How To Treat A Cheating Husband

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How to treat a cheating husband! This is a very sad thing for one to experience in one’s relationship. Of course, all romantic relationships cannot be the same. There are so many faithful partners. But, there is also an unfaithful partner. Cheating in their relationships.

There are no excuses for a cheating spouse. He goes into the act because he doesn’t think he’ll get caught, or because he feels that even though he’s caught, his wife wouldn’t leave him but will only beg him to so as to make the marriage continue.

Here, I’ll be sharing with you, ways to handle a cheating partner, and how to treat a cheating husband. I believe you’re on this page because you need some ideas on how to handle a cheating spouse, either you are clueless about it or you want to remain in your marriage, you want your marriage to work, or you still love your spouse despite his/her cheating sprees.


You will discover how to ignore a cheating husband, how to cope with a cheating husband, what to say to a husband who cheated, how to cope with a cheating husband during pregnancy, what to say to a wife who cheated, and how to cope with a cheating wife. These are a few really effective steps to follow to handle a cheating spouse.

1.  Speak To Your Spouse About It

What to say to a husband who cheated?
Your man cheated on you, make him know that you know about it. Make your cheating wife know that you know about her acts. Not by throwing tantrums and bringing the attention of neighbors and friends and the extended family when you haven’t heard your spouse’s mind about it.

Your partner may really apologize about it, say why he/she had to do it, then change for the better. It could even be that your spouse isn’t cheating but you got a false rumor or wrong sign. In another case, your partner may be really cheating and unapologetic about it, and even ask you to deal with it.

In this case, you know for certain who you’re dealing with, and you know for sure- the right step to take. Do not just keep it to yourself once you notice that your spouse is cheating. No, you have to talk about it. Hear him or her out. This way, you’d really know if you should continue with your cheating spouse or not. This is how to treat a cheating husband or a cheating wife.

Make him know how you feel about it, how terrible his act is, and the damage he’s causing the marriage. See if there’s something you weren’t doing right. then do it, as long as you don’t hurt yourself; look good, and keep your body clean. Put on light clothes at home. This could bring an end to his cheating sprees.

Also, demand from him why he had to do so. But, don’t seek answers that you know would make you feel really hurt. You have to make sure to stay sane and feel good about yourself.


2.  Quick Medical Attention

You realize you have a cheating spouse, and you’ve talked and cried about it? Or you’re still shocked. Couples are to be committed to themselves alone.

A person who has promised to love, protect, and cherish you till the end now hurts you by giving his or her attention, body, and mind to another body behind your back or even prides in it in your face? That is very terrible and disrespectful. That is cheating.

And once you notice this, please, for your health’s sake, you have to quickly go for a check-up to be sure you have not been infected by your cheating spouse. Be certain that you’re free from STDs. Then you talk to your partner about going for a test so as not to bring infection into the home. This is very, very necessary.

It is much better for you to be healthy, alive, separated, or healthy and alive in a now-better marriage than for you to be treating STDs for the rest of your life, with no spouse, and in sadness. Just be sure you’re both clean.


3.  Go For Counseling

This you can do together, or separately. You both have to hear from a trained relationship counselor. Not just one of you receiving the counseling, but you two. It is true that even with the counseling and your cheating spouse being better, it would be difficult for you to trust him again. You might even get tempted to bring the matter up again.

But you have to be patient, it will take a while, but eventually, things will work out. Allow your spouse to prove to you that he has changed. It is how to treat a cheating husband. Counseling really helps, as the couple would want to improve their marriage, avoid going back to the relationship coach, or avoid being tagged among couples who couldn’t work on their marriage.

But, if the relationship still doesn’t work out, even with you putting your heart into it to see that it does, do not feel bad about yourself. You just couldn’t change your cheating spouse.


4.   Have Protected Sexual Intercourse

How to cope with a cheating husband? or wife; this is how to! If you want to go on to engage in sexual activities together, you must protect yourself. There is a high level of you contracting STDs from him or from her.
Do not give a cheating spouse the chance to infect you, especially if it’s a habitual, and unapologetic cheating spouse.

Protect your health. You should be healthy enough and alive to look after the kids if there are children in the picture. Even if there are no kids in the picture, you still have to protect yourself from the chance of contracting any STDs. This is how to treat a cheating husband.

There are other ways you both can make love; with dildos, hand-jobs, fingering- all without any copulation. This is just to be on the safe side. Don’t be coaxed into having coitus with your cheating spouse. If your spouse is healthy or has been treated, then you both can have coitus. This is also how to cope with a cheating husband during pregnancy.

Your health and the unborn child’s health should be protected. Staying healthy is very vital. This is to ensure that a healthy baby is birthed. The seared trust and damaged relationship would not even allow you to let your cheating husband touch you. It will take a while for the trust to be built again. It is very normal.

Don’t let your cheating spouse talk down on you for refusing intercourse with him/her. You know, a cheating spouse may try to play with your feelings. He hurt you, and instead of apologizing, he then tries to put the blame on you, making you feel more hurt and bad about yourself. Do not be intimidated by a cheating spouse. Know your worth. Value your life.


5.  Know Your Worth

The reason you try to lock yourself away from the world, letting the hurt eat you deep and you feel nobody would want you in his/her life- is because you do not value yourself; you look down on yourself and feel bad all the time. You might even begin to feel like there’s nothing good about you.

Do you realize how far you’ve come and the good times you’ve had? Do you realize there’s a lot you can do and be great in it?  What about you hang around often with friends, and your siblings? or with new people around? This will make you feel among and needed.

You’ll be lifted and encouraged. More reason you should have good friends, good people around you. They won’t let you drown in your situation. They will rather motivate you. Get busy and put your mind on positive things. This is how to ignore a cheating husband.

These steps will really bring you to appreciate yourself more, and if your spouse really loves and respects you, he will change from being a cheating spouse to giving you attention and appreciating you for being in his life. This is how to treat a cheating husband.

Running behind a cheating spouse, and seeking his attention would only make him not value you. Be proud of yourself, knowing that you have worth. That is how to treat a cheating husband.

As you do better in your solitude, paying more attention to yourself than to your cheating wife, and you also add more value to yourself and hanging out with friends who will say positive things to you, your cheating wife should feel bad that she didn’t treat you right. She will begin to seek you again. This is how to ignore a cheating wife.

But, a cheating spouse who is unapologetic of his/her ways will only continue to cheat. You should be done crying and wailing and not taking care of yourself anymore. It won’t help you. You are in control of your emotions. And you can only stay low if you don’t seek to take yourself up. Take care of your body. Eat right, use a good cologne, and make a nice hairdo or haircut.


6.  Separation

You separate from an unapologetic cheating spouse. A man who’s cheating on you and beats you when you try to talk about his unfaithfulness in the marriage and still tries to force himself on you for intercourse even with the pain and broken trust he’s caused you. You separate from such a spouse. It is how to treat a cheating husband.

You’re so hurt and in need of her, and you show it- yet she banks on your emotional weakness and silence to be pompous, even say hurtful things to you, and wants you to feel like you’re not good enough. Or maybe try to blackmail you emotionally.

Such a spouse does not value you. When you try to cover a cheating spouse but she only continues to cheat, hurting you and destroying the marriage, you have to separate from such spouse. It is the best decision you can make for yourself. If you have kids, they’ll be watching. They see everything that happens even though they say nothing about it.

When you separate from such a spouse, your children will understand that a marriage with a cheating spouse is very terrible. They will grow up to avoid cheating in their own homes. You should separate from a cheating spouse who only apologizes to you and goes back to cheat on you.

You should separate from a cheating spouse who beats you. That is toxicity. He will only break you till you find no single value in yourself, you’d forget that you can help yourself out of that marriage. You don’t have to wait till you’re so rich before you separate and save yourself. You’ve got worth. You can develop yourself and upgrade your skills.

Even if you’ve got just cooking skills, it’s great. You can improve it, then apply it to companies that will need your service. There are homes in need of cooks. You can do well in that aspect. Whichever skills you’ve got, explore them.
You will realize that you can do well without even depending on your abusive partner.

However, a cheating spouse should be ignored. Don’t give him or her so much attention. Value yourself, take proper care of your body, dress well, be occupied with positive things, and have positive people around you. Don’t hurt yourself over a cheating spouse.


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