7 Lies Women Say In Bed – And What They Really Mean

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Lies women say in bed. Have you ever wondered what women really mean when they say certain things in bed? For example, the next time she says you’re so big, or it’s ok if I just finish myself off, it could be one of these lies women say in bed.

By knowing what women are saying behind their sweet-talking, you can better respond to their advances and take control of your sex life together as a couple. If you’ve ever been in bed with a woman, then you know that there are some very specific phrases they like to utter while you two are doing the dirty.

And while they might seem innocent at first, these seven lies women say in bed have some very specific meanings behind them that should make every man pay attention. Knowing what these lies mean will help you understand your woman better, and maybe even bring about the results you’re looking for in the bedroom.

7 Lies Women Say In Bed

Lie 1: I’m sorry. I was busy thinking about my day.

I’m sorry. I was busy thinking about my day. Lies women tell men in the bedroom are a common phenomenon and are not something that is always intentional. However, when it does happen, it can be pretty frustrating and make you feel as if you don’t matter to her at all, which is not what most men want.

If she says this to you in bed, she might just need a little help getting into the mood.

Lie: I’m so stressed out!

I’m so stressed out! Stress has an effect on everyone and sometimes we deal with it by trying to distract ourselves from it rather than dealing with it head-on.

Lie 2: I’m sorry, I had a stressful day at work.

There are some of the things women say in bed when they want to avoid having sex. Sometimes it’s that you had a stressful day at work and you’re just not feeling up for it. Other times, you may be feeling insecure about your body and want some time to get comfortable before taking off your clothes.

Still other times, you might be exhausted after being out late with friends and staying up late watching TV. Regardless of what’s going on, take a few minutes to talk with your partner about how he or she can help make you feel more relaxed.

Lie 3: You look tired, too.

It’s hard to admit when you’re not feeling your best. But hearing these little phrases actually goes a long way towards making your guy feel better about the situation too, because he knows that he’s not the only one who needs support sometimes.

Simple lie: We can’t do this tonight.: When she really means is: We can’t do this tonight.

Another lie: I don’t like it.: When she really means is: I love it.

Lie 4: My mind was wandering. You caught me off guard with that move.

I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but I was really distracted by something and it wasn’t you. I don’t know what it was and it doesn’t matter because what we did is a one-time thing. Nothing more should happen.

Next time you think of asking me out, be careful of my company time at work because I have a rule against anything happening between employees. The last guy who tried it got fired in less than a week. You don’t want that to happen to you, do you?

Lie: It’s just not the right time.

It’s not that I’m not attracted to you, but if we sleep together now then it might ruin our friendship. That would suck so let’s wait until the timing is right and we’re both single.

Lie: If only he were here with us.

When she says this she means if only he were alive or if only he could see how happy she is with her new man then maybe her ex would feel jealous. But that’s all in the past now. She’ll never give him another thought again (lies women tell men in bed).

Lie: I can’t believe I came that hard.

Oh no! Now he thinks he’s God’s gift to women and will ask for sex every day from now on. Lies women tell men when they come hard are exactly why these guys are such perverts (things women say in bed).

Lie 5: It doesn’t matter if we don’t make love tonight. We have it all week.

The whole point of a vacation is to live in the moment and enjoy ourselves with no interruptions. It’s frustrating when we’re so turned on and want to explore new sexual fantasies, but our husbands just want to go to sleep.

Lie: It doesn’t matter if we don’t make love tonight.

We have it all week. The whole point of a vacation is to live in the moment and enjoy ourselves with no interruptions. It’s frustrating when we’re so turned on and want to explore new sexual fantasies, but our husbands just want to go to sleep.

This can be especially tough for us women because we might start fantasizing about one thing and get really excited, but then he starts doing something else and it takes away from the excitement. We might try to communicate what turns us on or how we want him to touch us, but that can be difficult too.

Lie 6: I thought you were asleep already.

Women sometimes say this because they do not want to stop what they are doing with their partner or they don’t want their partner to think that she’s anything less than into him. Truth: She knows he is awake, but she just doesn’t care. If her partner says something about it, she will then claim that she was tired and trying to get some sleep.

Lie: I love you.

Some women say this as a response to feeling guilty for sleeping with someone when they have feelings for someone else. Truth: Saying I love you in bed is just one of the many lies women tell men in the bedroom.

Lie: Yes, I’m close.

Women often feel pressured by society to always come during sex and may lie so that their partners can feel accomplished.

Lie 7: Oh, well… OK then, if you insist… haha!

I’ll take this quick moment to clarify one common lie that girls say in bed – when they want to slow things down or stop them altogether. Oh, well… OK then, if you insist… is typically a polite way of getting your man to leave the bedroom.

But it can also be interpreted as a passive-aggressive comment on what he’s doing and how fast he’s going. It might also be an indication that she doesn’t like what he’s doing at all.

Lie: I love it!

Yes, we all love sex and coming pleasure… but sometimes it doesn’t feel like she loves it enough for us to keep going on. Maybe she was having fun before and now her mind has wandered off somewhere else? Maybe she wants him to go faster?

Bottomline On 7 Lies Women Say In Bed

Finally, I love you is an emotional phrase that may or may not be true. It’s also a phrase that women might say to men they know they will never see again, such as in one-night stands.

Asking a woman who has never seen you before and will never see you again if she loves you is like asking someone who has just bought your lottery ticket if they’ll share the winnings with you.


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