199 Hot & Cute Flirty Text Messages To Make Your Partner Crazy For You Tonight

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cute flirty text messages to make him crazy for you

What you are looking for is cute flirty text messages to make him crazy and we need these for so many reasons. The most obvious on the list will be to build intimacy and love in the relationship. Most times, we would even be searching for cute flirty text messages to make him crazy even before we get him to love us.

It is well known that keeping yourself on someone’s mind is a sure way to their heart and this is a sure way. However, the goal here is to make him go crazy, this is why the search tab says “text messages to make him crazy”.

flirty text messages for him crush

Cute Flirty Text Messages To Make Him Crazy

Contrary to popular belief, men are also moved by words – it is not something reserved exclusively for women. So, you are not wrong for searching for cute flirty text messages to make him crazy. That been said, how effective it is; has to do with the timing rather than the content.

Whether you are sending this to a man or a woman, there are things to consider before sending out these flirty texts for crush. Before typing any of the cute flirty text messages to make him crazy, understand what kind of relationship exists first. From this, the situation at the moment should be analyzed before any text is sent out.

Here we have separated the cute flirty text messages to make him crazy into four categories based on gender and also the type of relationship, they include;

Cute Flirty Text Messages for Him

Cute Flirty Text Messages


When you are focused on the cute flirty text messages to make him crazy for you, the kind of relationship is important. Is he someone you want a relationship with or someone you are already dating? Reading through the cute flirty text messages to make him crazy here, you would see that they serve different contexts, and using the perfect one for the perfect context makes the result even better.

1. When you see me tomorrow, whisper dirty things into my ears – whatever you say is how our night would be.

2. I do not know what you are still doing at work but just to let you know, I am naked in bed waiting for you

3. In class today, they told us semen is good for the skin, can we take care of my skin tomorrow?

4. You, me and so good wine tomorrow? What do you think? Goodnight, for now, thanks tomorrow

5. I loved the perfume you wore today; it made me want to rip your clothes off – thank God, I held myself, talk to you tomorrow

6. Thank you for making me always feel safe, good night my Prince

7. It is 4 am and I woke up wet because you were in my dreams, ask me for details of the dream when you wake up

8. I know it is late and all but I was just thinking about how things would be if you came over right now – anyways, good night.

9 . I just remember that time we… (remind them of happy memories)

10. It is amazing how much of a better person I have been and it is all because of you – thank you, my love.

11. This night would be much better if I was sitting on your laps or lying on your chest

12. How about we make my thighs the new home for your fingers

13. You might be out of sight for now but you can never be out of my mind – goodnight my King

14. Guess the first thing I am doing when you come over tomorrow

15. Being able to text you goodnight makes me feel like the luckiest woman on earth

16. Don’t stop! Oops, sorry – I am just rehearsing for tomorrow. Goodnight, dear, see you soon

17. I have a gift for you to unwrap tomorrow, so make sure you enjoy your night sleep

18. Just to let you know, I am wearing just your hoodie to bed tonight

19. The wildest part of earlier today, was when you shoot a load inside of me – anyways, just texting to say good night

20. I would trade anything to be there with you now – naked, drunk, and satisfied

21. Sweet dreams and I pray I find my way there, goodnight, my King

22. Okay, can you stop thinking about me, so I can sleep

23. Every day I thank God for bringing you to my life and I pray you never have to leave, good night my love

24. I am wearing that shirt you like to bed today – telling you so you can spend the night thinking about me

25. You know I am still wearing the smile you put on my face earlier today

26. I think you should know that the smile on my face right now is sponsored by our memories

27. Let’s act that Disney movie tomorrow, come over and wake me up with a kiss

28. How much trouble do you think we would get into if we worked together with all this sensual tension?

29. My pants are soaked again and it is Instagram’s fault – they just keep showing me photos of you

30. I know it sounds weird but I miss you when you are not here with me

31. You have 3 guesses, who did I spent my night thinking about

32. Go to sleep my king, I will be here loving you even more when you wake

33. Go home and sleep here, I will spend my night thinking about things too beautiful to be left for dreams

34. The thought of seeing you tomorrow gives me butterflies in my stomach

35. Call in sick tomorrow then call me to come over – there is something new I learned and I want to show you

36. The only words I want to be saying tomorrow when we see are – ‘yes, Daddy’, ‘thank you, ‘that is the spot’

37. I love you from head to toes with my head and my toes

38. I wish you could come over first thing in the morning because it feels so cold tonight

39. How soon can your hands be on my body and your lips be on mine

40. I am looking forward to having you for breakfast

41. Call me as soon as you wake up, so I can hear your voice again

42. Sometimes I ask myself what I was thinking about before I met you

43. I don’t know why I am having X-rated thoughts tonight and why they are all about you

44. How about your tongue on my sugar plum tomorrow?

45. To the moon and back then to the moon again – that is how much I love you

46. Never forget that you mean the world to me

47. The problem with spending my night thinking about you is that it gets me so turned on

48. What do you think we would be doing, if you were here with me?

49. Do you have room for some puppy eyes in your busy schedule tomorrow? Please say yes

50. You looked even hotter in my dreams last night


Cute Flirty Text Messages for Her

cute flirty text messages for her

Sending any of these dirty flirty text messages for her is surely a way to get her attention. However, just like the cute flirty text messages to make him crazy, there is nothing as important as context.

Did you spend the day together before going your separate ways, are you seeing her tomorrow? The answer to these questions will determine which of these 50 questions you would be asking her to make her crazy.

51. I promise I will always be by your side but I prefer being under you or on top and that is where how I wish I was right now

52. Just so you know, you are inspiring some crazy thoughts in my mind head

53. I thought of you all night and it is partly why I am smiling uncontrollably this morning

54. Sending all my blankets and a big kiss goodnight for my forever baby

55. Everything keeps reminding me of you, even the way I say goodnight is different when I am not saying it to you

56. How about a naked bear hug, every night from tomorrow?

57. Don’t you miss me in your bed tonight?

58. Making out with you was the favorite part of my day, thanks for being there today

59. There is nobody I would rather spend the weekend with; so please clear your schedule for me

60. I love you so much, just wanted to remind you

61. The thing is I have been craving you a lot lately; tonight, is just something else

62. God was having a good day when he created you

63. I hate that I am here when I can be there with you cuddling and doing other adult things with you

64. I just want to let you know that you would be in my dreams tonight and it will be a beautiful one

65. Regardless of how bad my day went; I say goodnight to you and it gives me hope that tomorrow will be better. If I can get you in my life after all this pain then I can get a better tomorrow

66. I don’t take you for granted because I know some people search a whole lifetime for this beautiful thing we are sharing

67. Do you believe in love at first sight, oh do I have to see you again tomorrow?

68. Come over tomorrow, all your favorites will be available -me, ice cream, pizza, Netflix.

69. I know it is wrong to text someone by 2:09 am but I just can’t stop thinking about you

70. What is giving me sleepless nights is the fact that you are getting hotter by the day?

71. The truth is there is nobody I would rather sleep next to

72. Heaven is a person sometimes not a place, you are my heaven

73. Even over the phone, you are the most beautiful person I have ever met

74. The definition of a dream come through will be me seeing you immediately I wake up tomorrow

75. Just for one day stop being everything I dreamt of before you drive me crazy

76. Tomorrow is another 24 hours; I will spend thinking about you but is fine – it is something I love doing

77. I love the person I am when you are around me

78. All I have been thinking about all day is your lips

79. Would you like to put me on your to-do list for tomorrow?

80. Random fact – I smile sheepishly when a notification with your name comes on

81. You see how perfectly our fingers interlock, that is one of the things that makes me crazy when it comes to you

82. The fact that I have you in my life is something I am not grateful enough for and I am sorry

83. Sometimes I wonder how boring my life would be if I hadn’t met you

84. I look into your eyes and see myself falling in love all over again

85. How much did it hurt when you fell from the heavens?

86. It’s funny how every love song reminds me of you regardless of when it was written

87. The desk in my office seems strong but I think you should come over tomorrow, so we can test out

88. How about you come over after work tomorrow? I can’t promise to keep it in my pants though

89. Lend me a kiss when we see tomorrow, I promise to payback

90. From the very first day I saw you I wanted you – just said I should let you know

91. Tomorrow will be a good day and the only thing that would make it better is you by my side

92. You have so many beautiful curves but the most amazing is your smile

93. I will dream about you if you dream about me tonight, deal?

94. I look at my keyboard and seeing U and me together gives me hope that tomorrow will be better for us

95. The only reason I am quick to bed is that I want to see you in my dreams

96. I like you a lot; wait is there a phrase higher than a lot – I just realized this more than a lot

97. I love it when you (say something she does)

98. So, I have this problem and I think you are the perfect person to help solve it – so, I can’t stop thinking about you, what do we do?

99. How did thinking about us become better than sleeping?

100. Goodnight, dear, I am counting the seconds until I talk to you again


Flirty Text Messages For Your Crush

dirty flirty text messages for her

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for, whether it is one of those cute flirty text messages to make him crazy or one of the flirty text messages that will make her crazy. If the person is not so close or you are crushing, the best type of text message will be imaginative. Futuristic plans of things you want to say in the cutest way to get their attention and drive them crazy.

101. Sometimes, I wish you would stop being a stranger

102. Good morning handsome, just want to say I spent my whole night thinking about you and I hope you did too

103. Good night stranger just wanted to remind you that someone loves you

104. All these goodnights will make sense when you kiss me before saying them

105. Right now, I want to feel your hands on my body, it is not like I don’t feel this way always but right now the feeling is heightened

106. Kissing you right now and holding you tight would be perfect but then all I can say is goodnight

107. Everything about you turns me on – I just said I should let you know

108. I am texting to say goodnight but before that, I want to know – are you free for lunch tomorrow?

109. This is not even a lie; I spent my whole day thinking about you – how did you spend your day?

110. Sometimes I wish I could get you out of my head and into my bed

111. My morning will make a lot of sense if I get a reply to this goodnight text message

112. Do you know what will be better than a reply to this message tomorrow morning? A lunch date

113. I gather the balls to say goodnight, now I am staring at my phone waiting for a reply even if the time is 1:46 am

114. I might know someone who has a mad crush on you – text me tomorrow and I will tell you, goodnight.

115. I loved the shirt you wore to work today but you know it would look better on the floor next to my bed

116. I am looking forward to our first kiss, that is the only tomorrow I want to sleep and wake up to

117. It is 1:37 am and I am here going through your Facebook and getting angry at the fact that your profile still says single. Please, fix that when you wake up

118. Just so you know, I am down, if you ever want to do some “we shouldn’t be doing this” things

119. Being in your arms is my favorite place to be and it makes me sad because I have to wait till tomorrow to be there

120. I know it is late and I don’t have anything to talk about but the truth is I want to talk to you

121. I can’t get you out of my head, and believe me- I have tried

122. So, I am here with a business proposal, the greatest heist of the century. I steal your heart, you still mine and we never get caught

123. I enjoy this friendship and it has got me thinking, what would you say if I wanted something more

124. No one is perfect I know but you are so close to that and that is why I want you

125. Asking for a friend, how long does it take for you to realize someone likes you and how long will it take before you like them back

126. Kissing your lips will be nice but I am more focused on how every other part of you would feel

127. I can’t help but think of how beautiful you would feel inside of me

128. Can I be the reason you look down at your phone and smile every day?

129. I can’t wait for when I would wake up next to you every morning

130. Sometimes I wish I am the reason you text and walk into a pole

131. It is getting a bit confusing here but I hope you can help me out because I like you a lot

132. Since you have seen how I look at you and how I feel about you – what do you plan to do about it?

133. Could you send me a photo of you, I am trying to make a wish list for Santa?

134. Name a body part and I will send you a photo when I wake up in the morning

135. You look a lot like my next girlfriend/boyfriend

136. Our first kiss is going to be amazing; don’t you think?

137. How are you even still single?

138. All the moments I spend without thinking of you feel like a waste these days

139. You looked great today – it’s not like I saw you but I just know, you always look good

140. Hi, I just feel like 2 am is the perfect time to say you are beautiful and I love you

141. With someone as hot as you on earth, why wouldn’t global warming be an issue?

142. I am not saying Facetime me in the bathroom but you definitely will like what you would see if you do

143. One day, you will be my love and not just my crush but until then, goodnight, dear

144. I hope your day was as beautiful as your smile

145. It didn’t take long for me to discover how precious you are

146. Fun fact – these days I sleep naked and think about you a lot

147. It feels like a dream sometimes – the fact that I can text you

148. Do you know having you is a prayer point for me?

149. You keep making me crazier, making my day brighter and my heart happier

150. How about a long and slow Nuru massage session?


More Cute Flirty Text Messages

flirty texts for crush

However, if none of these cute flirty text messages to make him crazy or her crazy conforms to what you want then here is more. This is a mix of all the categories because we know that people are unique.

151. Wake up already, don’t you know I started missing you when you said goodnight

152. I am glad to have you in my life, I just wanted you to know that

153. Even my pants will fall for you if I saw you right now

154. Tomorrow when I see you, there is a surprise package for you

155. I am dying to find out if you are as good as my fantasies tell me you are

156. It is hard to concentrate on work during the day or sleep at night when I have you

157. I wish this pillow was your chest right now

158. So, I was wondering – how soon do I get to touch you again

159. Hot guys are everywhere but none of them is you

160. My Dog and I, I don’t know who misses you more – come visit us tomorrow

161. Are you free? Not right now or tomorrow but for the rest of your life?

162. Random fact – my friends are tired of me talking about you

163. I wish to wake up to you smiling at me tomorrow

164. Any day I get to see you; seeing you becomes the highlight of my day

165. You are still on my mind

166. Do you want to hear a dirty secret about me before you go to bed?

167. I have decided what I am doing tonight. Yes, you.

168. I can taste your lips and give you a review

169. I want you

170. You’re going to think I’m lying, but you’re pretty much my dream guy

171. I’m thinking it’s a burger and beer kind of night… You in?

172. I was going to wait another day or two to text you, but I can’t wait that long to talk to you

173. You made me work all day in wet panties and now I am going to bed without you

174. Make me scream your name when we see tomorrow

175. Can’t wait to feel my legs get weak again as you kiss me!

176. I am missing your handsome face right now

177. hope your day is as nice as my butt

178. I am feeling a little naughty tonight, just saying

179. I promise you a weekend to remember

180. You make my heart skip a beat when I think about you

181. I just want to cuddle but all I can say is goodnight

182. My bed feels so cold without you

183. If I was there with you, what would you do to me?

184. It’s not my fault that I fell for you. You tripped me!

185. I hope your day is as beautiful as yours.

186. My favorite place is inside your hug.

187. I can’t believe I found a woman who’s smart, funny, and incredibly sexy

188. You’re an amazing kisser.

189. It’s so hard to fall asleep when you’re not next to me.

190. It is last but I need you right now

191. Tonight, I want you all to myself. Every other night, too

192. The more I look, the more I find the reasons why you’re the love of my life

193. Falling in love with you reminds me that nothing else matters

194. In my opinion, God’s only mistake when he made the world was that he didn’t keep you to himself.

195. Of all the stars in the sky, there are none as beautiful as you

196. What would you say if I told you that I like you?

197. Want to go on an adventure with me?

198. I bought new lingerie. Wanna see? Tomorrow then.

199. I miss you smothering me with pleasure

There are so many others when you are looking for cute flirty text messages to make him crazy. Even if you want some cute flirty text messages to make her crazy, more than the ones listed here are available. However, as we have said, context and usage are more important than actually using one. So, always consider which best suits your situation and that should be the one you go for.


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