7 Tips To Make Him Cry In Bed Sexually

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easy ways To Make Him Cry In Bed Sexually

How do you make him cry in bed sexually? Is it even possible? The answer to both of these questions is yes, though it might take some time and effort on your part. And yes, there are quite a few tips on how to last longer in bed when you’re trying to please your partner so that both of you end up satisfied.

You can check out this article for more information on how to make him cry in bed sexually and how to last longer in bed overall!

Getting your man to cry in bed can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be – if you know what you’re doing. These seven tips will give you the insight you need to make him cry in bed sexually, while also getting your own rocks off at the same time!

So grab that vibrator, give your guy a call, and see how long he lasts when his sex goddess makes him pour hard enough to cry in bed.

What can make a man cry?

Seeing his partner reach her sexual peak before he does. Women’s coming can take longer to achieve, but once they do, women often feel satisfied and content—they’re primed for cuddling and falling asleep together.

Many men, however, continue thrusting through their own climax—whether because they haven’t yet reached theirs or because they just like having sex that way.

How do I trigger my man in bed?

You have worked hard on yourself so that you can finally attract your man and you’re making passionate love. Now it is time for you both to enjoy each other as much as possible, so how do you increase his coming pleasure? Here are seven ways to make him cry in bed sexually

7 Tips To Make Him Cry In Bed Sexually

1.  Know His Secret Fantasy

One of my all-time favorite tricks for making him last longer in bed is knowing his secret sexual fantasy. In fact, I think it’s so important that I dedicated an entire chapter to it: Secret Sexual Fantasies. Start your exploration by reading that chapter and then use these ideas as starting points for brainstorming your own tactics.

Exercising will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which can make you feel tighter during sex, other techniques include kegel exercises, masturbating before sex, or doing Kegel exercises before intercourse. Check out this resource for more information on how to stay tight during sex!

2.  Learn His Biggest Turn On

Make Him Cry In Bed Sexually all night

Learn his biggest turn on and try that first. For example, if you know he’s a sucker for a full-body massage, give him one and then follow up with some foreplay when you see how excited he is about it. Or if he loves trying out new positions with you, suggest one that incorporates oral sex.

These are just a few examples of what turns men on; we’re sure there are plenty more! Keep exploring your partner’s desires and experiment together. You’ll both enjoy the fruits of your labor as well as reap the benefits from these exercises and other techniques to last longer in bed

3.  Don’t Let Your Ego Get In The Way


We all have egos, and they all can get in our way when it comes to sexual performance. The best thing you can do is be aware of your ego and do whatever you can to keep it out of bed with your partner. If he wants more sex than you, let him have more sex than you. You want him to come back for more after all.

Exercise also helps a lot as do other techniques like focusing on the sensations rather than what’s going on inside your head. As long as you’re not thinking about how bad it feels or how embarrassing things are getting, you should be able to last longer. It’s difficult at first but once you get used to it, everything should start going much smoother.

4.  Surprise Him With Edible Body Paint

By creating edible body paint, you can turn foreplay into a fun activity where your man gets to lick it off. Whether you choose chocolate or whipped cream, edible body paint makes for a tasty treat that’s both aesthetically pleasing and sensual. Plus, it gives him something to do with his mouth other than talk—so he’ll last longer in bed.

It also makes for an impressive Valentine’s Day activity! You could always incorporate the sexy theme of Just the Tip by serving up some peppermint-flavored whipped cream. Try to Avoid Stressed Out Positions: One-way men lose their arousal is when they are getting stressed out during sex.

The key is to keep things light and focus on the sensations instead of trying to reach climax as quickly as possible. For example, try a position like woman-on-top instead of the missionary so that she is in control of how fast things are going.

5.  Take Your Time, Gently Tease Him

 Tips To Make Him last longer in bed and Cry Sexually

Foreplay is one of those things that, when done correctly, can make a huge difference between an average sexual experience and an unforgettable one. What makes foreplay so important? Just like exercise or meditation, foreplay helps get your body ready for action.

It allows blood flow to increase, increasing sensitivity and making it easier for you to last longer. Foreplays also increase excitement and arousal, which can make it easier to delay coming. The key to a successful session, though, is taking your time and not focusing on the end goal too much.

Spend some time kissing his neck or touching him gently before moving down his body. Slow down when you get close to his manhood– this will help stop the urge to go straight for intercourse as soon as possible.

6.  Use Lube And Plenty Of It

Water-based lube is easier to clean up than silicone and can help you last longer because it keeps things nice and slick down there.

When you first use lube, keep it simple: start by using a small amount and gradually work your way up. If you’re using a lot of lube, chances are you’re going too fast—slowing down is a great way to practice lasting longer. Lube also makes sex much more comfortable for him so that he can last longer as well.

Exercising regularly has been shown to increase testosterone levels, which improves libido in both men and women. Try doing some light stretching or pelvic floor exercises (Kegels) before sex to get the blood flowing into the genital area for a strong erection and heightened arousal.

7.  Be Humble, Do Not Try To Dominate

It’s important that you do not dominate your partner when it comes to sex. Dominance is a big turn-off and will reduce the intimacy between you and your partner. If they want more of something, they will let you know. The most important thing is to have a good time and enjoy yourselves.

Not everything has to be done right every time; even if it’s not done exactly right for both of you, don’t fret about it too much, especially if there was any enjoyment involved. Let them know what you like and what feels good to you so they can get a better idea of how to please you.

Use Excercise: When it comes to making him cry in bed sexually, many things can help improve stamina.

Some men find exercises such as push-ups or pull-ups very helpful as well as having a coming before the intercourse starts (use condoms!). Coming Before Intercourse: One way to make him cry in bed sexually is by giving him a coming before intercourse starts!

Bottom line on 7 Tips to Make Him Cry in Bed Sexually

The conclusion of your sex life will depend upon the length of time you spend in bed. Exercise and other techniques can help you last longer in bed. Take care of yourself and your partner by remembering these 7 tips to make him cry.


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 Tips To Make Him Cry In Bed Sexually

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