10 Insanely Romantic Signs He’s Crazy About You

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 Insanely Romantic Signs He's Crazy About You

Romantic signs he’s crazy about you. Some say that chivalry is dead, and maybe they’re right, but that doesn’t mean romance isn’t alive and well! Here are ten signs he’s crazy about you—and who doesn’t want to be the object of someone’s affection? If you can remember any more, add them in the comments! If not, read on to learn how to tell if your guy or girl loves you.

Guys often aren’t the best at expressing their feelings, so they let their actions do the talking. Here are ten insane signs he’s crazy about you that you can look out for in your relationship to see how happy he is with you!

Signs He's Crazy About You

Insanely Romantic Signs He’s Crazy About You

He wants to be around you all the time.

According to numerous studies, when a man is crazy about a woman, he becomes so infatuated with her that he wants to be around her. Can’t you see it? He’s glued to your side because not only does he want to be near you but also because he loves hearing your voice and staring into your beautiful eyes.

When he looks at you, his eyes are soft.

Have you ever looked into your guy’s eyes and noticed they seemed softer than usual? It could be that he’s thinking about you and wondering what you’re doing or what you might be thinking. When a man looks at his woman like that, it’s one of those great signs he’s crazy about her!

He makes sure your needs are met.

The first sign that he’s crazy about you is that he makes an effort to ensure your happiness and well-being. He pays attention to what you say and puts your needs before his own. If he leaves work early on a Friday, it’s because you just found out an important family member was hospitalized. If you hate certain foods or activities, he makes sure to steer clear of them.

His smile and laugh are infectious.

Even if you’re not feeling your best, his contagious smile and laugh will always make you feel better. There’s nothing like that as a bad day with his love in your life, and there are also no such things as off days—just off attitudes. The more time he spends with you, the more he’ll realize that it is impossible to fall out of love.

When it comes to making memories, he goes all out.

Make a weekend out of his favorite local activities. Do you love seafood? Go to Friday night fish fry (even if you aren’t a big fan) and don’t eat anything beforehand so you can indulge. If he loves to ski, get up early on Saturday morning, bundle up and drive two hours away to hit fresh powder in a new town.

No one is sexier than him

There’s just something about a man who wants you. That smoldering gaze and the sly smile say it all—he adores you, he’s crazy about you, and he’s going to take care of you. It’s enough to make your heart melt! So why not let him know how much you love him by showing him that no one is sexier than him?

His love language is quality time.

If your boyfriend would rather spend an evening at home with you than out on a Saturday night with his friends, he’s demonstrating his deep affection for you. Quality time is a huge component of showing love, and it requires thoughtfulness, planning, and a willingness to prioritize someone else over yourself—which is what true love boils down to. For more information on understanding your man’s unique love language, click here.

His first thought when waking up is about how much he loves you.

He can’t get enough of you from your morning phone call to him and your I-can’t-wait-to-see-you faces in his inbox. Your happiness is his number one priority, and he makes sure it stays that way. How does he do it? For starters, he puts in plenty of work to make sure your needs are met—and not just your needs! His number one goal is keeping you happy… all day long.

Getting ready for an outing with him gives him butterflies in his stomach.

This may rather sound a little extreme, but there’s something to be said for guys who start getting ready hours before you do. When you see him fussing with his hair and clothes right after he wakes up, he’s put in time thinking about you and looking forward to spending time with you. After all, if he didn’t like being around you, he wouldn’t go through so much trouble.

You’re the best and last thing on his mind before falling asleep and the first thing on his mind after waking up.

If he’s thinking about you from sun up to sundown, he’s crazy about you. The next time he’s drifting off to sleep, be sure to sneak a peek at his face: if it’s anything but relaxed and peaceful, there’s a good chance that he’s thinking about you! Try using a spy app like mSpy on his phone so that you can read his texts and listen in on his calls. It’ll give you an idea of what he’s saying about you when your back is turned!

Final Thought On 10 Insanely Romantic Signs He’s Crazy About You

In conclusion, there are many ways you can make know if your boyfriend or husband is really crazy about you. If you don’t want him out on dates with other women, it is important that you show yourself as an attractive and unique woman by acting differently than what he is used to in his day-to-day life. Try these tips out and let us know if they work for you!


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