10 Ways To Create A Strong, Intimate Relationship

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how to keep a relationship strong and happy

A strong relationship is a healthy relationship and also works vice versa. I bet you don’t know that yet but here you are trying to learn how to set up a strong relationship and you are at the right place too.

With romance at heart, this article is designed for you to learn how to build a healthy relationship, how to build a relationship with a man, how to build a strong relationship with your girlfriend, and generally enlightens couples on how to keep a relationship strong and happy.

Relationships are a really beautiful thing, that is relationships built in a romantic setting, being able to love each other genuinely, and want to make your relationship as long-term and healthy as possible.

However, along the line, you get to find out that love and loving each other isn’t just enough to build a healthy, strong relationship with your partner and you need to put in more effort for it to become successful.

In a bid to help partners build their relationships to be stronger, we have come up with 10 ultimate tips that have been proven to be successful when applied and you too can go on to apply these same tips to your romantic establishment to make it strong.

how to build a relationship with a man

10 Ways To Create A Strong, Intimate Relationship

1.  Compromise

Are you giving too much to your partner and receiving little? Well, that’s an unfavorable position to be in, and at a point, it could spark anger because you’re finally exhausted from giving too much and not receiving as you hoped or expected to get.

This thing you’re giving could be anything from physical resources and materials to emotional support, and no one deserves to give out more and receive very little turn-up at the end of the day.

So, you need to get out of this situation by talking it out with your partner and letting them understand the way you feel. Also, let them understand that relationships too are about giving and receiving equally, yes you do love your partner dearly but you also deserve to be loved and cherished dearly. This is how to build a strong relationship.

In simple terms, compromise in a relationship means that both boy and girl, man and wife contribute equally in their relationship and not allow one to make sacrifices more than the other person. You can talk it out and reach an agreement to foster a healthy relationship. A man will compromise if he loves you deeply and you should also reciprocate.


2.  Handle Conflicts Efficiently

how to make relationship strong with boyfriend

Once more than one person is involved in any kind of relationship, it could be a business or romantic relationship, conflicts are bound to arise, it may not be regular (of course it shouldn’t be!) but it is still bound to happen.

Now, conflicts happening isn’t the issue here – since you already know it must happen – but it is how you handle it that’d show how much you love your partner and value the relationship.

You don’t need to raise your voice at every little thing. Controlling your anger over little issues will still help you gain control when big issues arise. Also, be able to overlook some things and instead channel the energy elsewhere.

Don’t just sit around and wait for big issues to come before you make a move to solve them.  Those problems you’d call minor can generate a major problems. It’s better to peacefully sort things out early.

Those ‘minor issues’ make you uncomfortable or irritated, talking to him, or her calmly and patiently with kind words solves everything and it makes you better at handling even bigger conflicts.  This is how to build a successful relationship.

So, don’t let issues of how clean the fridge or bathroom is bothered you so much.  They are actually really little, and you can just go on ahead to keep them clean if that is the case.

Still, don’t fail at pointing it out to your partner. Kindly. They’d eventually refrain from that habit or attitude that irritates you.


3.  Express Physical Affection

Yes, you and your partner have intercourse daily. That is a very exciting and huge physical affection, but that isn’t the type of physical affection I’m talking about here.

There are other little things you need to show him that will lift his soul, make him smile brightly, and even boost his encouragement. This kind of physical affection is the kind you can show to him anywhere, anytime.

Long-term couples may not find the expression of physical affection useful, but they actually need it more, because it is easy for them to think things like “We’ve been together for a long, we no longer need this kind of display of affection”.

This is almost the same as removing lovemaking from a relationship and such relationships are bound to fail.

You are reading this to learn how to build a strong relationship. Begin to express physical affection with your partner it adds strength to the relationship.

Holding her hands in public, kissing her forehead, giving him a thumbs-up, hugs, a pat on the back, etc. these acts sure seem little but the feeling that comes with it is huge, pure, and soothing.

if it is a long-distance relationship. You need to enhance communication in your relationship, either a simple phone call or text at an odd hour of the day will suffice. Expressing physical affection is biologically proven to reduce stress, enhance mood, and generally make the person it is extended to feel good. This for sure is how to build a strong relationship.


4.  Creating And Pursuing A Common Goal

You and your partner can come together to create a goal and work towards achieving it, this brings a new kind of fire, positivity, excitement, and strength into the relationship.

You both get to wake up daily with the same thing in mind to work on – isn’t that sweet? – this makes both of you concentrate on the positive side of each other to make what you have set out to do become achievable. This is also how to build a successful relationship.

The common goal could be anything such as saving for a new house, car, or vacation, starting up a new business, having a child, or anything at all that both of you have agreed on doing together.

In things like this, there is a stronger character who will lead the other person on it, maybe the man or the woman. whoever, respect their decisions and follow the steps they layout but do not fail to voice out your opinion as well.


5.  Always Show Gratitude

how to build a strong relationship with your girlfriend

“Thanks for coming to pick me up”, “thanks for the tie”, “this is a great meal”, and “you are the best” – these words do mean a lot to whom you are saying them to especially when the person is your partner.

In any romantic relationship, you must always show gratitude to your partner and if you cannot do it in words then do it through physical touches, like a kiss on the cheek or forehead, hugs, hand or back pats, etc.

They are forms of gratitude too when you use them rightly. Like, when your man is worked up and so emotional out of stress, he would be needing a deep kiss, tight hug, and back pat- all at once!

Everyone deserves gratitude, especially your partner, someone you will be stuck with for a long, long while, always make them feel better through gratitude, and you too will feel better from the response received.

6.  Be Trusted, If You Can’t Then Develop It

This is another important ultimate tip to build a strong relationship by becoming someone your partner can rely on. Being someone that does what you say you want to do, that is, living up to your word and proving to your partner that you are dependable.

You mustn’t fail at this. Trust can begin from one person and you can let it be you. It may take a while for your partner to follow suit but, it will definitely happen. They’ll get to trust you.

This may not help much but during the course of my research for this piece of work, I found out that it is psychologically proven that physical contact with your partner releases the oxytocin hormone which aside reduces stress and equally builds trust as well.

So maybe you should always touch your partner. Who knows? it may help you develop the “trust genes”.


7.  Everyone Is Different, Understand That

No two things on earth are the same, something must make them different, which could be their biological makeup or certain behaviors.

This does not exclude humans. Before you came to be in your present relationship, while single you’ve probably thought of meeting someone exactly like you, who likes the things you like and sees the world the same way you do.

However, if you later got to fall in love and discovered later, that this person is out of your dream mate profile, the relationship will begin to suffer. You need to learn and understand now that everyone is different and you also have to respect the fact that they are so.

So you should understand and accept their certain behaviors if you truly want to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with them, instead of making them suffer.

You can even gain more from these differences by learning things from your partner’s point of view and for once thinking out of your box. It is an exciting and interesting way of being exposed.


8.  Offer Support

how to keep a relationship strong and happy

Always be there for your partner. Never let a busy schedule rub you off this, whatever it is your partner wants to do that you know is healthy and safe for him, for her, and your relationship, support them.

It could be anything ranging from going through a fitness journey and learning a new skill to starting a new business- just show support.

Offering support is also not limited to when your partner is going through a hard time, like the loss of a relative or friend, and even when she makes mistakes, make her understand that it is normal to make mistakes and help her overcome her mistakes, that is a huge form of support.


9.  Ask Questions, Never Make Assumptions

how to build a successful relationship

They say ‘One who asks questions never loses his way’. This saying applies to every context, especially in a relationship, where it is much easier to assume things or read the wrong meanings to some things your partner does.

Assumptions are done or said without proof, thus wrong to make one up in a relationship, although it is really easy to make up your own stories or interpretations about your partner’s behavior, this makes relationships fail.

So, when you are unsure about your partner’s character, you must ask them directly and be on the right track.

There is nothing like asking too many questions as long as you are asking the right ones. But, please, to keep that relationship growing strong, never rely on assumptions.


10.  Make Time For Your Relationship

You are ready to build a long-term relationship but barely around your partner. It is a selfish act. Whom do they rely on or trust? Whom will they go to discuss their goals and aspirations with? To whom will they receive affection and words of encouragement? Well, it’s definitely not you, he will go too since you are barely around for him.

You may have a busy schedule, which is understandable, but if you want to build a relationship you decided that no one decided for you then you have to create time to maintain that which you are building.  You need to be there for your partner.

Take some alone time with your partner, go on dinner dates, or movie dates, and create a special place with each other where other things are shut out temporarily, and it is just the two of you. If you tend to your relationship the way you would a garden, it will grow. This is how to build a strong relationship. This is how to make a relationship strong with a boyfriend.


You might have probably come across one or more of these tips before, You might have probably come across one or more of these strong relationship tips, or maybe not, then you may wonder why that same tip(s) keeps popping out all over the place, well, that shows just how important the tip is. These tips are designed for you to practice and apply in your relationship since you are ready to build it to become strong. Real strong. Do not rush the process.  You must have understood by now that patience is required in establishing a relationship.

These tips can equally be applied to long-distance relationships, with commitment included. Follow these useful steps, and know-how to build a strong relationship with great effect.


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