5 Do’s and Don’ts when Dealing with Rejection

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dealing with romantic rejection

I believe that you’re on this site because you want to be able to overcome rejection. You want easy tips on how to handle rejection from a guy, or how to handle rejection from a girl, this is good news.

You don’t want to keep sucking in that rejection anymore; you want to move on, to be fine again, to be normal, and ready for other realities that lay ahead for you.

That is great! Good news for you; you’re on the right page. Here, I’ve listed emotional rejection symptoms, and how to handle rejection. These are all realistic and really nice tips you can follow to handle rejection from your partner.

how to deal with rejection in love

Now, you should know that there is no formula for rejection. There are no grouped persons who suffer from rejection. This is the first thing you should understand so that you can stop feeling so bad about yourself. While you learn how to handle rejection, be sure not to be the cause of that rejection.

Work on your attitude and temperament. Be kind and respectful to your partner. You both should be kind to each other. Your partner won’t have to reject you because of you. On being rejected by your partner, it can happen to anyone in particular. This can happen to everyone. We don’t hope to get rejected by friends, or by our partner. But, if it happens, it’s happened.

And it doesn’t reduce anyone to nothingness. Sometimes, we get rejection or disappointment from friends or people whom we least expect it from. And we must know how to handle it so that it doesn’t weigh us down. You know, even those always on your mind and you really care about them, they may suddenly reject you like you’re some plague.

You know that point where you feel you’re on good terms with someone, but, he kicks you out of his life, gives you a lot of space- with no strong reasons. You start getting ignored, you become the one running after them all the time checking up on them… Rejection can come to anyone, and we should be able to handle it.

This article will reveal to you, tips on how to handle rejection from your partner, how to deal with rejection in dating, and how to deal with rejection from a friend.


How To Deal With Rejection In Love And Dating

You should bear in mind that relationships which are for love and companionship, are to be enjoyed and well-lived. In love and dating, couples always feel like they’re meant for each other and that their partner is irreplaceable. You see a girl crushing so hard on a guy like he’s the only guy in the world with a cute smile, a guy who doesn’t even have an eye for them.

And when one begins to feel this way in a relationship, the other partner may see this as a ground to be reckless. Like, “Wow. This guy wouldn’t want to leave me no matter what. So, I can just do anyhow I want.”

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t see your boyfriend as the best thing in the world. You can call your woman your source of joy. But, it would be better if you also consider your own self. Your mental health.

When you worship your partner so much without bothering if him/she is reciprocating, it might hurt you real bad when you start getting signs of withdrawal from the person. You feel cheated on and rejected. In as much as you do all the sweet things for him/her, you should see it as something you’re doing for love.

The sacrifices, it’s what you had to do to see that the relationship worked (as long as it’s a balanced relationship and you’re not begging to be loved and forcing yourself on the person), and you did it with a good mind. So, if rejection comes, it can be that you did what you could for the relationship to work. You loved, you cared, and you tried to always be there, emotionally or otherwise.

To deal with rejection in love, It is best if you can love yourself more. Place your joy and sanity first before trying to pour out all your love to something. That you were good in a relationship, yet it failed, doesn’t make you a terrible girlfriend or boyfriend. It is not your fault it didn’t work out. Be yourself. Dust yourself and move on.

feeling rejected by partner 

Do you realize that a relationship may end up bad, but the next relationship will be so good, you get really loved and cherished like you never expected? What if you had both gotten married and that is when you begin to see the terrible, unchangeable side of that person? Like I said earlier, be sure not to be the cause of the rejection.

If your partner rejects you because you have terrible anger issues and he/she can’t put up with your attitude because you talk down on her even in public places, then they’ve done themselves well.

You have to work on yourself, and be good to your next partner. This way, the relationship doesn’t suffer because of you. And if you have an awesome partner, with the two of you together, the relationship is sure to work!

Love your partner, follow him up, check up on him regularly. Check up on your girlfriend regularly. Make her remember that you love her so much. Just in case she forgets. When you communicate often, there’ll be no chance for your partner to suddenly try anything funny like saying you weren’t there for him/her.

This is an easy tip to handle rejection in your relationship. Another thing, don’t be too naive. Give your partner the freedom to move away if that’s what he wants. With time, you’ll overcome the hurt. When someone really loves you, you don’t beg him to stay with/by you. The person gladly chooses to walk with you, to love you no matter your flaws.

Love yourself so much, please.


Here’s What To Do When A Friend Rejects You

It is true that this person may have helped you so much. Or you two may have done so much together. And now this person isn’t showing you care, not even responding to your efforts to reach her.

You should open up about this to the person. Certainly, that friend is going to apologize to you and promise to keep in touch. You don’t ignore the person and silently hurt, whereas the person may not even realize he’s hurting you. Talk about it, and you have your friend back.

If after doing this, the person doesn’t reach you anymore, but you know there are other persons he/she reaches often, then you can let them be, if that’s easy for you. They claim to be very busy, then make up that excuse for them always.

You know it’s rare to be busy all the time. There’s a break. There are shifts at work. If that friend rejects you, then let him go. Let her go. True, the memories of them may stay, you can’t help it. You didn’t choose the rejection.

You can always have other friends who care about your well-being. Friends who’ll congratulate you on your wins, and want to talk to you, give you words of encouragement- when you’re at your low moment.


Dealing With Romantic Rejection

how to handle rejection from a man

A romantic relationship can seem so perfect at the beginning that we think of a happily-ever-after ending. Couples often live their relationships with commitment, true love, and patience, hoping for a beautiful, lasting relationship.

You go into a relationship with a firm belief that he is the one for you, and he can never leave you. You trust her so much that it doesn’t cross your mind that she may someday stop loving you; the one she called her world.

Then all of a sudden, you’re told, “I’m sorry, things changed.”It’s not the same anymore” I just need to be alone now.” Or “I love someone else now.” And you just don’t believe it, it’s too sad you just want to wake out of that situation. Your relationship seems perfect, or maybe you’re only crushing hard on someone or your ex, but it’s just not gonna work out.

He/she doesn’t want you, you should be able to deal with it. Know how to handle rejection. You won’t keep crying all your life about how your girlfriend doesn’t want you anymore. You are not going to keep announcing to everyone who comes around you- that your ex thinks you’re not good enough. You should get to the point where you are able to handle rejections.


Emotional Rejection Symptoms

how to deal with rejection in dating

• Feeling Of Loneliness

• Doing More Of The Communication

• Feeling Of Want

These are signs that follow emotional rejection. The feeling that you’re not loved enough. That lonely feeling. It’s one thing to feel sad about something, and it’s another thing to feel lonely in a relationship. It is an emotional rejection when feeling lonely in a relationship.

These may come after you witness your partner flirting with someone else, or you find those extra crazy texts on his/her phone. Other times, it’s none of those reasons, you’re just feeling rejected by your partner.

And you know that intuitions are often right, don’t you? Don’t try to brush the feelings off. When you have these symptoms, talk to your partner about it, and if there’s something your partner is not doing right, you both should talk about it. This is also how to handle rejection. Be sure there is no feeling you ignore.


How To Handle Rejection From A Man

emotional rejection symptoms

When your boyfriend rejects you, what do you do? How to respond to rejection…

First, think of the times you spent together, and see if you had caused your partner to reject you. If yes, then you have to create change for yourself. Stop thinking that your partner is the one to change you.

No. Your partner can only be patient and enduring for you, and if you take advantage of their long-suffering and stay hell-bent on that poor habit or problem you have, not trying to make a move to change, then your partner may leave you.

And it’s going to look like you didn’t care how he felt about it, and you weren’t going to be bothered if he left. That’s how it appears, even though you really loved him. Make up your mind to be better, work on that problem.

Another thing is this; you shouldn’t hurt yourself trying to satisfy your man. He wants you to get slim, whereas he met you chubby. And you love yourself chubby even though you don’t even eat recklessly. It’s just hereditary that you’re chubby. Then you should let him go. Love yourself. Someone who loves you with your chubbiness will appreciate you very, very much.

Second, be positive-minded. You may have been rejected, but, you weren’t tagged a-loser-for-life. You weren’t tagged not-for-relationships. It’s not for you to get depressed. It’s not for you to start worrying and comparing yourself to your other girl-friends.

If you don’t have anything doing to keep you busy, why not start one? You can apply for jobs as an intern, and learn a new skill. You can also learn from tutorials from videos on the internet. Make sure to be positively preoccupied. Go for a greater version of you. Build your self-worth. Be willing to get better. You can also impact others. Build those around you and wide.

With the help of social media, you can reach as many as possible. Teach the skills you acquired. You can do this for free, and get the love and praises, or you charge them fees and still get the love and praises. This will keep the good energy in you. You won’t worry about any rejection from your man.

Lastly, if you want to try dating again, be hopeful, and go for a person you believe understands and values you. A first rejection should not scare you from trying a new relationship.


I hope that these tips are helpful and can help you handle any rejection you may be having in your relationship. Rejection may come, but you will be able to handle it without having to harm yourself. Rather, you strengthen yourself.

Cheers to your new-found strength!

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