16 Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

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Ways to cheer up your girlfriend, what do you do when your girlfriend isn’t feeling her best? Here are 16 ways to cheer her up, whether she’s sad about something or just feeling down in the dumps.

If you want to cheer up your girlfriend, be sure to also offer her support and comfort and let her know you’re there for her if she needs it. These will always make her feel better!

Ways To Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

1.  Tell her a joke

One of the easiest ways to cheer up your girlfriend is to tell her a joke to make her laugh, who’s there? Knock knock. Aunt Bea. Who is Aunt Bea? The buns are in Aunt Bea’s oven, you know. It doesn’t make sense to me…
Don’t worry. I’ll explain it to you later.
You got it!

2.  Bring her flowers

One of the easiest ways to cheer up your girlfriend is to bring flowers. Flowers brighten up anyone’s day, and they’ll make sure your girlfriend knows that she’s important enough for you to take the time out of your day (or night) and show her how much you care. It also doesn’t hurt that roses are a classic choice.

A single rose in a small vase will do the trick.

3.  Cook her dinner

Cooking a nice dinner for your girlfriend can be a great way to make her feel appreciated and loved. Cooking is also the perfect excuse to experiment with new recipes, which is always fun! You can start by browsing through some of our favorite recipes on our website.

1) Melt butter in a pan over medium-high heat. Add onion and cook until soft, about 5 minutes. Add garlic and cook until fragrant, about 1 minute.

2) Add carrots and cook for 4 minutes.

3) Pour in broth or water, then add kale and potatoes. Cover with a lid and bring to a boil; reduce heat to low, cover, and simmer for 15 minutes or until potatoes are cooked through.

4) Carefully transfer the soup mixture into a blender container; blend until smooth using an immersion or regular blender on high speed. Return puree to the pot, stir in lemon juice, and season with salt and pepper to taste. Garnish each bowl with chopped parsley.

4. Give her a massage

When your girlfriend is feeling down, could you give her a massage? It doesn’t have to be long and drawn out, but touching her can make her feel better. If you’re unsure where to start, rub or brush the back of her neck while massaging her temples with your other hand.

And if you want some additional ideas for things you can do during a massage, check out this helpful guide. You don’t need to be in bed for a massage. Give each arm a gentle squeeze before rubbing it up towards her shoulder blades; Brush your thumbs across the upper part of both shoulders.

5.  Take her on a date

Spending time with your girlfriend is the best way to cheer her up, so surprise her with a date night. Make it something she would enjoy (she will likely know what she likes), and remember the flowers! Another thing you can do is make her a card. They are easy to put together and let her know how much you care about her.

Another great thing you can do is buy a stuffed animal that looks like her favorite animal – it’ll remind her of all the good times you have had together . . . or take her on a scavenger hunt to find clues hidden around the house and then give her a big hug when she sees them.

You could also start a photo album of all the fun things you’ve done together: paint each other’s nails, take selfies at parties, etc.

6.  Watch her favorite movie with her

You know your girlfriend loves that one movie from when she was a kid, so why not make her feel like a little girl again and watch it with her? It’ll be so much fun and help take your mind off the stress of life. Plus, you can grab some popcorn and snuggle up on the couch together. It’s always better when two people are watching a film!

Take her for ice cream: Sometimes all someone needs is just some good old-fashioned ice cream! Grab yourself a cone, too, because you also need ice cream! Cuddle with them while watching a funny video on YouTube or something else in the comfort of their home:

If you’re looking for something short, try going online and finding a funny video to watch with your partner.

7.  Give her a hug

Whatever the situation, hugging your girlfriend is always a good idea. It’s beneficial when she’s feeling down or stressed out. Just wrap your arms around her and tell her that you love her. A few cuddles will help make whatever she’s upset about seem like nothing.

Knowing someone is there for her means much, even if she doesn’t say anything to you. Don’t forget: Women process emotions differently than men do! Sometimes they need time alone to figure things out before they’re ready to talk. Make sure you respect their space while they work it out independently.

They might also want some extra hugs from time to time as well – go ahead and offer one up whenever you feel comfortable doing so (or whenever she asks for one). You can also hold hands with them or stroke their hair to show them how much you care. If you know her favorite songs, play them for her too!


8.  Send her a sweet text

Hey, I hope you’re doing well. I’m thinking about you. Have a great day!

-Hug her:

-Buy her flowers:

-Tell her she’s the most beautiful woman in the world:

-Smile at her often

-Do something she wants to do

-Get up with her when she’s sick

-Make breakfast for her -Draw her a picture

-Write a song

-Take pictures of the two of you together

-Find a creative way to let her know she makes you happy every day

-Gather all your old photographs and put them in an album

-Ask her opinion on things


9.  Tell her how much you love her

I love you. I want you to know that I’m here for you, no matter what happens. You’re my best friend and the light of my life.

You make me happier than any other person on earth can ever make me, and I wouldn’t change a thing about you, not even your bad days or your mood swings or how much time we spend apart, because it makes us appreciate each other that much more when we’re together. I think about you all day long.

I’ll not be able to stop myself from running over to apologize. It’s not like I haven’t messed up before. But never with her. I’ve only driven two blocks when she texts me back saying: Don’t come over. That hurt like hell, but at least I could go home without feeling so shitty about myself.

10.  Take her on a weekend getaway

Take her on a weekend getaway. Take the time for yourself and your girlfriend. It’s an excellent way for you both to reconnect, and it will be a much-needed change of pace from the daily routine. Go somewhere you’ve never been before: You might not want to go to the same old place again, so take her someplace new!

Let her pick where she wants to go and have fun exploring together.
What do you think? Do any of these ideas resonate with you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Get out of town.

Enjoy different hobbies


11.  Get her a new outfit

Indeed, clothes don’t make the woman, but they sure make a difference when boosting your girlfriend’s mood. If you’re looking for an easy way to put a smile on her face, consider getting her a new outfit or accessories. You’ll be surprised at how much it can lift her spirits and make her feel beautiful. Plus, who doesn’t love new businesses?

There’s something about trying on something different that makes us feel like we’ve been given a fresh start. In other words, if your girlfriend feels down, this might be the thing she needs to get back in high gear.

12.  Give her a spa day

You can cheer up your girlfriend by giving her a spa day. This will make her feel pampered and help her relax. You can get some friends together and take turns picking where to go, or you can do it yourself. If she’s not into going out, you could do something like painting each other’s nails or doing a mani-pedi at home while watching TV.

It doesn’t matter what you do, just as long as you’re with her. Doing an activity with her will show her that you care about her enough to put in the effort to make sure she has fun on this particular day.

Another great thing about this idea is that it won’t cost much money if you plan things correctly. You could even mix things up and get food delivered instead of cooking dinner, so there are no dishes to clean afterward!


13.  Do something that she’s been wanting to do

I was too busy with work the past few weeks, and it’s been hard for her. I want to take her on a weekend date and make up for the lost time. We’ll see that new romantic comedy she wants to see and then get dinner afterward. I’m so excited! She deserves quality time after all the times I’ve neglected her.

She’s been so understanding, but it’s my turn to spend quality time with her. After the movie, we’ll head back to my place and watch Netflix while eating ice cream. It will be a night she won’t forget!


14.  Go on an adventure with her

An adventure is often the only thing that cheers up a girlfriend. Whether it be a walk in the park or even just an ice cream cone, experiences are one of the best ways to break up the monotony of everyday life. Even better, you can go on an adventure with your girlfriend and still have time for yourself.

It’s a win-win! So put on some sunblock and grab your girlfriend before heading out for a day at the zoo. Sometimes all it takes to cheer up your girlfriend is good food and company. So take her to dinner at a restaurant she has wanted to try but hasn’t had the chance.

15.  Make a photo collage of your memories together

One of the best ways to cheer up your girlfriend is by reminding her of all the good times you’ve had together. So pull out your phone and go through old photos and videos together. Even if you don’t find anything, it can be an excellent time for reminiscing about all the good times you’ve had so far with each other.

If you’re feeling adventurous, use an app like Photoshop or Adobe Premier to create an animated video or slideshow! It can take a little time, but the effort will show how much you care. The following two sentences are identical to the first: Use an app like Photoshop or Adobe Premier to create an animated video or slideshow!


16.  Write her a love letter

I am so sorry that I made you feel bad this morning. I was feeling down and not myself, but after talking with you, I feel much better. You’re the best girlfriend in the world, and don’t forget that. I love you more than anything in the entire universe! You are always there for me when I need someone.

You make me a better person, and I want to thank you for being my rock Love, your bae, I’ll never stop appreciating what we have.


Furthermore On 16 Ways to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend

Finally, you must remember that your girlfriend is just as much a person as you are. You can’t expect her to be happy all the time. It’s good for your relationship if she’s only sometimes comfortable.

A woman who is content always will get bored and leave you, while a woman who has moments of sadness and anger will appreciate you more when she’s feeling better.

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