20 Hot Move To Drive Him Wild In Bed

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drive him wild in bed

Hot move to drive him wild in bed! One of your main objectives when in a relationship is to make your partner happy regardless of what that takes. We are willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship interesting and worth it at the end of the day. Promoting intimacy is one of them and we all know that when it comes to intimacy, physical intimacy is number one on the list.

On the issue of physical intimacy, pleasuring the man is number one, so knowing how to pleasure your man in bed supersedes all the other things. A man that is treated right in bed will always be coming back for more and this goes a long way in strengthening your relationship. 

Now before we start we must tell you the truth – there is no straight line when it comes to something like this. How to pleasure your man in bed depends solely on your man and the things he likes. Here are 20 hot moves to drive him wild in bed and make him scream your name in bed!

how to drive him wild in bed

How To Pleasure Your Man In Bed – 20 Hot Moves You Should Know

1.  Be Audible

Nobody wants to be with a quiet girl, so if you must go to bed with your man, try being vocal and audible while you are at it. Moaning might not be your style but as long as you are enjoying what he is doing, it is cheating to hold it back. Be vocal and tell him how good he makes you feel, it will only encourage him to do more to you, turns him on more, and is a sure way to drive him crazy while he is in bed with you.


2.  Give Him An Adventure

how to drive your man wild in bed book

Your man deserves an adventure and that is what he should get every night from you. The worst thing you can do is to make sex a chore or a routine, it kills the excitement of it. Turn the switch every day, do something new, and bring some of the old back after some time. Adding something or having a long list of things you rotate in the bedroom, keeps things fresh and brings some need excitement to the sex.

3.  Don’t Fake Anything

He would know eventually, so there is no need to fake it because it kills all the masculinity in a man when he finds out you faked it. He wouldn’t care much to even ask how he made you feel, as long as he knows you faked your moan. So, tell him only what is true; say I just came only when you did and I am wet only when the wetness can be felt. Fake moaning will boost his ego to do more but if he realizes it is fake, it kills it all faster.


4.  Beg For It

Everybody wants to be wanted and your man is not excluded from the list. It is important that he feels wanted by you, this is one sure way to get him crazy in bed. During foreplay, beg him to penetrate you, don’t just ask him, he needs to know how badly you want him. Also, a man will get an instant boner even if you just finished, if you tell him how much you want one more, round and beg for it. Hot move to drive him wild in bed!

5.  Give Him The Strip Club Experience

Sometimes how to drive a man wild in bed is not going to be in the things you do while in bed, it might be in the things you do before you get there. Even men who find it difficult to hold on to an erection, find it easier to when they have a striptease before the man action. This is because they end up making love to you in their head while you are stripping before even doing it physically.


6.  Do It With Attitude

places to touch a man to drive him crazy

Whatever you do in bed with your man, if you wish to drive him wild, it is important to do these things with attitude. For example, when he is about to come, get him there faster by giving him instructions – little statements like ‘come for me baby’ or ‘come on my…’ would do a lot of magic to your man.

While he is making love to you also, hold him tight, arch your back, and scratch his back. You can even go as far as pleasuring yourself and making him watch – the attitude is what wins him over and drives him wild.


7.  Be The One To Initiate It

Your man feels wanted and is surely going to be livid if you get back home and start kissing him unexpectedly. The world has been drawn to the notion that it is the man who wants things so much that when a woman does, they take it so seriously. So, if you are looking for how to make a man crazy about you then we suggest you initiate things when next you are with him.


8.  Be Confident In Bed

There is not as much sensuality as confidence when it comes to the bedroom, if the question is how to pleasure your man in bed, then the answer without even thinking twice is confidence. There are a lot of things you cannot do as long as you lack confidence in the bedroom.

The key to confidence in bed is first falling in love with your body; until this is achieved, you will never be comfortable naked. Once you are in love with your body, knowing what you want to do is another thing. A lady who is experienced at hand job will do it with confidence while someone doing it for the first time would be shy. Hot move to drive him wild in bed!


9.  Make The Bedroom A Sensual Haven

The mood sometimes is everything – this is why you can come back from work tired and stuff and still be in the mood to make love just simply because of the music he is playing and the type of candles he has in the house.

Setting the mood is important and you do not have to be home to set it. Send him some inappropriate photos while he is at work, slip your pants into his work bag – find ways to let him spend the day thinking about you and he surely would come back to you every night.


10.  Invite The Adult Toy Store To Your Bedroom

Stop asking us how to pleasure your man in bed and just visit the closest adult store to you today. They have all the things you would need to spice up the bedroom for you and your man. Vibrator lubes, props for roleplay – whatever he fancies, getting these things and using them when next you are making love will surely make him go wild in bed.


11.  Make A Fantasy Come To Reality

ways to surprise your man in bed

One of the easiest ways to make a man go crazy is to make one or more of his fantasies a reality. Every human has a sensual fantasy or two that they would love to one day try. This is where effective communication and comfortability come in – with these two ingredients, he would be able to tell you and then you can act upon it.

12.  Do The Two-Hand Twist

Honestly, this would have been infused into a category but it is just too important to be amongst others. If you ever do this right, then you would understand why we decided to make it stand out on its own here.

When next you are giving him a hand job, make sure his member and your both hands are well lubricated. You are two hold his member with both hands and then twist in both directions. It is a hand job but one where the hands oppose each other in terms of directional motion.

13.  Try BDSM If Allowed

Some men love to be dominated and some do not, the key to using BDSM as a technique to drive him crazy is to find out what side of the fence he has chosen. When you have found out, whatever props you need can be made available to you via the adult store. If he loves to be dominant then being a good sub is surely going to drive him crazy.

14.  Take Care Of His Member

This is the most important of them all, as long as the goal is to drive him crazy in bed then you must learn how to take care of his member. He shouldn’t have to wait till he penetrates you for intercourse to feel good to him.

During foreplay, activities that focus on the pleasure of his member like hand jobs can be added. During intercourse, you can do some Kegel on him, one technique is called “hugging the member”.

15.  Keep Your Hands Busy Always

Regardless of the stage, you are on, it is important to always keep your hands busy. When he is making out or kissing you, your hands should be all over him even if he is inside of you, your hands should be what tells him how much pleasure you are getting. This is how to make him crave you.

16.  Think Outside Of The Rectangle

Intercourse shouldn’t always be in the bedroom, think of innovative ways to do it, explore the house, and drive him crazy with the creativity level of your mind.

17.  Know That He Is A Buffet

sensitive areas of man to kiss

When in bed turn him into your favorite meal and make sure no inch of him is left. A woman that wins the bedroom and appears in all her husband’s fantasy is the woman that finds his pleasure spot and believes me, it is rarely going to be his member.

18.  Hands Off

Tongue and lips, sometimes that will be all he needs, don’t touch him and just go with your hands and lips, this a sure way to make him crazy in bed. If you are looking for how to pleasure your man in bed then go on a hands-free pleasure trip with him.

19.  Flirt

Before you get to the bedroom and even after you both have climaxed; flirting shouldn’t stop for any reason. worship him and compliment him for how good he made you feel but be careful not to do it in excess to avoid a negative effect. Hot move to drive him wild in bed!

20.  Other Things To Do

Eye contact is one of the surest answers to how to pleasure your man in bed. It doesn’t even matter what you are doing, just make him stare into your eyes and he would come faster than he usually does. Another one is while penetration is ongoing – you can sync your breath with his and make everything more intense.


Thanks for giving us your time and we are hoping for your testimony in the comment section, do well to also share and subscribe to this blog for more amazing tips. Hot move to drive him wild in bed!


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