11 Bedtime Routines For Couples To Make Your Love Stronger

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what do couples do in bed at night

The conversation doesn’t get as important as this any better than this as we are talking about bedtime routines for couples. We understand that building the love that you have for your partner becomes harder as the day goes by and a lot of factors have a say in this. One of them is the fact that you both work and at such spend less time with each other – when it is not time to build love, the growth is usually halted or slow.

This and so many other reasons combine to give much-needed importance to bedtime routines for couples.

Importance Of Bedtime Routines For Couples

There are so many bedtime routines for couples and the importance of these cannot be overemphasized. One is the fact that this gives your body a clear picture of when to shut down for sleep. When you have a routine, you and your partner follow – falling asleep becomes less stressful for you.

A bedtime routine will also function as a method of relieving stress for you and your partner; this in turn creates a better environment for love to bloom. Research has also shown that bedtime routines will also give you a sharper mind when compared to people who do not usually have them.

We cannot talk about the importance of bedtime routines for couples without mentioning the fact that it is a fun activity. Imagine noticing your partner is attempting so hard to sync his heartbeat with yours before you go to bed to sleep. Blissful moments like that are what you are promised when you have a routine or routines you do with your partner before sleep.

For those who have experienced difficulty with sleeping at least once in their life, a bedtime routine will be a sure solution to this. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing this alone or with your partner, just having a routine you follow is all that you need to get the desired result. What we are ultimately saying is that, with the bedtime routines for couples, you will be promoting love and togetherness while giving yourself a better sleep schedule.

11 things happy couples do before they go to sleep

11 Bedtime Routines For Couples

You have so many bedtime routines for couples to choose from but the thing to understand is that not all the options are for you. you have to understand this first before we move on to show you the routines.

Knowing your partner is key as this is what will determine which will work for you. knowing the bedtime routines fit to make your love stronger is one thing but knowing how to implement them is where the battle is won. Here, we have listed 11 bedtime routines for couples to make their love stronger together. they include;


Have Rituals

There are so many bedtime routines for couples but one that encompasses everything is having rituals and routines to live by. We all know what a ritual is – some can say a ritual is something or a set of things done for an event to take place. So, what do we mean by having rituals when we are talking about bedtime routines that make the love between you and your partner stronger? It is more of doing things that you will usually do before sleeping together. The idea is getting so used to doing these things before sleep that our body gets used to it.

Take it to a stage where you find it hard to fall asleep without doing these things. Also, we want you to get so used to doing this with your partner that you find it hard to do it alone. Imagine having issues with your partner in the morning and they come back to say sorry just because they can’t sleep without brushing their teeth and they are so used to seeing you press the toothpaste onto their toothbrush that they cannot do it on their own anymore.

The ritual could be as simple as making the bed together or bathing together before you sleep. Regardless of how complex or simple the rituals you pick are – make sure you are doing it together as this is the only way to guarantee success for you in what you are doing. You will want to pick different bedtime routines from this list but making sure this is one of them is important as long as you want whatever you are doing to work.


Ditch The Distractions


what do couples do in a relationship

One of the biggest problems we face when trying to build love at night before sleep is the many distractions that come with that time. Most times, one or two of you will be workers – going to the office and coming back home worn out 90% of the time. There will be work leftover from the office sometimes and we bring it home with us.

Then we have the distraction that comes with technology, our mobile phones, and the need to connect with others from it, the need to see what is happening in the world by surfing the internet. After this, there is the need to see our favorite show on TV whether it is our favorite football team play or our favorite TV series. What is important to us is to watch the best of the best and have the best time of our lives.

Regardless of which the case may be what is important is ditching the distractions before you get in bed with your partner. Try to put the kids to sleep early before going into the bedroom, also the pets should be kept out of the bedroom. If work must follow you home from work, make sure it ends at the study room or living room.

Also, your phone should be switched off when it is time for sleep or put on silent so it doesn’t distract you whether you are doing something or trying to catch sleep with your partner. We suggest that the bedroom is no place for televisions and other appliances that cause distractions.


Have Some Pillow Talk

Communication is one of the most important ingredients when you are trying to build a healthy relationship with your partner. This makes talking at any free time you get a necessity and is the reason it is part of our 11 things happy couples do before they go to sleep. The truth is there are times, you might not necessarily have something to say to your partner – this is why communication needs to be stronger.

Cultivating the habit of having a one-hour conversation with your partner without necessarily saying anything – just talk about random nothings that make no meaning. It could be a conversation about work; talking about all the little things that made the day a good day after talking about the ones that tried to make it a bad day.

There is always a conversation lurking in every small detail. We are looking at building a stronger relationship and making the love deeper. When this is the case, trust is something that needs to be available, your partner needs to be the first person you tell everything that happens in your day. Cheating becomes harder when you feel the urge to tell your partner everything and when cheating can be avoided, a lot of issues are solved in the union.

The conversation might be about how you want to spend the day tomorrow, what the children will have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It could be who cooks or who cleans; who takes the kids to school – there is a never-ending list of what can be said before sleep but what is most important is that the conversation keeps going regardless. There is no limit to the things to talk about before bed so, talk about anything and everything.


Try Kissing And Cuddling

what to do in bed at night

This is one of the bedtime routines for couples that you will enjoy a lot whether you are a man or a woman. All the advantages and importance we have listed earlier can be gotten from this bedtime routine. It is a nice way to relax after a stressful day and it also helps improve intimacy which in turn goes a long way to help with the promotion of love in your relationship.

As couples, one thing we kick against is staying in separate rooms and this is one of the reasons why we do that. Kissing and cuddling are only going to be possible if you sleep on the same bed and believe me, this is needed if you want the love between you and your partner to see some growth. There is always a moment between an amazing pillow talk session and sleep – this moment is normally attributed to awkward silence.

The is usually the perfect time for cuddling your partner not when they are fast asleep. The effect is better when they can feel you as you inch in the grip/wrap yourself around them. The message this act sends is that you cannot sleep without having them close to them and there is nothing that builds love faster than things like this.


Tease When Away And Flirt When Together

Some bedtime routines can even begin outside the bedroom and this is one of such. The question is what do couples do in be at night and the answer is flirting but something happens before all that and that is what teasing is for. Most times during the day, we are apart from our partners because of work. Without losing sight of the main goal which is to find activities that make your lover stronger – what do you do during this time.

When you already know the bedtime routines that work for you and your partner, try teasing about it when they are at work or away. ‘Sweetheart, there is something I can’t wait to show you/tell you tonight – see you home in a couple of hours.’ A text message as small as this might be the reason, they rush home and do things fast just to get started with the pillow talk session of the day.

When you are together and alone, flirting will always be one of the best ways to build a stronger love. We know they are your partner but you have to find new ways to win them over every day and flirting is a good place to start.


Get Touchy With Your Partner

what should couples do at night

Sometimes they might not be in the mood for this but you should try not to take no for an answer. There are so many bedtime routines for couples you can master to help make your love stronger but this is the number one. Always find a way to stay touchy with your partner at all times, once this is mastered and your partner stops saying no to physical touch then just know you have won the battle and the war.

Being touchy could be as simple as holding hands with your partner when you are having a conversation with them but the truth is once this is mastered, it will be quite impossible for them to stay without you. Imagine having a quarrel with someone when it feels weird to spend an evening without resting on their chest while you do other things.

It is simply not possible; they will be apologizing for something you did wrong in the morning once nightfall is close just to make sure it doesn’t get in the way of their nightly routine. A massage after a stressful day at work is also another way you stay touchy with your partner and make your love stronger.


Avoid Anything That Will Lead To Arguments

This one is for those couples that always love the competitive lifestyle. We know you are asking what do couples do in a relationship but let us tell you one of the things couples do not do. They don’t fight or have conversations that might lead to a quarrel or fight before sleep. The main reason for this is that no one wants to spoil their night or that of their partner. It will be doing the opposite of what we want here which is to make your love weaker.

So, when on pillow talk with your partner at night time; try avoiding conversations that have to do with opinions when there are only two options to pick from. Do not ask her who she prefers between Ronaldo or Messi, Beyonce or Rihanna? Questions like this can spark a full-blooded argument especially when you have a preference already. Since there are only two options, the instinct is to convince the other person to go with you instead.

If there is a conversation that might cause a clash of interest, we suggest it is left for the early parts of the day. The only problem we have with arguments and fights at night is that there is a chance for your partner to go to bed angry with you and this is what we are trying our possible best to avoid. As this will usually diminish love rather than improve on it.


Mind-Blowing Intercourse

bedtime routines for couples to make your love stronger together

This is where everything starts and ends when you are looking at bedtime routines for couples. There is no way to properly do justice to this conversation without mentioning the fact that mind-blowing intercourse is a must for couples. There are so many ways to make normal intercourse mind-blowing and the goal here is to bring it all into your bedroom. During pillow talk, try to find out what makes your partner go crazy in terms of intercourse,

what do you do so well and what can you improve on. When you have this knowledge, it becomes easier to do better when next you both are going down on each other. Flirting is also a key before the both of you get home. Send him some pictures and tell him how you cannot wait to put the kids to sleep tonight. He is going to rush dinner and movie night just to get the kids out of the way early enough.

When you are both home and, in the mood for some action, try setting the mood for what is to follow – people should feel some sensual energy when they enter your room. Always find new ways to make the bedroom one of the hottest rooms in the house even it means getting help from the adult store. As long as your partner is fine with it – you can bring as many toys as you want into the bedroom.


Eat Dinner Together And Everything That Follows

Sometimes all it takes is a filled stomach and a clean kitchen to build a love strong enough to last the test of time. It is not just about eating dinner and cleaning after you. How these things are done will be more important than doing them in the first place. Cooking together can be one of them, don’t just eat together – make the food together. If you stay alone then cooking naked can come in as an option.

Once, you are done cooking and eating – cleaning together is the next thing to do. It might seem like nothing but after a year of doing this try eating dinner alone or cooking it alone. It will seem like the hardest thing to do; you will see yourself skipping dinner just because they are not available to eat with you. we understand, you want to know what to do in bed at night but sometimes the bedtime routines for couples happen outside of the bedroom.


Say Something Nice

what married couples do at night

Words regardless of how small they are always hold a high level of effect for people and their relationships. One of the most effective bedtime routines for couples to make love grow stronger is the use of the right words. What is happening at that time doesn’t even matter, the most important thing is to make sure you are saying the right things at the right time.

One of the most important phrases in this context will be ‘I love you. This is one phrase that should be used as often as you can. Wake up and say it, say it before going to bed, say it for no reason, they deserve to know that you love them whenever you can. Find a way to rain compliments on your partner – they should go to bed feeling on top of the world and why not, you told them they are your world, didn’t you?


Sleep At The Same Time When You Can

When all is said and done, this is where it ends. There are so many answers to the question what should a couple do at night? However, all the answers lead to sleeping at the same time as often as possible. When they get so used to you, sleep will rarely come when you have already slept. So, in all, you do try as much as possible to condition yourself into falling asleep at the same time with your partner. It is then almost like; you are one person in two bodies and there is no form of love stronger than this.


Bedtime Routines for Couples – Conclusion

There are so many ways to build love and make it stronger in your relationship and using bedtime routines has been known to be one of the most effective. As we have already established, using these bedtime routines for couples does more than just make your love stronger. A better sleep schedule has also been attributed to this practice by couples.

When it is practiced and implemented properly, you and your partner will go to bed more relaxed and this, in turn, makes a lot of things better.

Stop asking what married couples do at night, the truth is we cannot talk about all of that even if we spent the whole day here. There are so many to choose from but we have given you the most general ones here. All that is left is for you to pick the few that work best for you and your partner and implement them properly. Your selection should be made after properly understanding your partner to know which will work best.

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