One of the ways this is done is to involve him in the decision-making process of your life. Yes, he may not be able to give you the best advice at all times but the thought is what counts. Making it seem like he is an important figure is all you need to do to make him feel wanted, loved, and appreciated.


Be Romantic

In the journey of finding the gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated, you will find some that do one more than the other. This one makes a man feel loved more than it will make him feel appreciated. Nevertheless, flirting and being romantic is one gesture that all men desire from their women.

Flirting has so many levels and ways – the key is to check as many boxes as possible. Men want eye contact with no words being said, hugs that last longer than they should. You can decide to offer a massage when you see he is stressed from work. Flirting as a tool can give you some incredible results as long as it is done right. At night, he wants to feel wanted so tell him you need to be cuddled and you are cold.


He Is Yours, So Get Touchy

how to make a man feel loved and wanted

Whether you find yourself outside or in the house, it is important to always know that this man is yours. You are his too, so forget about the world and just love him how you want to or how he wants to be loved. People should not have to ask if you are together, it should be obvious.

Get touchy with him inside and outside – hold hands or just hold something. Men will open fight against PDA but this is only because society has made them unemotional. In reality, they dream of this, and giving them is exactly how to make a man feel loved and wanted.

Assure Him Of His Safety

This might be one of the weirdest gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated. Assurance of safety seems like something a woman will be desired from her man but that is not the full story. First, when we say assurance of safety, we don’t necessarily mean protect him from a physical fight although it will be so cute to see you try.

What we mean is showing him that his position in your life is safe regardless of what happens. You do this by making a priority in your life and by constantly telling him and showing him, he is the only man for you. When you make plans, it should be more of us and not me – this will make him feel wanted and loved. Trust will play an important role here as for any of these to work, you have to genuinely trust your man and he has to trust you too.


Take Care Of His Ego

When a man feels appreciated most times, it builds his ego and this is not a bad thing. When you are at this stage, taking care of the ego is important as long as you want to make him feel loved and appreciated. One of the ways we kill the ego is outright rejection.

Regardless of what your partner asks for, saying no just like that isn’t the way to go about things. Have a conversation about things, find out why he wants what he wants, make him see reasons why it is not necessary. He understands that you have him in mind and care about his feelings and this makes everything better.


Make It All About Him Sometimes

when a man feels appreciated

I know it is hard but when you are looking for gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated, you have to do the hard things sometimes. Make the day about him and what he wants from time to time. Let him come home to his favorite songs compiled into a playlist and his favorite food hot on the dinner table.

The show on TV that night should be chosen by him too – making things about him sometimes is all you need to do to make him feel appreciated for the things he does.


Hot Balls-Dripping Intercourse ­

You are here because you asked to google “how does a man feel appreciated?” The truth is there are so many ways this can happen but giving him amazing intercourse remains top on that list. It is important to note that the bedroom is not where mind-blowing intercourse starts but where it ends.

Send him inappropriate photos while he is at work and tell him how you love that he works to take care of you and can’t wait to repair the favor. Video call him and show him you are cooking naked just for him. Find out the fantasies of your man and plan how they can be brought to life, do this watch him love you like never before.


Keep To Your Word

We have talked about trust already and it is top on the list of gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated. Being top, it is no surprise that we are reiterating the issue as we go down. A man wants to feel loved and appreciated and sometimes all that is needed for this is honesty and trust. It doesn’t matter how small what you said you will do is. Once it is said, it has to be done – this is why we advise people to be watchful of what they say especially when making promises to their partner.


Love Him Just The Way He Is

It is said that a woman’s first instinct is to build her man and women see men as projects. This is not so much of a bad idea as long as you are not making him who he is was not. A building should be more of making him a better version of himself and not a different version of himself.

Learn to love him for who he is as this is one of the gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated. Forgive him for not being the man you want him to be as long as he is growing to be that man. while he is at it, make sure you are not talking bad about him as this will usually kill his zeal to try.


Teamwork And Gratitude

Of all the gestures that make men feel loved and appreciated, this has to be the most important. Seeing him do things and join him or doing this together from the start is the sweetest form of appreciation and love for men.

You must not even participate in the job, just sit there and rain compliments on him while he does the work. Never hesitate to say thank you and I love you to your man – it is exactly what makes him feel loved and appreciated.


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