8 Unique Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

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spice up your relationship with boyfriend

Ways to spice up your marriage! There are lovely things a man can do to spice up the bedroom. Marriage is for love and companionship. And being a companion to your spouse means that you and your spouse do awesome stuff together; watching movies, laughing together, sleeping in each other’s arms, and many more.

Sometimes, couples may start out in strong love and enviable closeness, but as years go on; babies come in, work steals their time, and they put all their attention into work and money and form a boring couple routine which they eventually get comfortable in. All these can cause their marriage to begin to lose its good taste.

In today’s article, we will be looking at the following: how to spice up a boring relationship, spice up a dying relationship, how to revive a relationship sexually, spice up your relationship conversations, spice up your relationship with your boyfriend, things a man can do to spice up the bedroom, things a woman can do to spice up the bedroom.

I must add that it is quite normal for you and your spouse to begin to experience this sudden dying flame in your marriage. It does not mean that there is no love in the relationship anymore. It is only a sign that you and your spouse have not been doing the necessary things to keep the fire burning. If you can do these things which I’ll be mentioning in this article, you will find your marriage becoming sweet and alive with so much love again.spice up your relationship conversations

Ways To Spice Up Your Marriage

1•  Hug Often

how to revive a relationship sexually

This is a great way to begin to spice up your marriage. When you hug your spouse often, you create a very tight bond between the two of you. You build and develop trust between you two. You will begin to feel more and more attached. Your wife will have a smiley face every time you get close to her because she gets accustomed to you giving her a warm hug every time you’re around her.

Hug even while making meals. cheer while you shower together. compliment your spouse when you get back from work. embrace your spouse just because you have to. congratulate her while you kiss her. These are things a man can do to spice up the bedroom- and spice up the marriage. Hug to feel loved. Hug and reassure yourselves of the commitment you share.

Learn to hug your spouse often. This will keep your love burning alive in your marriage.


2•  Declare Your Love For Your Spouse Often

When you make it a habit to always declare your love to your spouse, you increase the intimacy between the two of you. Making love with a partner who always professes his love for you or her love for you is very romantic. The lovemaking feels passionate. This is one of the things a man can do to spice up the bedroom. Saying ‘I love you to your partner even during sexual intercourse- does the magic.

You will find yourself getting more intimate with your spouse. Saying ‘I love you’ often makes your spouse feel appreciated. When you get up in the morning, greet your wife with those 3 words. When you’re out together; having fun, watching a movie, or having a treat, greet your husband with these 3 words; I love you.

Your husband will melt at those words. He may not show it, but he appreciates it. He loves that you love and appreciate his efforts. Declare your love for each and rekindle your love. This spices up the marriage, and leaves it sweet! This also builds your feelings and makes them stronger.


3•  Have Passionate Sexual Intercourse

In the bedroom with your spouse, make sure to savor the moments you spend together. Don’t rush sexual intercourse. There should be foreplay, and romance involved. Communicate with your bodies. Touch each other’s sensual bodies, you both can worship each other’s bodies with your hands. There should be extreme pleasure, where you won’t even want to leave each other’s bodies after orgasm.

And don’t rush out just after lovemaking. Stay embraced in each other’s arms. Whisper sweet words into your spouse’s ears. These are sweet things a man can do to spice up the bedroom.


4•  Do Minor Things Together

You can assist your spouse in the kitchen when she cooks. Not just helping with the cooking, you can play with her, rack jokes to make her laugh, hug her from behind, and do a whole lot of other romantic things you can do. This spices up the marriage and rekindles the love and ease in your relationship.

Try to be around your wife often. Make her have the feel of you afresh all the time. These are things a man can do to spice up his marriage. No matter how busy you may be, make out time from your schedule to be alone with your wife, assist her, and make her laugh often. This is a good way to spice up your marriage.


5•  Gifts

spice up a dying relationship

When was the last time you got yourself presents? How do you stay together without getting surprise packages for each other once in a while? You need to make it a norm in your marriage to get your spouse nice things. Nice things that you package and she will have to open it to see what you have gotten for her in it. Shower her with so much love. She will have you in mind all the time.

She will be attached to you emotionally and physically. And that’s the way it is in relationships. Closeness. You can always spice up your marriage this way. Getting your wife gifts is a good way to get her mushy and happy. And this fuels the love and happiness in your marriage.


6•  Holding Hands

This has a way of creating a firmer bond for couples. Holding hands with your spouse has almost the effect of hugging your spouse often. You develop more fondness for your spouse as you hold hands often.


7•  Discuss Your Dreams

Getting old and being together for a long is not a reason for you both to stop sharing your dreams. Certainly, there will be new dreams and new aspirations. Share them with your spouse and make her feel important in the relationship.


8•  Go Out Together

It could be to a cinema, an amusement park, a stadium, a beautiful restaurant, or the beach. It has to be a nice place so you can both be comfortable there. Make out time to take your woman out just for fun and relaxation. Going out together is a good way to build up a strong closeness between you and your spouse.


Things A Man Can Do To Spice Up The Bedroom

spice up boring relationship

A. Bathing with his wife

B. Have passionate sexual intercourse with her

C. Playing with her breasts and clots

D. Getting her sexy underwear

D. Cuddling

E. Bringing her meal when she’s in bed

F. Kissing his woman often

G. Inviting her for dinner

H. Admiring her and reminding her of how beautiful she looks every day.

I. Getting her dressed after a shower

You may not be able to do all these every day, you may not have all the time every day. But you can do 2- 3 of these things each day, to spice up your marriage and improve the bedroom activity between the two of you. These are important things a man can do to spice up his bedroom.


How To Revive A Relationship Sexually


A relationship can be revived sexually. Passionate sexual intercourse, deeply felt love-making, can wake up a dying relationship. Here are some tips you can try out to revive your relationship sexually; Put on sexy shorts or undies at home. Dress provocatively in front of your man. Dress to entice your partner. And talk dirty with your partner.

Make love like you’re not going to have it next time. It is to be enjoyed. As long as you love your spouse, and you want not just you to be satisfied, but your partner as well, then you should think of taking it slow when you make love. Begin with romance; touching, kissing passionately, and you can also have foreplay.

Foreplay is to build up sexual arousal. You can suck your woman’s nipples, kiss her on her neck, her neck collar, and down to her sexual organ. Let her burn with so much desire. You’ll see her grab your head or the bedspread in longing pleasure. Kiss your man passionately, and moan into his ears, it will get her wet down there. Her wetness serves as a lubricant for easy penetration.

You can even make love in any part of the house; in the bathroom, kitchen, or parlor, it can be done anywhere. Don’t make sexual intercourse for only the bedroom. This is a good way to spice up the bedroom.


Things A Woman Can Do To Spice Up The Bedroom

As a woman, you have a part to play in spicing up the bedroom. Do not put on ugly clothes at home with your spouse. Make sure to appear clean and ready for bedroom play with your partner. You can initiate lovemaking. It’s not the man’s job alone to initiate it. You spice up the bedroom with your romantic moves. Your good smell can turn your man on.

Sometimes you decorate the bed with fine petals and put a dim light in the bedroom to bring on the air of intimacy. Be active on the bed, not laying -still and mute while your man does all the hitting. Moan during lovemaking, make soft sounds, and wrap your arms around him. Wrap your feet around him. It means you’re enjoying him and you want him to continue. That is a way of encouraging him in the bedroom.

When you don’t react while having sexual intercourse, it makes the man feel he isn’t doing enough or you aren’t enjoying him. Come on, put your mind into the lovemaking moment. Whisper sweet words into his ears, call his name softly, and have him lay on you even after you’re both done making love.

This is how you can spice up the bedroom as a woman. Participate in the love-making, initiate lovemaking, be romantic, smell good, and enjoy the bedroom activity.


Spice Up Your Relationship With Your Boyfriend

To spice up your relationship with your boyfriend, you have to begin to do those things you would actually want him to do for you.

1. Volunteer to take him out once in a while

2. Be romantic to him

3. Be appreciative of him

•4. Be able to meet his emotional needs; tell him often that you love him, and show that you do. Always look out for him.

5. Be supportive and understanding of him

6. Take care of him

7. Don’t keep grudges against him

8. Be forgiving

These are ways you can spice up a relationship with your boyfriend. Your boyfriend wants all the love, care, and attention you can give him. Be his woman, not just by words but also by actions.


Spice Up Your Relationship Conversations

 things a woman can do to spice up the bedroom

Talk about your plans together. Your conversations should be intentional. You’re trying to spice up the relationship.

You can also talk about your days apart; those times you longed to be in his arms. Your partner may just help you overcome them or he’ll find a way to help you get over them.

Be open with your partner, he may not be able to read your mind or actions all the time. It is better if you can both talk about everything and have them sorted out. Communication is very important in any relationship. Let your partner know how you feel concerning certain issues.

These are ways to spice up your marriage. Enjoy your marriage as you put these important notes to practice.


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