5 Signs You’re Dating A Controlling Boyfriend

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5 Signs you’re dating a controlling boyfriend, controlling boyfriends is certainly nothing new, but unfortunately, they’re also not rare. Recognizing the red flags of controlling behavior in your relationship is essential if you want to get out of it safely and without unnecessary drama. Controlling boyfriends are often challenging to identify at the start of a relationship.

Here are five signs that your boyfriend has controlling tendencies and how you can deal with them if this is the case.

Is it normal for a boyfriend to be controlling?

It’s not uncommon for a boyfriend to want to take care of his girlfriend and make decisions for her – sometimes, this might seem like he’s controlling. But many signs can help you figure out if your boyfriend is too controlling:

-He tries to control what you do, who you talk to, and what you wear. He may tell you who your friends can be or not allow you to hang out with certain people.

How do I end my relationship with my controlling boyfriend?

The best way to end a controlling relationship is to get away from it. These relationships are toxic and will only bring you down, so it’s best to remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible. They could help develop strategies for leaving him that don’t feel so scary or daunting.

Regardless of whether he knows about your plan in advance, the most important thing is that you stay safe throughout this process by having someone nearby who can keep an eye on things for you when necessary.

5 Signs You’re Dating A Controlling Boyfriend

1.  He’s always right

1. He’s always right.

2. He can’t stand to be wrong and will argue with you until he wins.

3. He believes he is more intelligent than you and knows more about everything, even when it has nothing to do with him or his opinions matter more than yours.

4. When you try to offer an opinion, he shuts you down before you can finish your sentence or change the subject back to something he wants to discuss instead of what you want to discuss.

5. His favorite phrases that need to be clarified. He also likes to tell you how your mind works as if he had a degree in psychology and never misses a chance to point out every little thing that you did wrong.

6. Whenever he’s unhappy about something, even if it has nothing to do with you, he’ll find a way to blame it on you because everything wrong in my life is because of you.

7. He tries to make all your decisions for you by not giving you any choices so he can have complete control over what you do and who you see.

8. He stalks and monitors your social media accounts so that he can monitor where you go, who your friends are, and who you talk to.

9. If there’s anything in this world he hates more than anything else, it’s disrespecting authority, which means no speaking out against him or arguing against his views.

2.  He never takes responsibility for his actions

One of the most obvious signs that he’s controlling is when he doesn’t take responsibility for his actions. When you bring up a concern, and he blames it on something or someone else, that’s a clear sign. This will also show up in other aspects of your relationship – like when things don’t go well, and you get blamed for it.

It can be hard to see at first, but if this starts happening to you, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship. He needs control over every aspect of your life, including how much you work, who you speak to, and what you wear.

If he tells you what to do with money or accuses you of spending too much while not giving any input himself, then chances are high that there’s an underlying issue with control. The only way out is by telling him how these behaviors make you feel so that he understands how they affect your life and can stop being so controlling.

3.  He’s always trying to control the situation

A few signs to look out for might signify that your boyfriend is controlling. The first is if he’s always trying to handle the situation. He’ll try to tell you where to go and what time to be there, or what clothes you should wear. He might even try telling you who your friends can and cannot be.

If he’s controlling in these ways, it probably doesn’t matter what he looks like. What matters is how he treats you and your boundaries.

Take some time to consider whether you’re happy with how he treats you and respects your boundaries. Ask yourself if you want him to call the shots still or if you want to take back control of your own life by breaking up with him.

4.  He’s always putting you down

If your boyfriend constantly puts you down, it might be time to stop dating him. He might seem to joke, but that behavior doesn’t make anyone feel good about themselves. It’s not a healthy relationship if he’s always making you feel bad about yourself in one way or another.

It shows that he has no respect for you and doesn’t care what you think or how you feel. That kind of person isn’t worth dating at all. You can only spend so much time with someone before they start getting on your nerves. There will be nights when you want to stay in and do something else, but he won’t let you because he wants to go out.

The next thing you know, it’ll become the norm where there are very few nights when you get alone together.

5.  He’s always trying to control your time

It’s not necessarily bad if your boyfriend wants to spend time with you. But if he constantly checks up on where you are and what you’re doing, it may be a sign of controlling behavior.

If he’s making unreasonable requests like you can’t go out with your friends or you can’t see your family anymore, he may be trying to control your time and limit who you see. He gets angry when he doesn’t get his way: When someone behaves this way, they are emotionally unstable and likely get frustrated when things don’t go their way.

It may be a sign of abusive behavior when he yells at you or belittles you for minor things, such as how you style your hair. If he makes any of these comments, it is wise to break off the relationship before it progresses.

Furthermore, In 5 Signs, You’re Dating A Controlling Boyfriend

Finally, a controlling boyfriend will do anything to try and stop you from seeing your friends or even your family. They might say they don’t want you to see them because they’re trying to protect you, but it’s just because they want all of your attention.

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