How To Attract A Man And Make Him Cherish You

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How To Attract A Man And Make Him Cherish You

how to attract men

It is very normal and great as a woman, that you feel powerful and able to attract just any man you desire. You are capable of attracting any man you want, but, you have to possess certain attributes, and not just possessing attributes, you ought to have a certain demeanor, look, and class, for the kind of man you want to attract.

All these and more- we will look into in this article. You will discover how you can attract a man physically, how to attract a man emotionally, how to attract a high-quality man, and even how to keep your husband attracted to you.

how to attract a man physically

Now, there are various physical components that can make a woman attractive. It can be her look, her great smile, her height and posture, her body curves, or her mannerism. Men are attracted to women, but not any woman. Just as you have your spec, the man you want to attract- has his specs.

To attract a kind of guy, you have to look at his background, the kind of job he does, check out the women who work with him, then you step up your game. Dress in his class. Start up intelligent conversations when you’re around him and smile naturally. That his how to attract a man.

How To Attract A Man Physically

Here are some important tips you should consider if you want to attract that guy you really like- and make him want you. You can always attract a man for marriage– by following these tips.


1.  Good Personal Hygiene

Being a neat lady, you will have guys flocking around to take in your good smell. Cleanliness plays a huge role in getting men attracted to you. It’s an insult to your person, that you don’t keep good body hygiene. You should work on yourself, to keep the body odor away.

Take your bath regularly and put on clean, nice wears. The things you use must be kept clean. You attract guys and earn their respect when you take care of yourself and keep your things clean.

You have your hair well kept, your clothes ironed, your face smooth with powder, your teeth clean- giving you a fresh breath, and you go to him and tell him you’d like to eat out with him… he won’t turn you down. Not easily. He will leap at the chance to spend some time with you, discussiñng over a nice treat.

When you meet him for a handshake, he will take that arm with all pleasure, with no memory of you digging your nose, surfacing from his memory bank.


2.  Be Confident

At least if you want to attract a man, do so with confidence. You can earn his respect with your self-confidence. When you talk with people, you talk confidently. Do not always sound so uncertain. Be bold and say positive things. You don’t want to attract any kind of man, do you?

Be confident, to attract a man who wants a confident woman. Do not shrink before people. You may want to attract a colleague at work, or a friend- or even someone in the neighborhood, you have to be confident around him, for him to notice you.


3.  Dress Hot

how to attract a man emotionally

You can’t attract a man, looking all shabby. Dress beautifully. You have to look really good. That is how to attract a man. Put on the right clothes. You know your shape, and what to wear to bring out that shape. Put on matching outfits. Looking responsible is a good one.

You will have men coming around you to know you and possibly start something great with you. Men love the good looks. Good looking men actually. So, for you to attract a good-looking man, you should look good.

Dress well, show off your nice legs, let your cute figure be seen in that beautiful gown, and have all the compliments, good remarks, and handsome men. And when you look good, men will not only be attracted to you, they will want you. This is how to attract a man.


4.  Have A Good Sense Of Humor

You can attract a man just by having a good sense of humor. Having a good vibe. He racks a joke and you laugh, add a funny line that sends you both aching with laughter. If you really want to attract a man, you should develop your sense of humor.

You can watch comedy movies and listen to programs that do jokes. It is great if you can be able to make a man laugh. Rack jokes to bring on good air.

5.  Smiley

People who smile often are easily noticed. You attract people with your smile, you can surely attract a man with your smile. Being smiley and cheerful is a good way to attract a man. This is how to attract a man for marriage.

You can win his heart with your smile. You don’t have to be flirty with your smile. Just let the smile be genuine. You are being warm.


6.   Be Respectful

Do not say degrading things to him or try to say how better off you are than him, as this may put him off. Let your conversations be either mutual or encouraging to the listener. People are overly attracted to respectful ones.

Ones who respect their values and emotions. So, you have to be respectful, to get him wanting you more. Although, being witty can be cool, know when you’re crossing the line. This is how to attract a man. Be open and friendly while you discuss with him.

These are tips to get a man attracted to you physically. He will find you nice and will love to get close to you.

How To Attract A Man Emotionally

Attracting a man emotionally, you are finding your way into his heart. You have him thinking about you. We all have our emotional needs, to attract him you need to know and grant his emotional needs and if you can get to attract a man emotionally, you can also get him to want you more.


.  Be Kind To Him

how to attract a man for marriage

There is no quickest way to attract someone emotionally, than being kind to the person. Be kind in your words, be kind in your actions. When you are kind to him, you touch a soft spot in him. He will surely want to come closer to you. He can be able to talk to you and confide in you.

• Show Interest In Things That Concern Him

Of course, you’re not going to be badgering him with questions that might put him off. You only have to show natural interest. Talk about yourself, too, let him ask you questions about yourself.


How To Keep Your Husband Attracted To You

•Dress Sexy

People tend to stop trying to look attractive once they’re married. This is very bad because it can cause a partner to lose interest in the relationship or sexual activity.

The reason your husband doesn’t get turned on when you come around him or he does not try to initiate foreplay as he used to, could be because you don’t attract him anymore.

To keep your husband attracted to you; put on sexy wear when you’re with your husband. Even your undies must be clean, new, and beautiful.

You may feel you’re getting old and that you’ve been with your husband for up to 15 years so you find it unnecessary to look good anymore. But that is wrong. Your husband wants you to look as good as you looked, when you both were still dating, or when you were still unmarried.

Do not put him off by not taking proper care of yourself anymore. You can start working out to get fit. It doesn’t matter how fat you may be. Put on naughty undies. Dress hot. This will get him attracted to you more, and he won’t be able to get enough of you.

You can use perfume and face powder to have an exciting smell for your man and to look pretty. He’ll have his eyes glued to your body.

When you take care of your body and look sweet any time of the day, even in the kitchen, your husband will be all over you, singing your praises and worshiping your body. He won’t be able to get enough of you.


• Be Learned And Informative

how to keep your husband attracted to you

When you are learned, say intelligent things, and you are updated about things happenings around you, your man will be attracted to your intelligence. It is a turn-on. He will be like, ‘damn! You know too much.

Our kids will be really intelligent. From the TV programs you watch, get the vital things, and share the information with your husband.

•Be Humourous

You can get your man attracted to you by being humourous. There are fun things you can say while you guys make out, or while watching a movie together. When you’re out taking a walk, you can always find things to talk about that will erupt laughter.

Being humorous will make your man miss you whenever you’re not around. It man cannot have a terrible day and come back to a woman who can’t even make him smile.


How To Find The Man Of Your Dreams

how to find the man of your dreams

To find the man of your dreams, you have to carry yourself like a woman such a man would want to be with. There’s this popular saying; likes attract likes. Also, you have to get close to that man. Whichever way; it could be physically, or virtually.

You cannot be praying for a Joshua Anthony to be in your life, and you haven’t been to the gym in years, you don’t eat healthily, and you have no class. You should get to work out often. Have a great body goal.

If you want a businessman, have some knowledge about business. Get to know things about his line of business. Businessmen prefer women who have knowledge about business and can represent them whenever they are not able to go out for a business rendezvous.

But then, there are fields you may not be able to have many ideas about, or may find difficult to comprehend. Say you’re a singer, and you want a doctor. It’s ok if you don’t know so much about medicine. Although, you should know a whole lot about the female world of science. You should be informed.

Then you hang around him often. You should get him to really notice you. Be sure to be always good-looking. Now, we do not forget to make effort in finding him. You can get out often, be social, go to places you’re sure to find him, and connect with him. It starts from there.

There are people who first met their spouses online. Why don’t you trying connecting with people of his status- online? This way, you are sure to find the man of your dreams.


How To Attract A High-Quality Man

This is not a fairy tale where a rich prince falls in love with a poor girl or the daughter of the gatekeeper. Or a President in love with a waitress. It is very rare. This is real life, and to attract a high-quality man, you should make yourself a high-quality woman.

Take yourself higher academically, and financially. By doing so, you get to meet men on those levels. That is how to attract a man of high quality. If you hawk wares, hoping to attract a high-quality man, you would be wasting your time.

Let’s be realistic. Because, such man coming around you, only has one intention; to buy from you, and head off. You would be lost, thinking he can just fall in love with you and propose to you. It doesn’t work that way. Understand that he has friends, colleagues, and other forms of relationships he has with people.

And of course, he sees women of his class every day. You just have to take yourself up, to attract a man of high quality, and make him want you. Going for a Ph.D., you’ll find men with PhDs or more. Going for the internship, you’ll find men of high quality. Traveling first class, you will find men of high quality on a flight with you.

Dress up well. Look great. Work on your self-confidence and mannerism. Be civilized. Have a good source of income. All these will attract a high-quality man to you.

These are helpful ways you can follow to attract a man and make him want you more.


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