Partner Support During Pregnancy

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how to be a supportive husband during pregnancy

How to treat your pregnant wife! Caring for a pregnant woman comes with so many responsibilities other than just making sure she eats and rests. You have to look out for what she takes in, don’t let her take in whatever food just to satisfy her cravings. She should eat healthily.

This brings in the following content of how you can be of great help to your sweetheart during this stage: how to be a supportive husband during pregnancy, how to treat your pregnant wife, partner support during pregnancy, the importance of support during pregnancy, how should a husband treat his pregnant wife, what a pregnant woman wants from her husband.

Take proper care of her and also, treat her with kindness. You are to make sure that she does not stress herself. This is how to treat your pregnant wife.

This is something you have to do as a husband who loves his woman and cares for her. If not for anything else, because she carries your child. There are good ways you can treat a pregnant woman and make her feel relaxed. A woman who has a baby growing in her needs rest a lot but also needs exercise. Exercise makes one feel less tense and more relaxed.

Your pregnant wife needs to do exercises like; walking, and climbing up and down the stairs (short stairs), this is to allow easy flow of blood around the body and to boost the mind.

Note: you should have a personal doctor you can always reach on the phone when there’s a problem. You may not be able to take her to the hospital for everything she feels uneasy about or has a problem. So, you can call the doctor and know if it’s something you can take care of quickly from home or if you need to take her to a hospital.

how to treat your pregnant wife

How To Be A Supportive Husband During Pregnancy

Your wife needs your support the most when she is pregnant. This is a crucial stage, and at this- she needs her man’s support both physically and emotionally. It can be draining, yes, but you have to look after her, and be there for her most of the time, making sure that she isn’t risking her life or the baby’s life.

Even pregnant women suffer from depression. Antenatal depression. It is only a problem of the mind. Mental illness. This can be caused by too much worrying, stress, and anxiety. But if not well managed, can lead to a more critical state. So, you have to be around her to support her and encourage her.

Be there for her emotionally. Show understanding and support. You know that one has to eat in the morning to have the strength to begin the day, so, when she starts showing a lack of appetite, you visit the pharmacy or talk to your doctor, he might have one or two medications in mind for her.

Make sure that she eats regularly. Food is very essential for a pregnant woman. Both she and her unborn baby need to stay healthy. You pamper her and spoonfeed her. Don’t wait till she develops a complication before you realize you can spoonfeed her or get the other nice food she can eat.

Make her have fruits. They provide the necessary vitamins to build up the body system. Buy her fruits. She can have them to recover her lost appetite. This is how to be a supportive husband during pregnancy. This is how to treat your pregnant wife. Learn to be caring and supportive to her.

You should also understand that having a baby is enough stress. So, letting her do all the chores, cooking, laundry, shopping, all these can cause so much strain on the woman, render a helping hand to your beautiful pregnant wife, okay it will do you good too.

Do you know that pregnancy comes with fleeting memory loss sometimes? That moment when she wants you to remind her what her favorite song is. She forgets how to prepare the simplest of dishes, and she feels like she’s losing her mind. Even without pregnancy, it’s that way with some people.

Forgetting things at random. Your wife will need much of your support. Don’t make her feel terrible about herself. Do not say degrading things to her.

These will be easy to perform, as long as you love her and cherish her. It will just flow. You’ll realize you’re doing it for your marriage. As you care for your pregnant wife, you grow the bond between you, she, and the baby.

Make her see that you are there for her and that you’ll always be there for her and the baby. This is how to treat your pregnant wife.

You can always be romantic with her. Kiss her often, caress her, caress her belly, play with her hair gently, give her laundry to a laundry service and have them return her wears clean for another occasion. This is how to treat your pregnant wife.

Having a pregnant wife, you should be willing to cope with her excessive choosiness. Yes, it’s gonna be over the top. She may not want to eat what you cooked. She may begin to find most food distasteful.

Pregnancy often causes a greater sensitivity to smell and taste, as a result of gonadotropin. Gonadotropin is also known as HCG; is a hormone produced during pregnancy. It is known for causing feelings of appetite changes, food aversion, and nausea.

Your pregnant wife may begin to perceive a foul smell where you perceive no foul smell. She might start wanting to stay away from you even. But don’t let all these bother you nor deter you from looking after her. Be understanding to her.

partner support during pregnancy

Be patient with her when mood swings set in. Make her shower often, a warm bath, so as to make her cool and relaxed all the time. Even when she feels too tired to want to have a shower, you can try to hold and lift her and make her head into the bathroom for a warm shower.

You can always assist her in having her bath. She is your wife, and that is a very romantic thing to do. Other times, make her feel happy and at ease around you by taking her out to the open; a calm and not so crowdy beach, a silent park, a cool sports center, and other interesting places you both can go to cool off.

A place not rowdy- will be nice. She needs to de-stress often. This is how to treat your pregnant wife. Note that you are to focus on your wife, as well as the unborn baby (that is; going for a scan, checking how well-positioned the baby is, making sure the baby is ok) during the whole pregnancy period.

Talking only about the baby makes you appear like you only really care about the baby. When you keep mentioning ‘the baby’ or ‘my baby’ it sounds like it’s the only thing you want from your woman. Babies.

Marriage is for love, companionship, and lastly procreation. It’s a beautiful thing to have babies. Offsprings. But when the children start coming, you should not stop giving your wife the attention. She passed through the whole pain and discomfort of having babies, and she should be loved and respected duly. Saying ‘eat so that the baby can stay alive’ is not necessary. You should say ‘eat so that you and our baby can stay healthy and alive’.


Partner Support During Pregnancy

Partner support during pregnancy is very necessary, as this can help reduce pressure and stress on the pregnant woman. Any kind of support will be appreciated by your woman. Your support goes a long way in making her feel good about herself.

Carrying a baby and losing her sanity, body, ease, and comfort is not easy. When your pregnant wife finds it difficult to move herself from the bed to the bathroom, you should be glad to hold her hands gently and walk her to the bathroom. You can assist her in the bathroom.

Make her sit in the bathtub while you scrub her body. Don’t comment on her stretch marks if she has any. It isn’t taboo. It isn’t a plague. Focus on her beautiful sides. Tell her she looks more beautiful with her bulging belly. Make her smile often. Smile eases tension. Smile and laughing reduced worry.

Do things to make her happy and at ease not to cause her to worry more. This is how to treat your pregnant wife. Follow her for antenatal visits to the hospital. Help her with groceries, shopping, cooking, when she feels too tired.

How would she feed when she doesn’t cook? Certainly, someone has got to assist her with the cooking so she can eat. So much junk food wouldn’t be healthy. Don’t encourage her to take in junk food.

When you’re always checking up on your pregnant wife, providing emotional support, and seeing that her life and the life of the unborn child are not risked, you are there for her during her pregnancy journey- to see that both mother and baby are both fine. This is an importance of support during pregnancy.


 How Should A Husband Treat His Pregnant Wife?

importance of support during pregnancy



•  Attention

Give her your attention. Listen to her often, and take her words seriously. Only she knows how she really feels. So, when she complains of pain to you, do not brush the complaint under the carpet. See to it that she gets immediate treatment.

•  Holding Hands

Hold her hands while she exercises. You will know when she’s strained because you’ll feel her squeeze your hand.

•  Ask Her How She Feels

This should be asked often. Don’t take her silence for easiness. She may actually be troubled deep down. Ask her how she feels or what she thinks about the food or environment.

•  Caress

You can caress your wife when she’s trying to fall asleep. Rub her body gently or in a romantic manner. Anything to make her feel at ease.


•  Massage

A massage or masseur will do a great job. Pay them to massage her. This will help your pregnant wife relax, and be relieved of any aches.

•  Hugs

This plays a huge role in bringing the comfort of the mind. Sometimes, all you have to do is give her a hug to make her feel comfortable. A hug is a reliever. And it doesn’t cost much. You just spread out your arms and have her body cling to yours.

Give her reassuring hugs. Make sure she is fine and relaxed, this you can do by hugging her and going out for short walks.

•  Saying ‘I love you’

Tell her you love her still. Remind her of your love for her. ‘I love you’ is a good way to also strengthen your relationship and make her love you more.


  What A Pregnant Woman Wants From Her Husband

how should a husband treat his pregnant wife

•  Care

She wants her husband to show her so much care. He calls her on the phone when he’s out for business or on an important trip- just when he is not near.

•  Love

A pregnant woman wants her man to act so in love with her. The kind of love you’ll show her this period and she would want to get pregnant again even with all the discomfort and illness that pregnancy comes with.

•  Emotional support

Showing concern for her, making her feel happy and good. Cuddling her and bringing her relief. Having his shoulder available for her, saying ‘I love you’ to her often, and planting kisses on her face, neck, belly whenever you’re together. She will appreciate the regular hugs, too. This is how to treat your pregnant wife.


•  Physical support


Helping her take her laundry to a laundry service, following her to the hospital for a check-up, assisting her in the kitchen, letting her have enough rest, and having her meals and medications when necessary.

•  Positive words

She wants her man to look beyond the burden and stress. She wants her man not to say insensitive things to her like; you’re not the only pregnant woman in the world, but you’re a terrible burden.’. That is a very unkind thing to say. She didn’t get herself pregnant, and you have to look after her because she’s your wife.

This is what you sign up for when you say ‘I do to each other. Say positive things to her. Tell her she’ll make babies with ease. Tell her you find her very charming and cute with her bulging belly. She wants her man to say things to make her feel alright.

•  Patience

This is the most important aspect she looks for in her husband. Patience. Never try to hit your wife, especially not when she’s pregnant. Don’t yell at her. She’s going through enough mental/emotional trauma already- don’t add to it. Follow her through this period patiently.

Understand that her hormones can be messy and make her do silly things, just be patient with her. Be there for her and help her through this journey. She will talk about it to her friends, the world, including the unborn baby about how supportive and amazing her man is to her. This is how you care for a pregnant wife, being there for her physically and emotionally.


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