How To Fix And Save A Broken Marriage

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how to fight for the woman you love

Marriage is a beautiful union. Marriage is for love and companionship. Marriage is about a man and a woman coming together, doing things in love, trust, understanding, and unity. Living in perfect harmony. They protect each other, having each other’s back.

They respect their marriage vows, fighting against backbiters, and against temptation from outside. They fight for love. They fight to keep their marriage standing. Though a marriage may get shaky, with terrible fighting and quarrels among a couple, it does not necessarily mean that the marriage cannot work anymore.

It does not automatically make the marriage dead. It should be given the chance to survive. There are beautiful and perfect moments in marriage. But, there may be days when a couple just doesn’t sync. A little misunderstanding or quarrel. Even in friendship, friends misunderstand themselves sometimes.

True friends have bad moments, as long as they’re close often, and hide no flaws from themselves.
People are bound to make mistakes in any form of relationship; be it a leader-follower kind of relationship or a romantic relationship.


And if a friendship can be fought for, Marriage is certainly worth fighting for. If you really love your spouse, you will fight to revive your marriage. Fight for what you love. Most marriages survive even extremely terrible times.

You can talk to old couples and enquire from them how they managed to come so far together as a couple. You’d be surprised and touched by their love stories. Some couples have had problems with work, health, or their kids, which made their marriage hit the rock.

But with patience, love, and time, they have been together. They encourage themselves and work to make their marriage better. To fight for your marriage to stand, does not mean you should get a bow and arrow to shoot at physical enemies.

To fight for your marriage is for you to do things to keep your marriage going. And also for you to be able to handle a failing marriage, fix it up, and have it revived!

In this article, I’ve pointed out tips you can apply, to fight and revive your marriage. You will learn how to fight for the woman you love, how to fight for the man you love, and whether or not he/she is worth it.

How To Fix And Save A Broken Marriage

1.  Do Things Together In Love


When there is a problem in your marriage, the first step you should take to fight for your marriage is to show your partner love. She may not reciprocate the love at that moment, but with time, she’ll realize how terrible she has been to you, and to the marriage.

Marriage is for love. And every issue should be handled with love. Show your partner love all the time, at home, when you’re out together, at work… When you’re not close, give your spouse a call and make yourselves happy.

Fight for what you love, get flowers for your woman, and get your man a bottle of perfume, it doesn’t have to be so expensive. When you make love in bed, take your time to savor the moment. Touch every part of your partner’s body, say sweet things into her/his ears, and say ‘I love you to your partner as you make love.

Regular love-making can revive a marriage. The closer you spend together, rubbing bodies and looking into each other’s eyes, the more connected you become, and the more in love, the more spark in your marriage comes alive. Don’t deny your spouse your body, and do not be in a hurry to disentangle from his/her body.


2.  Communication

when to fight for a relationship and when to let go

This plays a great role in keeping couples together. Communicate with your partner often on every issue and at the right time too. There shouldn’t be any surprises in your marriage. It is very poor that a man does not know his wife is battling with high blood pressure. Every issue must be discussed and handled soonest.

If your man complains of a bad time at work, you can both talk about it, seek ways to handle it to make things easier for him. Do not pay deaf ears to your woman’s talk. Pay your spouse’s attention more, and get the point she makes. Take your husband’s talk seriously, so he doesn’t get discouraged from disclosing things to you.


3.  Gifts

Gifts have a way of winning hearts. It is natural that you gift someone nice things, and the person starts liking you, if not loving you. Get your spouse gifts often. Even a card with a short, sweet write-up on it. It is your marriage. Fight for what you love.

This is something you shouldn’t be reminded to do for your spouse. Fight to revive your marriage.

4.  Taking The Bull By The Horn


In your marriage, you know the problem you may be facing. You have an idea of why your marriage is shaky and not as sweet as you love it. You should deal with that problem and not pay a blind eye to it. Tackle that situation from its root.

Here are a few good examples. A couple dealing with cheating in their marriage. It is true that there is no excuse for cheating in marriage. But, sometimes, a spouse may have a reason for cheating, that he wouldn’t share with his spouse.

He may be cheating on his wife because she doesn’t take care of her body anymore, she’s been paying less attention to her body unlike when they were still dating. Or the man reaches orgasm before the woman and falls asleep thereafter, leaving the woman sexually unsatisfied.

All that needs to be done to keep the marriage going is for the cheating partner to open up, be sorry for cheating, and be forgiven. Then the other partner has to step up in her body care and dress sense.
There are healthy ways a spouse can boost his/her sensual life. Healthy food plans, safe meds, and exercise.


Couples have to deal with any problems in their marriage as soon as it surfaces, rather than keep calm about it, letting it destroy their marriage.

Another case; a spouse who doesn’t feel her partner anymore. The flames she used to have for the man has diminished, and she wants a break in the relationship. This isn’t a rare situation. One may find himself in such a situation, and may not know how to handle it.

The truth is, in the relationship, you may begin to feel like you’ve seen it all, and you’re tired of the same face and the same activities you do together, but, you do not consider the other person.

Don’t you think he may be tired of the same activities you both have often? If people begin to leave their marriages because they suddenly feel bored in it, there would be very few couples staying in their marriages. If you have a partner like that, you have to talk to her with love.


Make her know that she may be feeling tired of the relationship, but you aren’t. There are new places you can visit together, new fun activities you may try together at home, start a movie night at home, or take a break from work just to spend it with your partner alone. Anything to revive the spark in your marriage.

Is love worth fighting for? Yes, it is. Love is worth fighting for. Let love be the primary drive in that marriage. As long as you love your spouse, there won’t be any issues in your marriage that you won’t be ready to deal with.

You should take the bull by the horn, and deal with it, then you can continue to enjoy your beautiful marriage. Do not give up on your marriage so soon. Fight for what you love, you can fight and revive your marriage.

How To Fight For Your Man


Many times we hear; if he loves you he will fight for you, if she loves you she will fight for you. This will only derail you from going for the man you love. What if the man wants you to make the move first just as you expect him to make the move first?

Your man may be indecisive about the whole issue, why not go draw him out of that confusion with your stable mind? Fighting for what you love is the right notion. Win his heart again.

He needs some more love- true love from you, and some convincing acts like; you caring for him, paying attention to even the trivial things he tells you, telling him kind words, and calling to know how he’s doing. You don’t have to fight any person to win a man’s heart.

A man who appreciates true love will see your good moves and come back to you without you necessarily going to fight anyone. Fight for what is yours and don’t pay attention to people who might tell you to just let your man leave. Go get your man back. It is your marriage. It is your responsibility to keep it alive.

How To Fight For The Woman You Love

When you love a woman, you fight to keep her. You fight to win her back. In your marriage, you shouldn’t slack in fighting to have your woman stay with you. Marriage is not always easy. It takes patience and understanding to keep a marriage strong.

That you’re both married now does not make you stop doing the things you used to do for her. Once you’re married, you have a huge duty to take good care of your woman. See that she is happy and satisfied.


Is she worth fighting for? As long as she is the woman you loved and chose to spend the rest of your life with, a woman who’s willing to make sacrifices for your home, a woman who has once shown you love, yes! She is worth fighting for. Fight for what you love. Get your woman back.

When she tells you to get away from her, draw her close, and keep her with you. Tell her kind words and make her happy. Your woman may have a few issues she doesn’t like in the marriage. Make her open up to you. Treat her right. Get her flowers. Send her love texts.

Take her out, and follow her to the beauty salon. Most especially, make her comfortable around you. When to fight for a relationship and when to let go. A relationship is for two persons who love each other truly, and encourage and support themselves.

A relationship is built on trust and commitment. You fight for your partner because the love and commitment are there. A partner who does not batter you and make you a laughing stock even in public. A partner who does not make his/her friends see your past mistakes and flaws to disrespect you.

You fight for a partner who does not keep various sexual partners. You don’t fight for a man or woman who beats you unapologetically and tells you no one else can love you. One who makes you feel like a failure. No form of motivation from him/her.

In as much as you really value that marriage, and you respect your partner, you want to fight for what you love, but, the love and respect are not reciprocated, you try to make the relationship work but you’re the only one always fighting for it to work.

Such a spouse has so much work to do for himself or herself and will only continue to punish you even though you’ve been trying all along.


Even if you choose to keep fighting, going from one marriage counselor to the other, if you stay in an abusive marriage and suffer depression and mental illness, you hurt yourself and not your partner. You should seek your happiness and mental health, too.

Can you just at least love yourself and try to stay alive for your kids and your family? Know when to fight for a relationship, and when to let go.


True Love Quotes

  • When you truly love someone, your heart beats for him alone.
  • A man who loves you will always want to see you happy.
  •  If you love someone, say it. Don’t wait till the person is gone or taken.
  •  Love is kind. Love is not selfish, but people are.
  •  She calls you often because she cares about you and loves you.
  •  A tiny spark of love is still loved. Don’t kill it. Bring on the love.
  •  Love makes one happy. Love motivates.

A beautiful relationship is what we all hope for. But when you go into a relationship and you continue to feel bad about yourself and not getting any love from your partner, you have to think of taking care of yourself and staying happy.

That relationship is only tearing down and you keep patching it up. Your partner does not care about your happiness, nor that of the kids. You should take a break from that relationship. Walk away from it. Live your life happily.

I really hope that this article helps you decide rightly on your shaky marriage. Relationships at times can be messy. But, it is absolutely possible to make it work.


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