11 Amazing Relationship Goals For Couples

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what are good goals to have in a relationship

You are married now, and the biggest issue becomes what to do next, how do we move forward from here – we already have our personal goals but what are the relationship goals for couples?

If we are going to be talking about relationship goals, we should as well just get a feel of what it means or what it doesn’t mean.

Setting goals gives you something to look forward to and that is priceless. Whether the goals set are long-term or short – having a list of cute relationship goals would make the love you feel for your partner grow stronger.

At the same time, you make sure, you make sure your partner stays happy and interest in the relationship. From the type of relationship goals set, you would have an idea of how compatible you are with your partner.

There are so many relationship goals and they will vary from couple to couple but at the end of the day, some goals are ever-present. They have to be found amongst your goals because they help instill basic skills you would need to grow and survive as a couple.

We won’t end today if we begin listing all the relationship goals we thought you need but to make things easy we dropped a list of 11 strong relationship goals to help you and your partner grow together.

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Relationship Goals For Couples – The First 11

There are different goals you can put in front of you and your partner but the big question is – what are good relationship goals to have in a relationship?

For us, there are so many but essentially, you need to have this 11 to make sure you, your partner, and the bond that exists between you grow from strength to strength.


1.  Communication Is A Must

None of the relationship goals for couples should be or can be compared to this because it supersedes all the others.

It is important to communicate when you are in a relationship, this is probably going to be the best thing you do for the sake of you and your partner.

Some people hold back a lot but your goal should be to go all-in, open yourself up to your partner. They do not deserve to get to see some of your sides, remember they already made the ultimate sacrifice you’re your sake.

So, be vulnerable to the person who decided to leave their whole family simply because you wanted to stay with them forever and make a family.

If your partner is your peace like you claim they are then your home shouldn’t be a judgment zone, why then are you not opening up when you know you won’t be the judge?

Talk about everything, your time, and what you do with it. You must find so personal time for yourself while in the relationship and this will only be possible if communication becomes a daily routine and something you wish to get better at.

Then and only then will trust come in and once there is trust accompanying the love that already exists, there is no telling how strong your bond will become.


2.  There Must Be An Understanding

Communicating is good but that only doesn’t cut it, there has to be an understanding of the person you claim to love. You shouldn’t just talk because you want to or you have to; you shouldn’t just listen because you want to give a reply.

When certain actions are taken by your partner that do not make sense to you, it is important to look at things from their point of view before concluding on the next line of action to take.

Sometimes, we get married to people with different life beliefs – it could be about anything religion, politics, or how life and society are viewed.

Regardless of how small these things are, they could be the reason why your relationship meets hard rock, so one of the relationship goals for couples is to understand their belief systems and how you can adjust to accommodate them.

Also, you cannot fall in love with someone without understanding how they speak love – yes love is a language, and how we say “I love you” differs from person to person. Understanding the love language of your partner is your gateway to the sweet bliss and hidden treasures of marriage.


3.  What You Have Is The Most Important

The truth is when you decide to leave everything behind for love, you will face different challenges along the way.

Staying focused and realizing that what you have is the most important thing is one of the relationship goals for couples. Your family usually will miss your presence and more often than not they try to get into the space you have created for yourself and your partner and this is where the issues will begin if you are not careful.

At some point, it may even seem like your partner is stealing you away from your family – the real relationship goals here would then be how to convince your family otherwise and stay unshaken of how many people you want in your new space.

You become two people when you get married or enter into a serious relationship and your thinking has to be that way. When you are driving to work, you must assume, the passenger’s seat is occupied already.

Realizing that any action you take in life would affect them as much as it affects you is one of the relationship goals for couples.


4.  Forgiveness And Sacrifice

This is going to be one of the healthy relationship goals you pick up when you get together with someone. You must strive to get better at these two things, making sacrifices and also forgiving your partner when they do wrong.

Understand that no one person can ever be perfect, he is not you, so it will be hard for him to love you exactly how you want to be loved. He can only try his best and you have to forgive his shortcomings as he strives to be perfect at loving you, in the best way possible.

Arguments are going to be part of your relationship but your reactions to them happening will determine if they are good or bad. First, we would suggest that they are avoided by any means necessary –you can avoid them totally but this might be a very hard task.

What we suggest is that you argue to get better, communication and understanding come in handy here, don’t just go about fighting just for the sake of wanting to fight. Also, sacrifices are important and you will be doing that a lot in your relationship.

There is a reason why you said, for better, for worse during your wedding – you must be there for each other when needed, no matter how small and insignificant what you have to offer is.


5.  It Is An Adventure

This love thing is an adventure and you must take things in that light and make sure you enjoy every second of things. Before you get married or fully committed, a bucket list of things to be done together should be made. This list has to be updated with time as you grow and find new hobbies and things to do together.

Find a common interest and capitalize on them to the fullest, we learn new things about our partners every day and we should always seek to turn those things into fun adventures.

If you have the finances to fund the lifestyle, take vacations and explore the world. The truth is just like every feeling goes and comes; love won’t always be there.

During the times when love is absent, you need things to hold on top of, and sometimes these memories and plans might keep you interested till love comes again.

Health and fitness goals should be set, the journey of weight loss can be the adventure you need to put things going in the right direction.


6.  You Don’t Stop Dating

Contrary to popular opinion dating is not a stage in your relationship; you don’t go from dating to being engaged to be married. So, if this is the new truth and dating is not a phase, why have you stopped going on a date simply because you married her?

You have to keep going on dates and it doesn’t just end there, you have to spice things up while you are at it.

One of the relationship goals for couples is to have amazing dates that they would remember for the rest of their lives. So, treat your partner to an amazing evening, try different restaurants, or go on a wine-tasting cruise.

You can try picnics and strolls at the park but by all means, dates must be a regular thing in your relationship, it is one of the relationship goals for couples who want their love to grow stronger.

It could be a monthly thing; each person has a day in the month to wow the other person. Movie dates or indoor games are other options for those who wouldn’t like to go out.


7.  The Fire In The Bedroom Must Always Burn

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Once the fire is burnt then there is no relationship left, so it is important to keep it burning. Physical intimacy and the bedroom are one of the places that have to be strong for your relationship to be strong.

A lot of things are involved when it comes to keeping things interesting in the bedroom one of them is flirting. You don’t stop trying to woo your partner simply because they now sleep on the same bed as you every night.

Make them long for you, especially when they leave the house to work, and send risky text messages and inappropriate photos while they are at work.

One of the most amazing relationship goals for couples is to keep intercourse as interesting as the first time it happened. Spice your intercourse up, and do other things, it shouldn’t be routine or predictable. Visit the adult shop, if you have to but make sure this room is well taken care of.


8.  Together

Sometimes you simply forget the fact that you are with someone and we really cannot blame you for that but it is important to know that you are together.

one of the good relationship goals to set is to make sure you see your partner in all that you do. It doesn’t matter how small what you want to do is, just make sure you are doing it together.

You should always be prepared to go the extra mile in an attempt to become your partner’s number-one supporter. Decisions should be taken together especially when it comes to parenting.

These things should be talked about even before the kids come into the picture, that way it becomes something you are looking forward to hence a relationship goal for the both of you.

It is important to grow together as a couple that should be one of the most important relationship goals for couples.


9.  Being Financially Stable

Much cannot honestly be said here, the importance is overwhelming on its own. Your most important relationship goal will be becoming financially stable as a couple. This will save you a lot of problems and make your relationship more enjoyable.

We all want the dates, the vacations, and adventures but without the money to fund that lifestyle, it will be impossible to make it work. This is the reason why you need to plan and work towards becoming financially stable.


10.  Build A Friendship

Friendship is the most important part of the relationship at the end of the day and as such, building this should be your main concern in the relationship.

Talk to your partner and get to know them a little more every day, the little things you find out will help you in your quest to stay in love. Also, when you are friends with your partner, you get more out of them and it is less likely for you to fight.

Think of it this way, if you are the best friend they tell about their day and all the hot topics around them, the tendency of you coming up and someone giving them bad advice reduces drastically.


11.  Have An Appreciative Spirit

strong relationship goals

They left all they had in terms of the family to build another family with you, if you ask me this is enough to give them the world every day for the rest of their lives.

This is what we would have suggested you do but we know the other people on earth have nowhere to go, so let’s try something else.

In essence, what we are saying is that you need to have an appreciative heart. Saying thank you for no reason at all is one of the relationship goals for couples we wish you to have first.

If and when you can, buy them gifts for no reason, tell them you are simply being grateful that they choose you and they are still choosing you.



Having someone to love is a beautiful thing and it will always be better when you have things to look forward to.

There are so many relationship goals for couples and we must reiterate the fact that you cannot use all the tips because what works varies from couple to couple.

That being said, we have given you 11 here, we believe that they will always be relevant regardless of the couples in question. So, go ahead and practice with these real relationship goals, but bookmark this so you can come back and thank us later.


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