Affection, Sex, And The 9 Emotional Needs

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Emotional needs in a relationship! We are people with emotions. And we have special ways we want to be treated. We want to be made to feel special and loved. We have other needs aside from our financial, and material needs.

In a relationship, a man has his emotions to be massaged. A woman wants her emotions to be met, which are the emotional needs in a relationship. Every couple has his/her emotional needs.

emotional needs of a man

Affection, Sex, and the 9 Emotional Needs

There are emotional needs list, emotional needs of a woman, emotional needs of a man, and emotional needs list, what are my needs in a relationship, and a list of emotional needs in a relationship, and we’re going to be looking at 9 basic emotional needs in a relationship.

Also, you’d see how to meet them so that your relationship will flourish. Emotional needs meeting between a couple- should be balanced, so that the two of you can both feel satisfied and not have one- feeling unattended to.


1.  Companionship

emotional needs of a woman

You should realize that- that is the reason and most important (though often neglected) purpose for going into a relationship. You need your partner’s company. Your partner needs your company too.

Follow them up in their daily activities. Make video calls often. Play online games that involve two players- you, and your spouse. Try to find out how they feel about certain things. Don’t just call “to say hi”. Don’t just call your partner to remind him to visit the grocery store on his way back.

Call your partner, and remind him of the plans he told you of the previous day. Remind her of the plans she mentioned to you earlier so that she can keep it in mind- just in case she’s forgotten.

Remind her to have her manicure and pedicure done for more beautification. This will prove to her that you deeply love her. Tell her to continue doing the good things she does. Encourage yourselves often. Say beautiful things to yourselves every day.

2.  Protection/Safety

A woman wants to feel protected. She wants to have that feel- that her man has got her back. When you both walk on the street at night, she wants you holding her hands firm.

She wants to feel safe whenever you’re around; at the club, the swimming pool, the crazy parties, the nights-out, she wants to feel your eyes on her- you ready to ward off anybody who tries as much as touching her carelessly.

She wants to know that you can stand by her when there’s trouble and not you running off. Does your woman feel safe around you? Can she hold you close when she’s scared? Can you just try to hold her close when she says she’s scared? This is an emotional need for a woman. To feel safe around her man. His protection.


3.  Attention

A man needs attention. A woman needs attention. Although, it is evident that women crave attention from their partners more. The funny thing is, they don’t talk about it. They rarely mention to their men that they want his attention. This is where communication comes in but- we’re still on attention.

A woman would have her ears to your lips, waiting for you to say something about her new hair, her new naughty nightie, and her curves, she wants you to talk about her like she’s the only thing you have on your mind.

Now, you don’t have to wait to talk about her with her. You know this now. Pay attention to her more often. When she’s quiet, try to figure out what’s wrong. Even when she says “It’s nothing”, draw her close and hug her affectionately. You don’t ignore her silence.

She may be hurting and not want to let you know- for fear that you might not understand her and give her the right words. We are all this way sometimes. When she talks, you listen. When he talks, you listen too. A man needs his woman to be attentive to him, paying him rapt attention.

This is love. Making out time for your partner; no matter how tight or busy you may be always see that he is happy or she is happy. You share in each other’s talk, tears, and laughs.
Do not be so quick to change the subject when she/he is talking.

4.  Admiration

If you love her look, say it to her. When he’s dressing for work and trying to look all-good, go to him, whisper into his ears that he looks really good. I believe he should be looking good for you to say he looks good. And don’t say harsh things to him either.

Admiration is an important emotional need in a relationship. You both should work on that to keep the relationship going smoothly. Women love to be admired. She has her eyes on you when she’s on her nightie. She wants you to say something about it.

Yea, even though you actually said something about it the previous night. Men love to be admired too. That is why he smiles sheepishly when he is told he looks real-handsome. This is an emotional need that should be met- just like every other emotional need we’re looking into.


5.  Encouragement/Support

When the emotional needs of a partner are ignored, the relationship suffers. You both need to encourage yourselves to keep going, to keep the fire on. There is nothing as disheartening as the realization that your partner does not try to support you in any way, or that you don’t try to encourage your partner’s efforts.

When she’s back from the interview which she did not pass, don’t call her a failure. Don’t give her reasons why she failed. It did not work for her, and it’s passed. You should only seek to make her feel better so that she can keep trying.

Make her feel needed. Give her no room to feel down or bad about herself. Also, do not try to discourage your partner’s dreams. It may not appear huge at the beginning, but, you never know how it would end.

Be free and open about your partner’s growth. Give her the chance to try different ideas she gets. Follow her through until she comes to the one she considers great. Keep encouraging her to nurture that idea. Be her support plug. Be his support plug when he is down. Don’t leave him in his down moments.

In fact, it is in those down moments that he needs you to stay with him and push him on. Shower him with words of encouragement. Pray for him. You can give him good ideas you think will help him. Be his strong support plug. By doing this, you will find your love for each other will be waxing stronger.


6.  Appreciation

what are my needs in a relationship

Learn to appreciate your man. Learn to appreciate your woman. It will not take anything from you. In fact, this is one of the easiest emotional needs in a relationship that can be met. But, this is also a frequently ignored emotional need.

Couples pay little attention to this. Some see it as a big deal. Other times, it is over-familiarity which makes one not to show appreciation to one’s partner. Appreciation is not just about saying Thank you.
Be appreciative no matter how little the effort of your partner may appear.

A man needs appreciation, and so does a woman. “Honey, thank you for the flowers!!” Be sweet about it. Don’t just spell it out. Don’t get too familiar with your partner. It will only bring down the love flames you both share. And it is that flame that you are supposed to ignite harder. Don’t give it any chance to burn out.

Be appreciative to your partner. “Baby, you’re so kind; you had my shirt ironed” kiss her.
You can show appreciation by giving presents to him or her. It can be a surprise, or something regular.
You can even say Thank you- to your partner, after mind-blowing lovemaking.

Make him/her feel appreciated. When you appreciate your partner, he/she will keep doing that activity that you showed appreciation for.

7.  Flaunting Them All Over The Place

list of emotional needs in a relationship

Well, well, in as much as some people do not like to be known all over the place, there’s still a good feeling that comes when you discover that your girlfriend or fiancée put up your photos on her social media handles- calling you ‘My heartbeat’.

There’s a warm and also a proud feeling you get when you’re walking with your man, and all of a sudden he scoops you into his arms and yells; ‘Here’s my woman!’ to passers-by, or maybe to the wind (just in case no one’s even paying you two attention).

And what about when he’s giving an opening speech and he says, ‘I wouldn’t be here if not for one person; my beautiful wife sitting over here.’ Do you get what I mean? Flaunt your partner. A man might get suspicious, or feel neglected when you don’t introduce him to your family or friends.

He would think, “Does she really love me?” “Am I the one? Or is there another?” The woman will have so many questions in her head. You should begin to flaunt that babe. Introduce your man to your close friends- even to the world. Be free with love.

8.  Respect

Everybody wants respect. Couples need respect for a thriving relationship. Never let over-familiarity come into your home.

Note: disrespect is a turnoff. You don’t insult your spouse or his/her family and expect love and support. No. Respect him in front of your friends. Respect her in front of your extended family. Respect each other in front of the kids.

Do not force an opinion into your partner’s head. You can both disagree on something peacefully- without having to fight. Treat him like a tender child. Treat her like a tender child. Patience. Love.
Always keep the respect coming. You both need it.

9.  Clinging boo

Your man wants you all over him. He may pretend he doesn’t like it when you drool over him. Your woman wants you to cling to her body like a magnet to a nail- even though she’s like, “Hey, get off my waist!” Stay around him often- when you’re not at work. Even when you’re both out, don’t let go of that waist!

Finally, following these few points mentioned, you will find a beautiful change coming from your partner. Don’t get tired of meeting your partner’s emotional needs. In fact, it should become a part of you.

You can also talk to your partner about your emotional need. Communication is very necessary for every relationship. I believe this will bring a lasting relationship between you two. Good luck with your partner!


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