15 Early Relationship Red Flags

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signs of an unhealthy marriage

Warning signs of a toxic relationship! It is not unusual that people get to misunderstand each other, and one may get the other annoyed. This is the same in dating or marriage. Couples may have misunderstandings. There may be issues that come up that they have to deal with.

But, when the misunderstanding and quarrels become frequent, the marriage gets toxic. There are different types of unhealthy relationships. Any relationship with any of this involving is an unhealthy relationship.

These are warning signs of a toxic relationship and must be dealt with, for a healthy relationship to be.

-Emotional Abuse

–  Physical Abuse

–  Extra-Marital Affairs

–  No Trust/Respect

–  Lies etc

Now, basically, misunderstanding is not all that leads to an unhealthy relationship. This article is to reveal to you; the warning signs of a toxic relationship, and also, tips on how you can get that failing relationship fixed.

Allowing toxicity in your marriage can be bad, as this may affect your mental and emotional health. When you notice these signs which are mentioned below, you talk to your partner about it, so that things can get better between you two.

One who wants to stay sane and happy should avoid toxicity in one’s relationship. Putting up with an abusive partner in a relationship can leave you devastated, heartbroken, and oftentimes; afraid for the next relationship!

How do you recognize signs of an unhealthy marriage? What are the signs of a bad relationship?

what are the signs of a bad relationship

15 Early Relationship Red Flags

1.  Frequent Third-Party Involvement

No intelligent or learned spouse will accept a friend coming around and giving orders around. No man really wants his spouse to go out to seek other people’s opinions and apply them, before listening to him. You do not allow your friends and family to dictate things to you in your home.

Any spouse who sees this behavior coming from his/her friends or extended family members, and does nothing to stop it; is encouraging strife in his or her home. In marriages, couples share their plans, and thoughts, and listen to each other first, before any third party.

2.  Gossiping

This is a sign of one unhealthy relationship. It is disrespectful for your partner to always talk about things that go on in the home between you two- with people outside, especially without your notice.

He is always talking about your flaws to friends and guests and making jokes out of it. She talks about your family problems and hides nothing from friends; she even tells them about your weaknesses. It is a warning sign of a toxic relationship.

And, please, never assume that your partner wouldn’t mind you talking about them always. Your partner may be feeling very bad about it. Not everyone tolerates a loudmouth.

3.  Investigator For A Spouse

what are the signs of a bad relationship

This is one of the warning signs in a new relationship. Often, these signs are glaring, but you choose to give it a blind eye, because, you strongly hope your partner will change. And that’s a wrong step in going into a relationship.

You should date someone who trusts you. Once you equally trust and respect. A spouse who is always suspicious and shows a lack of trust is only building an unhealthy relationship. Make your partner open up to you about whatever his/her fears are, and you both focus on building a relationship filled with trust for a perfect marriage together.

4.  Making Choices That Do Not Favor You Both

Couples are meant to help each other grow. If your spouse doesn’t consider you when making decisions- especially crucial ones, this will cause a breach in your relationship.

Let’s say a man gets a promotional letter at work and he is to transfer to another state, but, his wife thinks they shouldn’t move because she has just started making new friends where they are.

When your partner does not make choices that can help build you both, and build your finances, your partner does not seek to make sacrifices for you both; then the relationship suffers.

5.  Everybody’s Own

how to fix a failing relationship

It hurts to find out that your partner isn’t yours alone but for everybody. She sleeps around with other guys from your club, causing you to keep to yourself, hurting, in shame and heartbreak.

You catch him smirking and winking at some lady. He doesn’t care how you feel. He is more bothered about the affairs he’s keeping outside, as he tries to keep the relationship with them going, thereby not giving you the necessary love and attention.

6.  The Deaf Partner

You have a partner who only announces to you his next steps, but, he isn’t interested in hearing what you think about his plans. Either because he is used to doing things solo, or he doesn’t take your words seriously…

Even when he realizes that he wasn’t totally correct, the last thing your spouse would say is ‘you were right’. That is among the warning signs of a toxic relationship. It is very daunting and is a letdown for you.

Couples always seek each other’s opinions on various issues. It is very unwise for couples, not to share ideas together. The earlier your spouse realizes this, the better for you both.

7.  Grudges

Nurturing grief in the heart and always reminding you of your past mistakes. It seems he/she never really forgives you. That is one of the warning signs of a toxic relationship. It will cause you only pain and sadness.

8.  Envy

types of unhealthy relationships

This is one of the warning signs of a toxic relationship. You are in a relationship with the one who instead of rejoicing about your growth and success, rather he shows so much envy that you become uncomfortable disclosing things to him. Envy is not good in a relationship. It cannot help a spouse grow. Rather, it brings hatred.

9.  Manipulative

In a relationship where there is no genuine love and respect, that is where you find a manipulative partner. She tells you how to manage your life and activities in a way that best favors her. Her rules always, without caring how it affects you. He’s often playing the victim because he wants you to come out to please him.


10.  Physical Abuse

This is a warning sign of an unhealthy relationship and must not be excused. You must avoid an abuser. One who hits you does not understand what it means to cherish and respect a spouse.

She hits you with objects whenever she’s angry, he beats you whenever he’s mad at you, but, he never beats any other woman; these are warning signs of a toxic relationship. Those are not signs of true love. That is not a way of correction. It is pure bitterness and uncontrolled anger.

11.  Cheating

warning signs in a new relationship

He keeps multiple sexual partners. She has other boyfriends she engages in sexual activities… Which is one of the warning signs of a toxic relationship. When your partner has an affair outside, without a care in the world for you or your mental health, exposing you to the risk of STDs… This is very unhealthy and toxic.

12.  Verbal Abuse

signs of a toxic relationship

Even while this may seem not to be toxic, and you feel it’s just words, it is actually toxic. When your spouse verbally abuses you often, calling you all sorts of names, and curses you at the slightest irritation, it is not right. That is not a cool thing to do.

An abusive partner also tends to find no fault in his actions and blames it on his victim.  It gets really sad when you have to apologize to an abusive partner because you’re blamed for his/her toxicity.

13.  No Support

In house activities, or in your career, your spouse does not give you support. You talk about your ideas and struggles, but no helpful response comes from your partner. You see it, and you know that he doesn’t care. She doesn’t show your support in any way.

In fact, it’s as if you’re the one who’s more supportive and caring while your partner is just there. This is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

14.  Lies / Deceit

Playing with your mind. His yes means no, and his no means yes. You can’t trust her smile because she always has something else going on in her mind. Today she’s smiling and saying she loves you, tomorrow she’s telling her friends she’s not into you and that you force yourself on her.

He says he’s broke, but, he’s ever willing to get his friends and family gifts and drinks, while you get nothing from him.

15.  Discouragement

unhealthy relationships signs

Having a partner who does not encourage you in your dreams is very bad. In a relationship, your partner is meant to show you encouragement and to motivate you in your career.

Not to discourage you. A partner who sees your dreams as nonsense and useless, and thinks himself/herself better off than you, is a tool to break your strength and faith.

Now that you have known the warning signs of a toxic relationship and the signs of an unhealthy marriage, you should get to work on your relationship already.

Calmly talk to your spouse about those signs, and how you both can become better and strong couples to keep the spark alive and active too. Violence isn’t necessary. Be calm in your words, they’ll work their way faster through your partner’s heart. After that, change follows next.

How To Fix A Failing Relationship;

1.  Patience

Be patient with your spouse, as the transformation is a process, and your spouse has to recognize his/her mistakes, show remorse, and break off all those nasty attitudes and way of life that brings toxicity into your home.


2.  Going For Counseling

Seeing a professional relationship counselor can help. These people are out to see that marriages improve, and couples respect each other, love and support each other, and then, live peacefully.

3.  Be A Mirror In The Relationship

Being your spouse’s mirror; you cannot cry for your partner to be faithful to you when you are not faithful to him either. You cannot pray for your partner to listen to you when you don’t even care if she speaks or not.

One of you has to show an example for the other to follow. As you do this, apply patience, too. Within a short while, you’ll notice your spouse begin to go the same way as you. Patience is key in every form of growth and transformation.

Ideas For Getting Over An Unhealthy Relationship

To get over an unhealthy relationship, you should pay less attention to the bad sides of your relationship, be patient with your partner, and work on yourself more. Yes. After you must have talked about these problems with your partner, you pay a blind eye to them; avoid them.

Act like there’s no problem. Work on yourself, appreciate yourself, and your partner will eventually have a rethink and change from the bad attitudes.

Another thing is to get yourself occupied: be busy with a project, work on new stuff on the computer, go out to where there are a lot of people, and interact with them. Don’t get too lonely so you don’t worry so much.

Act all-nice to your partner: you know when you are being nice to someone who thinks he’s hurting you, he begins to feel bad about his ways and tries to find out why you aren’t crying and cussing at him for hurting you. He becomes scared and has no choice but to respect you.

If your partner continues to show toxicity and no care, then you’ll have to split up, because you don’t need to marry someone who can not make you happy and feel fulfilled in life. Staying in a relationship that isn’t making you happy, keeps you sad and worried, draining your emotional health, is not great.

You cannot continue to endure an abusive partner and seek to feel happy and sane, too.  You are in a relationship for love, companionship, and support. Not the other way around.

You should know when toxicity creeps into your relationship, and avoid it. Do not ignore the signs. Take care of your mental health. With a stable mind, you can move on with your life, happy, and ready to find love again.

I hope you enjoyed the read!


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