7 Things Happy Couples Do Daily To Rebuild Intimacy In Marriage

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marriage intimacy exercises

Intimacy in marriage! A lot of people would come out with the notion that love is a feeling and just like any feeling love would fail from time to time. We are not saying that this is true but at the same time we do not doubt the fact that there could be some truth in there; whether partially or in whole.

This is why there is a need to bring in other things that we can hold on to when love fails and most times the first thing, we look for is intimacy. Intimacy in marriage is as important as love itself; now it is easy to mistake these two things but I assure you that they are different.

Intimacy could mean a lot of things and love is one of them but love on its own is far greater than the other. However, you cannot call intimacy love because it can exist even without the presence of love.

Intimacy is one of the secrets of happy couples relationships but sadly it is something that we do not pay close attention to and even when we do – we only focus on just one aspect of it. You should ask yourself what married couples do at night or during the day to keep them happy.

what do married couples do at night

7  Marriage Intimacy Exercises

When you are talking about rebuilding intimacy, you should be ready for all four of them because just physical intimacy is not enough to carry you through this journey of love.

When you talk about intimacy there is the mental, emotional, and spiritual before you get to the physical, and none is more important than the other, so all need the same level of attention. Some activities would help you in your quest to build intimacy in your relationship and we have summarized them into seven essential marriage intimacy exercises, namely;

1.  Effective Communication

It is not just communication that cuts it when you trying to rebuild intimacy in marriage, what you need is effective communication – the kind where you are always talking and you never run out of what to say to each other. One of the important things to do as a couple is greeting, how you greet your partner in the morning sometimes might determine how your day would go.

So, it is important never to forget your good morning, hello, goodbye, have a nice day and goodnight. Be the fastest person on planet Earth to say thank you when you are dealing with your partner, regardless of how small what they do for you is, it is important to make sure you always say thank you to them.

Also, the conversation doesn’t just end when you leave the house or are out of sight – keep in touch with them; emotional intimacy is important and this is one of the ways to build it. Ask how their day or their trip is going, and make use of all the options available to you thanks to technology – voice and video calls should be the other of the day once you are not together.

This doesn’t just build emotional intimacy but it also affects mental and physical intimacy. Compliment them whenever you have the opportunity to and do not hold by saying I love you even for once, say it even if the last statement you made was, I love you. it doesn’t just end with talking and reaching out, listening is also an important aspect of effective communication and you should listen to your partner if you want to build intimacy in marriage.


2.  Spend Time Together

secrets of happy couples relationships

When it comes to intimacy and building it, we know that nothing beats being together – you can communicate as well as you want but if you do not spend time together, it is hard for intimacy or love to stand the test of time.

This is the main reason why long-distance relationships fail more often than others because although intimacy comes in different forms, physical intimacy is number one and that cannot be overlooked for any reason as long as you want a successful relationship.

So, it is important to do things together – find new hobbies and common interests if you do not already have them.

It could be something as simple as praying together; like we said spiritual intimacy is also part of the things that need to be touched and although most people do not see it as anything; it is encouraged to marry or go into a relationship with someone who is of the same religion as you – this way it is easier for you to connect on a spiritual level hence improving spiritual intimacy.

Apart from that aspect of intimacy and praying together, there are other things that you can do with your partner but you must spend more time together. when you eventually do, it is also important to have one-on-one moments that are not interrupted for any reason whatsoever.

Do away with technology as they do not have a place in the bedroom – televisions and smartphones should be used out of the bedroom and not when your partner is with you.

A.  Morning Ritual

Having a morning ritual with your partner may seem so unmeaningful until they go on a business trip and you can’t seem to brush your teeth because they are the ones who usually put toothpaste on your brush.

Regardless of how silly this sounds, sometimes the human body gets so used to someone doing a particular thing for us in a particular way that we just do not want it done any other way.

This is why the average man wants his wife to learn cooking from his mum regardless of the experience she might have in the kitchen; he is so used to his mother’s food that he doesn’t want it to do any other way.


3.  Humor And Laughter

how to bring intimacy back into a relationship

It is important to laugh but it is more important to be funny; to make your partner laugh. Happiness most times comes after the arrival of a lot of things like success, good health, and wealth but sometimes it comes from the simple things like your partner being funny and bringing jokes home.

Not everyone can be funny and that is the bitter truth, so how can you bring intimacy in marriage in a situation like this? The answer is having a sense of humor; see the funny side of things when you are with your partner, not everything should be taken seriously because the truth is half the time the little things cause big issues when you don’t have a sense of humor.

So, if you are looking for the perfect way to build intimacy, we suggest you laugh a lot together and you sometimes become a stand-up comedian for the love of your life.


4.  A Lot Of P.D.A And What Comes With It

Whether they like it or not, most of them would even tell you that PDA is not their thing but still now and then we all want the world to know that you belong to us and us alone.

So, if you are looking for how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship, we suggest you go for PDA more. When you are always kissing, hugging, and cuddling – your partner tends to follow suit and do the same thing also with you and how does physical intimacy increase if not by all of these things?

The truth, however, is that some people have other love languages asides from physical intimacy, and if this is the case with your partner; you will find out that focusing on just physical intimacy would look like you are doing a bad job. So, learn the love language of your partner and say I love you in the language they would understand.

It is also important to be emotionally available for your partner as they would need this availability most of the time and it would lead to a stronger level of emotional intimacy.

5.  Plan Tomorrow Together

Nothing is more attractive than seeing your partner talk about tomorrow with your name all over his or her plan. When we talk about tomorrow here, we are not saying the day after today but we are looking at the future.

One of the surest ways to rebuild intimacy in marriage is through planning together – when you know that someone wants you in their future and is making plans towards that, you subconsciously push yourself to be around that person more.

6.  Sacrifice And Compromise

how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship

There is no relationship without sacrifice and compromise, so if you are looking at rebuilding intimacy in marriage it is important to understand this concept and follow it closely. Understand that you are still learning to co-exist and as such, they will once in a while do things that would not sit right or go well with your reasoning.

It is important to ignore and overlook these things if you wish to have a stronger bond with them. Regardless of what it is you are doing; you should always carry about the consciousness that you are two people now and it is not just about you. When making decisions, you should always consider what effect it would have on your partner.

Also, when things are said or done to hurt you, forgiveness is key if your relationship is important to you, it is not about just saying I forgive you but meaning it and looking past their mistakes. As we said, you are two different people and because of this, there are times you would have to do some things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

This is called compromise and without it, I doubt the rebuilding of intimacy in marriage can be complete. You have to support one another in the small things as well as the big ones also, this is one of the main reasons why your union exists.


7.  Be Physical

Being physical is where we hit the nail on the head and the conversation becomes interesting for everybody reading. Yes, we finally said it, physical intimacy is arguably the most important aspect, so a lot of attention has to be put here.

Intercourse is important; in fact, this can be said to be the most important of all the ways intimacy in marriage can be rebuilt. Flirt, do it a lot with your partner – send him that inappropriate picture when he is at work, or while she is in the saloon. They should always miss home and all the physical intimacy that can be found inside of it.


Intimacy in marriage is important because we need more than love to carry on with this journey. If you follow and do these exercises lawfully, we should be expecting your testimony in the comment section as intimacy will become so visible to the blind and audible to the deaf. Thanks for getting here and be sure to check out our other articles to ensure you get the best out of your relationship.

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