7 Ways To Spark Up The Bedroom

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how to make a man more sexually active

For couples, one of the most important places to be in is the bedroom and this makes sparking it even more important. There are so many ways to spark up the bedroom – the key will be knowing which to use and when to use it. However, sparking things in the bedroom is not as easy as flicking a light switch.

This is because most times what we think we know might not be what works even when it is correct.
For so many reasons it is important to spark up the bedroom – the first will be the fact that intercourse is the highest form of intimacy.

If you search for how to spice up your relationship, you will most likely find intercourse there. The preference placed here is one of the reasons why we went on to research and find out the ways to spark up the bedroom.

how to become more sexually active

7 Ways To Spark Up The Bedroom

The big question on our minds right now is how to spice up things in the bedroom with your boyfriend or girlfriend. There are so many to choose from but the truth is it all depends on the partner you have and how deep they are willing to go.

Here, we have considered all the ways to spark up the bedroom and choose the most general of them all we understand that most times the type of person you are in a relationship with will play a major role in the type of things you pick in your search for ways to spice up the bedroom for your man or woman.

Some of the most general ways to make sure things stay hot in the bedroom will include;


Communicate And Understand

Because it is the only way you can spice up things in the bedroom. Talking is going to be very important but not as important as understanding when you are looking for ways to spark up the bedroom. One mistake we make is the fact that we think everybody is the same and that is not the case. No two people are the same not even when they are twins; so, what works for Jane/Jack won’t work for Jennifer/James.

Everybody has what makes them tick and finding this is the only way to enjoy the best of intercourse with your partner. Have a conversation while you are at it – talk about what he or she enjoys the most from the things you do. Find out if there is something they will love to have you do more just to make everything more enjoyable.

Always make sure you are about giving them the best of pleasure the way they want it. When asking these questions, do not forget to find out what they fantasize about in bed. Knowing the things, they desire in bed will help you in your quest to satisfy them better and with more ease. Spend time talking about how you want love-making to be with your partner before you begin with it.

If understanding what your partner is saying feels like too much or you still have issues in the bedroom, seeing a therapist won’t be a bad idea. Some therapists focus on the bedroom life of individuals and couples and how to find solutions to their problems.



how to spice things up in the bedroom with your boyfriend

Try as much as you can to make flirt feel new when you are doing it with your partner. Flirting and foreplay is the answer if your question is how to make a man more active in bed. Spend as much time as possible making out before you cross the line to the main business of the day.

There is a quote that says the satisfaction increases as the time spent on foreplay increases, so if this is what you want, you should spend more time on foreplay. It is about deep kissing and all the things that follow before actual intercourse begins. Also, you must understand that flirting has a lot to do with things outside the bedroom. Even before gets to the time for the business, flirting can be done.

It is even better when foreplay is done while at a distance from your partner. It feels like a warm-up or you teasing him or her before the main business of the day starts. This could be as simple as sending him or her photos that are meant for just their eyes with captions that are surely going to make them want to ditch work and run back home.

Even when they get back home, flirting shouldn’t stop – cook naked for your partner, flash them while they are watching TV. Understand that they are your property and you should be able to do things the way you want with them. The idea here is to make them want you before they can even get you and make them want you, even more, when they finally get the chance to have you.

once this is achieved, getting them to enjoy things in the bedroom, even more, becomes easy. It is more like they have already had intercourse with you in their head before they get the chance to in real life. However, especially when it comes to men, do not be sad or disappointed if he doesn’t last as long as he used to. Good flirting skills will leave him close to climaxing even before he goes in – so you should be happy you are doing a good job.



There are so many ways to spark up the bedroom but none is higher than learning. We have stated the fact that no two people are the same and as such you should try to understand your partner and what makes him or her go crazy. There are so many ways this learning process can go but first, the communication and understanding stage must have been passed.

When you now understand what exactly makes your partner tick, you have to learn it like it was a Ph.D. course at Stanford University. When you study and learn how to do the things your partner likes, you get good at it then experience comes in when you keep doing it to make you even better at it.

With time you become the best at doing the things he or she likes in bed and that is the key to success when it comes to satisfying your partner and spicing up the bedroom. The learning process can come in so many different ways – for example, you can go online to watch educational videos. We do not necessarily mean watching movies but going to see series and documentaries concerned with teaching how to do it in real life.

Learn how to properly give a hand job as long as that is what makes your partner go crazy. Some have fantasies and fetishes, if your partner is like that then go and learn about those things, so you can give what they want to them when they ask for it with confidence and ease. Also, staying healthy and fresh for your partner is another way to spark things up there. You should look and smell appealing when they want to have you.


Set The Mood

how to spice up sexless relationship

This is everything; just knowing this is all you need to spark things up in the bedroom. Stop asking how to be more active in bed as a woman and as a man – the solution is in setting the mood. When the mood is set, even your partner who was too stressed or tired to think of intercourse will be begging for it.

This is one of the strongest keys when you are looking at opening the door of amazing intercourse for you and your partner. Try taking your partner on a date like it is the first time you are meeting them; we understand years of staying together has taken out all the formalities but bring them back for a night. Open the door for her and hold out a chair for him.

Give him amazing compliments about his looks like this is the first time you both just met for the first time. Buy him a suit and give him a location to meet you for dinner/buy her a ball gown and do the same. Clean the bedroom and change the lights to dimmer ones before he or she gets back home from work.

Showering together has also been seen as a way to calm your nerves and set a sensual mood before the main business of the day starts. Create a playlist – set the mood and enjoy one of the best nights of your life.


Bring In Props

Sometimes you cannot do it on your own and there is nobody to blame for this. You know how they say no man is an island – well, this doesn’t mean you have to share the job of satisfying your partner with another person. If there is a need and your partner is comfortable with this – bring some props into the bedroom. Of all the ways to spark up the bedroom, this happens to be one with the highest success rate.

The only rule here is the first step we outlined in our article, talk with your partner – communicate and understand what works for them. In terms of bringing in props, there are so many levels to it and whichever works for your partner is fine. Role-playing is a sure way to spark things in the bedroom.

Pretending to be different characters and having intercourse like a movie helps in keeping things hot there. Bring in things that make the whole intercourse process more pleasurable and easier like lubricants and toys. If your partner is as crazy as some people, you can even decide to explore BDSM as a way to spice things up on the bed.


Try Something New

ways to spice up the bedroom for your man

One of the recurring questions today is how to become more active in bed. The most amazing thing about this ask is the fact that it is not just the men trying to find it – even women too do so. One of the easiest ways for this to happen is to do something new and different from what you might have been doing all this while. If you have been doing things with your clothes off, try doing it with your clothes on.

What we want you to experience is something different from what has been happening before. I know you are looking for ways to spark up the bedroom but sometimes changing your location from the bedroom, might be all you need in this spicing up the journey. Try the kitchen, living room, car, a public place – somebody said doing it where you are not supposed to be what makes it even more pleasurable.

The thrill of trying to avoid getting caught while having the best time of your life gives an unmeasurable pleasure and we agree with them. Try to be spontaneous with your partner and try to be crazy from time to time. Touch yourself and make him watch – I know you both are late for the award night but try a quickie while you are all dressed up before you leave the house.

These are the things that make it even more enjoyable at the end of the day. Switch positions too, invent new positions if you can – understand your partner and build around this.


Have Fun


There are so many ideas/things a woman can do to spice up the bedroom, there are even many more for men to do. However, when it comes to ways to spark up the bedroom; the best thing is to make sure you are having fun whenever you are in bed with your partner. This is the summary of everything we have been saying throughout this discussion as it is the only way to achieve what you want.

Make it a team sport to achieve some set goals by making a bedroom bucket list. It can be as weird as the two of you permit it to be but most importantly there should be understanding and communication first. Don’t rush things in the bedroom – you have them for life, they are your partner for life so relax. You cannot do everything in one night, so relax and have fun.

Intercourse shouldn’t feel like work if it is a method of relaxing. Also, we recommend, you keep your thinking brain at the door before going into the bedroom – when they make requests, don’t think if you can sometimes, just do it, it is going to make whatever you are doing hotter than it should have been.


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