9 Simple Ways To Manifest Someone To Text You

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how to manifest someone to text you instantly

First congrats on being more in line with your spiritual side – whether you believe you can manifest love or a simple text message, believing is all that matters. For some, manifesting things is just something they read in storybooks and see magicians do. That being said, believing in a thing and the possibility of it working is one thing, but seeing it or making it work is where the problem lies for most of us.

To manifest love might seem easy, to manifest a text message might even seem easier until we are tasked with doing so ourselves. Crushing on someone or just being expectant of something from someone is the most beautiful yet ugly feeling to have, 9 steps on how to manifest someone to text you.

The adrenaline rush allow is enough to give somebody a heart attack, checking on your phone now and then to see if she or he has replied to your text when you get a notification only to realize it is just one of your applications asking you to renew a subscription. Sometimes, we just wish we could have the powers the Christian bible said God had in Genesis chapter 1 – to say things and they just happen without hesitation.

The truth is in actuality you can do that, in reality, you have the power to. Henry Ford said ‘whether you think you can do it or
you think you cannot – you are right, everything you want is in your mind, and how to unlock it is why you are here, we would be showing you how to manifest love but we would like to start with how to manifest someone to text you.

how to manifest someone to miss you and text you

9 Steps on How to Manifest Someone To Text You

We have established the fact that it can be manifested, whether you're looking for how to manifest someone to miss you, you want to manifest love or you are looking for how to manifest someone to text you.

The problem now is not if it can work but how it can work and this is why you are here. We have done both practical and theoretical research and come up with a guide to show you how to manifest what you want whether you want to manifest someone to text you or you want to manifest love.

1.  Check Your Desires

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Our mind can be a beautiful maze sometimes and this is why it is important to always look before you cross the road. Check, to make sure the desire you are trying to manifest is real before you go about trying to manifest it. You might just be lusting over her; it
could be simple infatuation – so why bother the universe by asking her to manifest love on your behalf.

Sometimes we get bored and scroll through our phone hoping to get text messages from people and that is not enough reason to begin the whole process of manifesting a text. Make sure you want it first, check yourself now and if you want it then let us go ahead.


2.  Be Clear About Your Desire

When you are done checking if your desires are what they say they are – what would be left is for you to make it clear. Imagine you are giving a credit card by a friend and all he says is ‘please, can you get me food?

We believe you are going to be perplexed for some seconds, waiting for that friend to finish his request. Being clear is important, knowing what exactly he wants to eat and where to buy it from, makes the errand quite easy for you. this is the same thing when you are trying to manifest something. Be sure you know exactly what you want the universe to do for you.

If your desire is to manifest love while you are focusing on manifesting them to text you, you are going to be dissatisfied at the end of the day. This is because someone can text you and not fall in love with you.

Rather, focus your energy on how to manifest love with a specific person if you want to manifest love then just looking for a text message from them. A text would eventually come, for love to come – to be clear about what you want, then these 9 steps on how to manifest someone to text you will help you eventually.


3.  Negativity Should Not Be Found Around You

how to manifest someone to text you overnight

The easiest way to fault the process of manifesting someone to text you is when you surround yourself not with negativity. You might be
trying to manifest a text message from your ex and no matter how hard you try to focus on doing that, it doesn’t happen.

This might be because you are concerned about how the both of you ended things and that is making you feel like it will be a harder task to get them to leave their journey towards moving on to send a text message to you.

Regardless of the nature, it comes from, negativity will always be a big hindrance when you are trying to manifest someone to send you a text. So, you need to first get rid of any iota of negativity before you attempt to manifest that text message you desire.


4.  Make Sure Your Energy Levels Remain High

Some of you might be looking for how to manifest love fast or how to manifest that text message in a second or two. Now, we are not
saying that this is impossible but sometimes it takes longer than we have planned and your energy levels need to stay up to help keep the connection with the universe that is needed to manifest that which you desire.

Some of our suggestions on how to keep the energy levels high from the start of this journey to the end include reducing your alcohol/tobacco intake, improving on self-care time, getting enough sunlight and fresh air, facing exciting challenges, sharing happy moments with your loved ones, regular exercise, etc.


5.  You Must First Believe It

No these can happen if you believe you are worthy of possessing such powers. If you don’t believe that you can manifest things then there is no need to waste your time trying to manifest someone to text you or manifest love with someone. Things like this have to do with energy and once belief is not there, everything is messed up before it officially even starts, 9 steps on how to manifest someone to text you.

6.  Trust The Universe

how to manifest someone to text you instantly

Sometimes our issue is not believing because we know that we can manifest things, we might have even done this once or twice in the past. Regardless of all this, your manifestation process this time can be hindered by your inability to trust completely in the universe and how she answers to your requests.

Trusting in the universe means you shouldn’t reduce your energy levels or allow doubt to creep in after a few days without the result you desire. When you trust the universe, you keep manifesting it until it comes to you because you are certain that it would work regardless of anything.


7.  Try Using Manifestation Tools

This is where the real work comes when you are trying to manifest love or that special text message from that special someone. It might be your crush or an ex you would love to get back with – as long as you have fully understood all the steps above, what is left is for you to pick one, two, or all the manifestation tools and begin the process of manifesting your heart desires.

There are so many of them you can choose from but we would be talking about the most common/used manifestation tools here, they include;

A.  Affirmation

You affirm that it is already done by acting as it has already been done even before it comes to reality. Affirmation is a very powerful tool and the potency is confirmed by the popular quote, ‘there is power in the tongue. Make statements like ‘John will text me by 2 pm today or ‘let me turn on my phone, so I do not miss marries text message when it comes’.

Constantly proclaiming and declaring these things even when they are not yet happening is one of the surest ways to make sure it happens. During affirmation, the mind might try to bring negativity but you must learn how to fight it when it comes. You pause your thought and change gear immediately some negativity tries to spoil the beautiful moment you are trying to manifest.

B.  Visualization

The simplest definition of faith is the evidence of things not seen or the substance of things hoped for. When you are trying to manifest love or a text from someone, visualizing it even before it happens is an amazing tool that helps your heart desire come faster than you imagined it would.

Try an experiment when next you are on the freeway – visualize a car and be specific about it; brand, model, and color. After you have done this, you can hit the road; what you would realize is that you will see or notice more of these cars on the road that day. That is the universe manifesting your heart desires, so why do you think she cannot do the same thing if you want to manifest someone to text you.

Visualize them as they are sending the text to you; what shirt would they be wearing. How would their countenance be will they type the message – be specific about what you want. Also, visualize yourself and the joy you would get when the text finally comes then stay in that mood while you wait for the universe to do your thing.

C.  Meditation

For meditation, you are doing a lot of visualization but this requires more focus than any other manifestation tool. The similarities between these tools are the reason why we suggest you should pick more than one or all even if you can go with it.

For meditation, you can open a message conversation and stare at it or look at their picture and focus until it is imprinted in your mind when you focus solely on them, freeing yourself of all distractions. You can manifest love meditation as often as you want every day until the result you desire from it is gotten.

D. Gratitude

Using gratitude is arguably the funniest of all the methods used when you are trying to manifest love with a specific person or when you want to manifest a text message from that person.

With this method, you are simply already thanking the universe for what she has done even if it is not a reality yet. You would be composing a reply to a text message that is not yet on your phone and buying gifts for someone that is not yet in an official relationship with you.

8.  Learn To Let Go

how to manifest someone to text you reddit,

Amidst all the hope and sweet things we hope to get as we are trying to manifest love or a simple text from someone, we must understand the concept of free will.

The universe understands this concept, so she can only convince that someone to text you or love you
but until that person says yes to the attempts in front of him or her, nothing can work in terms of what your desire. In situations like this, you must learn to let go and focus your energy on other things, 9 steps on how to manifest someone to text you.


9.  They Must Have A Way To Reach You

This isn’t much of a step but it is important to make sure that they have a way of contacting you. You cannot meet someone in the mall without talking to them or exchanging contacts and expect to manifest a text message from them.

They do not have your contact, so where would they be sending the text to in the first place. You are following them on Instagram and we know this but at least they should be following back or they should have noticed you on the gram before you attempt manifestation.



9 Steps on how to manifest someone to text you what you want to manifest does not matter; you might be looking for how to manifest someone to text you or how to manifest love. Once these steps are followed, you would be even surprised how fast that message you have been waiting for would come. Thanks for getting here and spending your time with us and we hope to catch you here again, this is why we suggest that you subscribe to our blog today.

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