25 Romantic Things To Do As A Couple

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Romantic things to do at home! My insides tingle when I see or hear “romance” and “spouse” both in the same sentence because I’m sure something exciting is about to come with it and this piece of work is not excluded. Well, it contains both unique phrases.

This article teaches the man romantic things to do at home for his wife, educates every girlfriend on the things to do with your boyfriend at home, and also offers a general list of cute things couples do to make a great difference in their marriage still from the comfort of their home.

See! Told you something exciting always comes next! It’s normal for a bit of boredom to enter any long-term relationship. But, this doesn’t mean that love has faded out of the relationship. It simply means there is boredom and no other negative factor such as cheating may be involved. 

Both parties only have to work on eliminating this boredom no matter how small it may be. The longer you leave it, the deeper the hole it will create thus making it tougher to handle but even still, it can be handled.

This is why there are articles, books, relationship psychologists, etc. readily available to attack this issue of boredom and provide solutions for couples going through boring moments in relationships. 

And thanks to the internet, you can easily gain access, for free, to a countless number of written books – in PDF format though – and articles posted and published on the internet to counter such issues which couples can then apply to their life.

list of cute couple things to do

25 Romantic Things to Do as a Couple

1.  Learn Together

There are countless numbers of things that can be learned while you’re indoors with your partner, we have the internet to thank for that as well as it allows easy access to a wide array of skills available for anyone to learn including you and your partner.

An example of an easy platform to learn exciting skills is YouTube, you can type in any skills that come to your mind or your partners’ and spend time learning them.

It could be a magic trick, a dance style, a musical instrument, a new language, or anything that you think is fun for both of you to learn and equally enhance communication in your marital affairs while learning and spending more time together, it’s worth learning.

2.  Do Things You Keep Putting Off

There are some things you haven’t been able to do, work around the house you haven’t been able to start or have started but aren’t completed, boxes you are yet to unpack, etc. 

 You may have been putting off these things because you’ve been too busy at the office or don’t have the time. Yea, you gotta work, but since you’re home with your spouse then there is never a time as right as now to start and finish those tasks.

So, along with your partner, unpack those boxes, clean and hang those beautiful picture frames, explore part of the house you haven’t been able to, reorganize the wardrobe, basement, attic, etc., or anything you keep putting off until later, and work on all these tasks together, as a team.

3.  Cooking Contest

You have no idea how fun this can be until you and your spouse tries it. Both of you separately get to cook a new or a favorite dish and present it to each other for evaluation.

You can go ahead to make it more fun by placing bets or prizes whereby the best cook takes it all, another interesting thing about this is that you get to eat together.

4.  Photoshoot Session

Photoshoots are exciting- you get to pose while your partner clicks away on the camera. And behind the camera, you can be whoever you want to be and do whatever as well.

So, this presents you an opportunity to try out the various pose, make any kind of face, and so on. The fun is simply endless and afterward, you’ll have different kinds of pictures in your gallery that you could always use to laugh and reminisce on the past.

5.  Re-Create Your First Date Or Wedding

romantic night ideas at home for her

Speaking of reminiscing the past you can take up this fun task of recreating your first date or wedding day with your partner right there in your home. 

Simply make use of what is available and since you still have your wedding clothes locked up somewhere in the house, you can use this opportunity to relive the event. It’s really beautiful (*sniffs and wipes away tears*)

6.  Backyard Camping

Oh, that’s right you don’t have to go out to camp with your partner. Maybe she/ he is scared of the possible dangers of going to the woods- you know, cold, creepy insects, animal traps. You have it right there in your backyard without leaving your home.

So, rush down to the nearest store and get the items for camping, set up your tent, create a fire pit, and roast whatever, and oh! do not forget to add a bottle or two of your favorite “couple” wine.

Imagine this in your head and tell me camping in your backyard isn’t adventurous!  You can also make some time for some stargazing. cute!

7.  Play Video Games

It’s probably been a long while since you had the fun of playing video games, maybe due to work or other tasks you have at hand but at this moment you are stuck at home with your spouse and it’s time for couples moments.

You can use this opportunity to make your marriage paradise on earth by playing video games with your partner and to make it more fun you can set a prize for the winner, this will increase enthusiasm for both of you.

8.  Create An Indoor Cinema

Well, you’ve probably gone to a cinema at least once with or without your partner and it was really fun. Well, now, you’ll be converting your living room into a cinema, make some popcorn or other snacks and watch your favorite movie picks together as if you were on a movie date.

This is just one of the many effective stay-at-home date ideas for couples, apply it too.

9.  Have A Romantic Date At Home

Unlike where you’ll recreate your first date with your partner, you and your partner will have an actual romantic date at home with candles and music playing in the background.

To make it even more interesting, both of you can dress up and prepare in separate rooms even set a time to come pick up the other person which you can send through a text on his/her phone or write on a piece of paper and hand over to them. Enjoy your date.

10.  Plan A Trip Together

Out of romantic date night ideas? This is a fun brainstorming time! Get a map, a journal, a bottle of wine, and two glasses because this is the moment where you and your partner talk about each other’s romantic dream trip, which is even more fun, or simply talk and plan on a realistic couple’s trip.

11.  Play Games

Well, you may not own a video game or have gotten bored or tired of playing video games,  then both of you should simply decide on a non-virtual game to play which could be chess, scrabble, etc. whatever it is you and your spouse have decided on.

12.  Home Concert

Prepare a list of your favorite tracks and play them on the sound system in your living room (don’t disturb the neighbors though) and dance away like you are at an actual concert with your favorite artist performing. You can also apply karaoke to level up the fun.

13.  Do In-Door Exercises

You know the main reason for creating this article is for you and your partner to do fun things only in your home. So, in that regard, you’ll be doing at-home training exercises and yoga or to make it more engaging, both of you can enroll in an online fitness class and improve your fitness together.

14.  Re-Decorate Your Home

Your home has had the same look for 5-10 years since you and your partner started living together. Well, you are both at home now,  why not utilize this opportunity to re-decorate your home and give it a new look, a new feeling? Well, I think you should redesign your home, it equally brings tranquillity to the soul.

15.  Blog Together

You are a couple stuck at home. You can use blogging to write about various interesting things about yourselves for the world to read, it could be your relationship, work, food recipes, vacation, etc. in this context you and your partner have the chance to be like celebrity couples.

16.  Write Love Letters

There used to be a time when letter writing was the deal; conveying heartfelt messages on a piece of paper unlike now where we have a phone, computers, and stuff. In this modern way of sending messages, writing a love letter for your partner is a huge deal and very romantic.

Yes, you both live in the same house… that still doesn’t stop both of you from exchanging letters with each other. You can put the letter somewhere in the house your partner usually goes at a particular time of the day so they find it as a surprise.

17.  Spa Night

This is a romantic thing to do at home with your boyfriend. Take turns giving each other good massages using sweet-scented oil, decorating the surroundings with lit candles and music playing in the background.

18.  Barbecue Night

Following one of the romantic things to do at home for your wife, set up a grill in the backyard and barbecue something of her favorite, a bottle of wine picked by the both of you, and the evening is bound to be a romantic one. This is also a way for both of you to build a stronger relationship.

19.  Design Jewelry

You and your partner can design unique pieces of jewelry for one another using only what is found in the house, and since it is designed by the both of you for each other, a lot of love will be in it. Also, it can’t be found anywhere in the market.


20.  Intercourse

romantic night ideas at home for her

Yes, you have intercourse as a couple, but this time let it be different and since you are both stuck at home it provides the perfect opportunity to try new lovemaking styles, have intercourse in every part of the house, do role play, and introduce lovemaking toys to spice things up.  It brings on a new fire in your relationship.

21.  Draw Each Other

You don’t need to be Van Gogh before you attempt this. Remember this is just a list of romantic, fun things you can do at home with your partner, and drawing each other is an exciting, romantic thing to engage in.

22.  Host Other Couples

You and your partner can extend your romanticism to other couples by inviting your favorite couples for a dinner date at your home and with these other people, you all can be involved in a lot of fun games. Pro Tip: avoid the truth-or-dare game.

23.  Picnic Date

romantic things to do at home for him

Using your backyard as the venue, you and your partner can organize a picnic with the necessities usually beautifully decorated baskets overflowing with all kinds of your favorite food and wine.

24.  Cook A Huge Meal Together

Do you know these three-course meals that take forever to prepare? If you don’t you can look up some of them on the internet and then proceed to cook them with your partner. This is a romantic date night idea for bringing couples together.

25.  Create A Scrapbook Together 

Get a printer, two pairs of scissors, an empty notebook and a tape with these items in hand begin to go through old photos; cutting, stringing, and creating a timeline of your relationship together using the photos, as in to tell a story.

Practice these romantic ideas together, do not leave each other out of the fun, and even if your partner isn’t ready yet, wait for them, encourage and convince them of how pleasant and fun it is. Both of you will grow to enjoy each other’s company more. 

Have fun! Romantic things to do at home

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