5 Ways To Connect With Your Partner Daily

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Ways to connect with your partner daily! In our world today- where everyone is out to do something for one’s self, we get to spend most of our time in front of the computer, using the net; working on projects for clients, signing a deal with a new firm, finishing up a job for a client and much more online or virtual activities.

Your spouse’s office may be a made-up room in the house you both live in. It may be that your spouse works far from home and you both get to spend time together during weekends or any time you both can meet to spend time together.

There are circumstances that could cause you both to not be able to spend time together so often. It may get boring at some point and it begins to seem as if the love was never there. The love has been there. The love is still there.

You only need to put some effort into seeing that the vibe is still there. You should ignite the love you have for each other.

It is not because of the times you both spend apart that causes the relationship to become boring. You should know this; you both can be together under the same roof for a week or more, and may still get bored of the relationship, that is; if you do not do couples-things together and live in love and support each other.

In the times you spend apart, fuel the love. Spice up your relationship. Tighten your bond. You must be on this page reading this because you believe you can always cope with a busy partner. You’re on the right page!

You both can always work things out. What about in a case where it’s you who is the busy one? Some couples get so busy, yet, they work on their relationship life and it goes so smoothly.

This applies to busy couples, too. The girlfriend is often busy. The boyfriend is often busy.
Here are  5 ways to connect with your partner daily.


Lovely Ways To stay Connected With A Busy Partner

5 Ways To Connect With Your Partner Daily

1.  Understanding

You should come to understand that circumstances may arise in which you find yourselves working so hard and not able to spend time close together. It could be due to the nature of your job. When you understand this, you will be understanding to your partner, because you realize it isn’t a fault of him or her.

When she comes home tired and sleepy, you let her get some rest. You don’t scream at your man immediately he crosses the doorway and is into the house- to stay away from you just as he’s been away the whole day.

That is not nice. It is his job that has kept him away. You do miss him, right? Let him know that you do, and welcome him. At least he got back to you in one piece.

Make dinner for you two before your partner gets home, and in the case whereby it is you both who are busy, you can always order fast food, or make a quick dinner for yourselves.

Do not try to force your man or woman into the kitchen after he’s had or she’s had a busy day. It is not healthy for your relationship and could lead to misunderstanding. If you aren’t tired enough, why don’t you get into the kitchen and make something for you two? That is a show of love and ways to connect with your partner daily.



In the next step, you’ll discover what you both can make of the little time you get to spend together.

Still on understanding; you should follow a busy partner with his/her plans. Do not make things more frustrating for her/him. If you’re a busy partner, you will absolutely get my point here.

You know, when one isn’t so busy, one may begin to feel ignored or not given much attention- by the busy partner.

Understand the nature of the work your spouse does and give her the necessary support to be done with it for the day. If it’s night, then for the night. You know some jobs require night workers. It is selfish to want to end a relationship because your partner is often busy.

Whatever happened to understanding him or understanding her? Besides, you may want to talk to your partner about it. He/she might be able to reduce the amount of time spent on working.


2.  Spend Quality Time Together No Matter What

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When you finally get to have your partner in your arms at the end of the day, or at the end of the week, way to go? Living like they’re still not around- trying to get used to their absence? Definitely not! Be loving, understanding, and romantic with your partner for the little time you both have to spend. Make it memorable.

Here is what you two can always do:

•  Play Together

signs he losing interest in a long distance relationship

Go to the park, fun fair, and game centers, and make your time out together- memorable. Well, you can say you’re making up for the times you spent away from each other.

That’s the truth. You can even play hide-‘n-seek out in the yard for a little while(in other not the get the neighbors’ attention).

Who says busy couples can’t have beautiful relationships? C’mon, have all the fun you want by engaging in some romantic activities with your partner! And don’t forget to be romantic.


•  Go To The Beach Or Swimming Pool

Yea. Have a cool time out together. You may both walk around, talking about your feelings, the times you spend apart, those little challenges… Talk about yourselves.

Unburden it all at the beach. Get mushy and hug. It is beautiful when couples act sweet out. Thereafter, you may both get into the water to cool off.

•  Create A Tradition Or More- For Just You Two

This always comes memorable. It brings lasting memories, and it creates a deeper connection between you two.

Your tradition could be; staying indoors for a picnic, keeping surprise birthday gifts for each other, watching a special kind of movie on your special days, eating pizza in front of the TV every Saturday evening, and many more fun things you both can do.

It can be a dance night(any kind of dance) or a dance morning/workout. This will keep you two fit. Have you thought of learning to dance the salsa with your partner?

When you come together, talk about creating a tradition. Introduce this to your partner if you don’t already do this. It will keep you two connected.


3.  Frequent Communication

Ways To stay Connected With A Busy Partner

Ways to connect with your partner daily! Yes. Frequent. Regular. If you can’t get to meet so often, at least you can get to communicate often. Not just in the morning or before bedtime- even at the busy moment, you can send a lovely text to your partner.

Make phone calls in your free time. You can talk about anything over the phone. Talk about the previous night which you both spent together. Talk about the night you want to have with her. Make her have the picture of what you are saying- in her head.

You can call your partner on the phone when he is not busy. Like a break time when he isn’t so busy. You should know his free time, know his schedule, and avoid calling at very busy hours, or have your calls unanswered.

Make video calls, c’mon. Send her a text or texts that she will read and smile. Let your calls or SMS texts come as a relief from a busy day to her or him. “I miss you, sweetheart” “I can’t wait to have you close tonight” “Can’t wait to see you.” Send naughty texts. Send lovely texts.

Don’t just send him a text to remind him to get some cookies at the grocery store on his way back. Can you add more words like, “I’ll eat you before I eat the cookies”?

Can you tell her you love her still? And make this come often. It should be a regular step you take in seeing that you and your partner stay in touch.

Communication is an important factor in every relationship; to keep the two of you close. At the end of the day, you two will still be having each other close in mind; to keep the two of you longing for each other, and to keep away a boring relationship with no communication.

You will find the love you actually thought was fading away, instantly becoming strong again.


4.  Value Your Lone-Time

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That time you spend alone when your spouse is away, make good use of it. Try out creative things. Use that time enough- not just because you want to avoid feeling lonely.

No. But, because you realize that you can always do something special or impact with your lone time. It will come as a surprise to your partner. And it doesn’t just have to be some really personal activity.

If you’re a housewife, or a husband working from home, which makes you less preoccupied than your partner sometimes, the times you aren’t working or resting, you can use it to learn how to prepare new beautiful dishes.

You can always use the internet to discover different activities you can carry out yourself. You can change the wallpaper in the room- thereby leaving it catchy. Your spouse will return and find it lovely.

They will be excited- wondering why the new look of the room. He will be happy about the new dish, he will have to try the dishes with you. Let your busy spouse always look forward to returning to meet some form of surprise waiting back at home.

I know I mentioned valuing your lone time. Yes. Not feeling unbothered or bored about being less busy or feeling neglected. You are not neglected. You should not feel that way. This is why I mentioned understanding first.

Because when you come to accept your partner as a really busy person, then you wouldn’t get mad at him for not speaking with you during the day or some other grievance.

So, this is also why you should use that time to do something different or work more on yourself. If you are a caterer, you can try to create some more connections between you and people you think will be needing your services.

Check online, or go out to some organizations and talk to them about your services. Who knows, you could find someone who is interested. It is in that lone time that you even discover a vital asset or a skillful part of you- you never knew existed.


5.  Do Things To Keep You Up

5 Lovely Ways To stay Connected With A Busy Partner

Ways to connect with your partner daily! When I say to keep you up, I’m talking about your mind; your sanity; to drive the mood swings and boredom away. You know, when you stay idle for a long time, just staying at a place, you might begin to feel discontent or worry- thinking about everything and anything.

All of a sudden you have uncertain fears for your relationship, that’s because you are not busy. Get busy. I’m not saying you should begin doing the laundry and painting the walls and doors.

Can you talk for a brief walk outside? See what it will do to your head. You can even go bicycling at the park. Meet new people, make new friends. Take yourself out to see some movies.

If you’re not an outdoor person, you can still stay indoors and get some vibe; do some workout. You should stay up. You can stay highly spirited.

Engage in some activities online. Create video contents of yourself which you may upload. You never know how much people will get interested in your videos.

Join interesting online classes or courses. Cuddling with bae is sweet, but, that isn’t the only thing that will be happening with you now and tomorrow. You should make fruitful use of your lone time very well.



In conclusion, other ways to connect with your partner daily you can pay her/him visits: “Hey, I’ll be coming around just to kiss you.” “Babe, I have to come to make love with you over there.” “Darling, I’ll be bringing you some snacks. You’ll like it!”

Yes. Your partner is busy in his office downstairs, you get him some milk or coffee or even water, and take it to him downstairs- or whichever room his office is.

These are easy ways to cope with your busy partner. Busy couples should follow this. It will really help in making you relate normally again with your partner, understanding her/him, and thereby keeping a beautiful relationship.


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