How To Treat Your Husband Like A King

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how to make a man feel like a king

If we are being honest, you are not the first person asking this question, a lot of people before you have asked this same question, some have even gone further to ask how to make a man feel like a hero or how to make a man self-loved and respected.

Making a man feel special might seem like one straight line since the word holds a notion that men only want one thing and that is some bedroom activity every night. Well, wanted to believe the world but we asked a 41-year-old desk clerk who has been married for 21 years and she was the first person to debunk that notion.

“I have always believed that too, I always believed that men just want to make love and they will be happy. In all honesty, they only gain temporary solace from that and if a man was not truly happy before then there is no way he will be happy afterward.

Genuine happiness has to first find its way into your home for lovemaking to even have a better effect for you, your man, and the union you share” she said. After this, we engaged older couples who had been married for more than 10 years, and the answers we got were almost the same – lovemaking was okay but that was not all that you needed as long as making a man happy is concerned. This then leaves us asking how to make a man feel like a man.

how to make a man feel like a hero


There are so many things you can do to make a man feel good and happy – we said earlier that, different women have come up with different strategies to make this work. The key is to find the strings of activities that will work best for you depending on your man. here we have generalized 13 of these strategies, so you have an idea of what they are, making it easy for you to develop your strategy and give you a personalized answer to the question, of how to make a man feel good emotionally.

1.  Have A Grateful Heart

It is important to appreciate whatever you have – if you are doubting the importance of appreciation then let us go somewhere. Thinking of any religion on the earth and I will tell you one thing they all have in common is how often they appreciated who they pray to for the blessings in their lives.

This should be the case with you and your man – the first blessing is that he has chosen you wants to continue choosing you, so you should randomly thank and appreciate him for that. Also, when he does those little things, he does to win your heart and make you smile, saying thank you goes a long way in making him happy and it also encourages the desire in him to do more for you. so, if you are looking for how to make your man feel special, the easiest way is to make a grateful heart.


2.  Give Him Your Attention

how to make a man feel loved and respected

This is another sure way to make your man feel special and make him feel like a man. whenever he is around you – it should be about the both of you.

This is the mistake most women make in their relationships especially career women. We know work can be stressful and sometimes the temptation to bring work home is just too much but you shouldn’t. Maybe if he is not home yet, you can do some office work in the house but once he comes it becomes about the both of you only.

Don’t stay glued to your phone while you are having a conversation with him your phone display shouldn’t be one except you are showing him something on it. You should also pay attention to your man and his needs as this is the only way everything can work; body languages say a lot and when you understand the body language of your man, making him feel special and happy becomes easier to do.


3.  He Needs Appreciation

This man needs to be appreciated physically too; it is not just women who need the whole gift showering to make them happy. The difference between a man and a woman is that he would appreciate it even more because it is not usual for men to receive gifts. So, if you are looking for how to make your man feel special, we suggest you give him a small gift whenever you get the chance.

You do not even need to break the bank always, something as little as a love letter stashed in his work back could be all he needs to be happy all day.

When you are trying to shower your man with gifts, it is important to understand your man and his needs. You know how you appreciate it when he gets you what you want or need without you asking, he will appreciate that in double fold. Understanding him and his needs makes it quite easy to give him what he wants and this brings genuine happiness.


4.  Shower Him With Compliments

how to make your boyfriend feel special with words

He deserves to hear and know all the sweet and good things. In a story we read once, a woman always complimented her husband dressing every morning until one day she was sick and hospitalized. When she was all better and resumed work, he would sleep in the hospital and then rush home to prepare for work.

On the first day, he dressed for work but had the most miserable day at work. From that day, he would drop by the hospital and let her compliment him before going to work, he said it gave him extra confidence to face the challenges of the day. Do not underestimate the power of the words you say to your man, so compliment him whenever you can, this is how to make your boyfriend feel special with words.

5.  Let Him Lead

Might as well be one of the weirdest options on the list but it is here too and should be taken seriously. Women are breaking boundaries and although it is a beautiful thing, sometimes it might become not so beautiful in our homes. The way the world is wired, a man is supposed to lead in the home and any man who does lead tends to be unhappy so you must let him lead.

Yes, you make more money than he does but if he wants to pay for things let him; another way around this is opening a joint account, that way it is money belonging to the both of you. Also, even when you are sure of what he is going to stay ask him for advice and make important decisions with him – how to make your man feel special will not be a had question when you do these things.


6.  Give Him Respect

This one has preference over all the other reasons, do not just ask how to make a man feel like a king because you already know the answer to that question, when you respect the man, that king feeling comes on its own.

When you want him to do something for you, your manner of approach is important – do not command rather ask him for what you want. Also, you should not be bossy to your man – rather make requests with respect and love, when this is done, he becomes a happier man over time.

7.  He Needs His Alone Time, Respects That

We are not even going to argue with it, it is impossible to be a 10/10 match with your man. There will be things you are into that he would detest and also, he would have things he loves that you wouldn’t like. So on the issue of how to make your man feel special, the idea is knowing that things are true and allowing him some time to do those things.

You should always give him the time to do the things he loves to do – Will Smith once said that couples are supposed to be happy on their own and then bring that happiness into their home. when your man is happy on his own, he tends to resonate that to your union – making this the most stressless way to make him feel special.

If you must invade his private time, let it be that you have grown an interest in his hobbies. See the smile on his face when you decide to watch the big game on Sunday with him.

8.  A Lot Of P.D.A Is Important

They lied to you when they said they do not like being mushy outside, 80 of men love that. So, give this man a lot of affection in public, he wants the whole world to see that he belongs to someone and he wants that someone to show him off too.

Be spontaneous, kiss him and let him be the one asking what was that for, make him blush, and put him in cute awkward situations when you are out with friends. These are the things that will make him happy the most.


9.  Be His Backbone

how to make a man feel like a man

Every man wants a support system and if you are looking for how to make a man feel special the easiest way will be to support him in the things that he does. The world has this notion that a woman can turn a cent into a dollar and thousands into millions. So, a man will always run to his woman for advice when he is stuck and the support can be all he needs to be happy with himself and with you.

10.  Kill Him On The Bed

Killing him in bed is good also but making him feel like a king there is important, that is how to make a man feel loved and respected. Let him know that you miss and want him while he is at work and when he is home, initiate lovemaking.

Nothing makes a man happier than knowing that his woman longs for him.

11.  Effective Communication

how to make a man feel good emotionally

When effective communication is in place, love tends to grow exponentially. So, share things with your man, he wants to get involved in your life and this is the best way for that to happen. So, talk about everything and anything, effective communication comes with a lot of advantages, and a happy home is one of them. So, if you are trying to find how to make your man feel special then you must try communicating with him more.


12.  Trust This Man

There are no two ways about it, communication will bring trust and that trust is what would bring happiness into your home and the heart of your man. Be consistent with every other thing you do with him and form him. Trust in him, not just in terms of him being loyal and staying with you but also trust him with the plans for tomorrow and your happiness.

13.  Take Care Of Yourself

You know how when you glow everybody congratulates your man for doing well. That is all we have to say on this issue.

Work on your self-confidence and look him in the eye more when you talk, smile more often. Do a lot of self-work – physically, emotionally, and in all other aspects.


We hope to see you in the comment section with photos and stories of how happy your man has become.

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 how to make a man happy

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