11 Amazing Dating Rules You Should Follow For A Stronger Relationship

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Dating rules! Life is a constant journey of following rules to make sure you get what you want – most times the consequences of disobeying these rules are mild, and other times they can be devastating.

Dating can be in so many forms; it could be an actual relationship, a first meeting, or probably the talking stage which is most times done online these days. Regardless of which, you are looking at, it is important to note the rules when dating as they will guide you to a stronger relationship.

Dating is beautiful and it is something everybody wants to enjoy whether you are single or in a relationship. Yes, those too in a relationship forget that dating never stops or unconsciously stop dating because they feel they have won the race.

This is the way to go because dating is continuous as long as both of you are together. Someone defined dating as a form of romantic courtship existing between two people to assess the other’s suitability as a partner in an intimate relationship or as a spouse.

Dating rules cover a lot of aspects – how you act, things to first check and do with yourself before going out to date someone, and what to do to keep it going after you have won the person over.

Dating rules for men

11 Modern Rules For Dating

Actually, the modern dating scene can be quite a daunting task and now we have established guidelines on how to brush up your manner, that dating shouldn’t just be the first few times you go out with someone, but every step of the way even when you are in a relationship, your job becomes easier.

Usually, the list would be made up of 10 dating rules but we all like a little extra now and then so we made for you 11 basic dating tips.

They cover all the aspects of dating listed above and also are arranged in order of how they should come i.e it starts from the rules that concern the first few dates and runs until the one that concerns you when you have been dating for years.

When you are looking for a stronger relationship, 11 dating rules you should follow include;


1.  Keep An Open Mind

 10 dating rules

This is the most important to do when you are going on a date, an open mind is important as a matter of fact, it is the most important thing to have as it saves you a lot of stress and pain.

Yes, they chose to go on a date with you but this doesn’t mean like you, they are considering baby names, so keep an open mind at first. Go on dates with different people, no one is judging you and you are not committed to anyone yet, so morally you are doing nothing wrong.

From our definition of dating in fact, dating multiple people at first is the way to go because all you are doing is finding the most suitable candidate to go into a relationship with and putting all you egg in one basket is not the way to go when this is your plan.

You know what you want and what you expect to see in someone before considering the person as a viable candidate but it is very important to reduce your expectations – that is one of the amazing dating rules.


2.  What To Do During The First Few Meetings

online dating rules

While keeping an open mind, you have to guard your heart against getting in too deep too fast. So, it is important to find out which of the dating rules help with that.

First, make sure the date doesn’t last longer than 90 minutes, funny but a statement with a lot of truth in it. It would most times take about 90 minutes for you to get to know someone and feel a spark, something to indicate that the relationship has a headway.

The reason why we are advised to keep it that short is that during a longer date, your head gets carried away, there is a feeling of love that grips you, you begin to think maybe he or she is the one because you are seeing so much of their perfections.

It is the first date and most times that is when we try to impress, so by all means keep it short and simple. Also, what happens after the datE would determine if there is a future for the both of you.

Not necessarily them asking to see you again and trying to plan the meeting but more of them following up with you and the happenings in your life.


3.  Forget About Your Ex

early dating tips

This is one of the offline and online dating rules, there is no correlation between your ex and what you currently share with the woman or woman you are going out with.

They may look almost the same and say almost the same set of things but the truth of the matter is they do not have the same intentions for you and as such, they shouldn’t be treated like they are the ones that broke you.

When we say forget about your ex, we mean every syllable of it – do not begin to compare the similarities and make a big deal out of what is supposed to be just mere coincidences.


4.  Tell Them What You Want

This is one of the dating rules for men, we say men because it is usually harder for them to express their selves freely.

We don’t go on dates always because we want a relationship, there are different reasons, why you would want to go on a date with someone.

One of the early dating tips we give is that you tell the other person the reason why as soon as you can respectfully.

It could be that you just decided to be in an open relationship with your partner or you just want to take them to your bed and act as nothing happened in the morning.

No matter what it is, we suggest that the other person is aware of what you want at all times. This way nobody leaves hurt and no one’s emotions are being played with.

It is important to communicate during dating, from our definition of dating that is the only way you can see if the person is suitable. Talk about anything and everything, get to know what they enjoy doing, the similarities and differences that exist between the both of you.

Communication will be the bedrock of your relationship when it starts, so cultivating the habit is one of the top dating rules.

Learn their love language, this is the only time you would have to learn it, so do all you can to understand it as it is what would make your relationship stronger.

You must understand that different people desire to be loved differently and when you love someone just the way he or she wants loving, it is easy for them to love you back.

5.  Sacrifices Will Have To Be Made

The truth is you would be doing a lot of this, especially when you have entered into a committed relationship with the person. It is one of our dating tips because dating continues even when you have entered into a committed relationship.

For dating to continue in a committed relationship a lot of sacrifices and compromises have to be made. You would have to put yourself out there regardless of the fears that it comes with, at the end of the day that is what dating is.

Opening yourself like a book for another human to skim through and see if you are interesting enough for them to keep reading.

It is important to first understand that regardless of how many times you went out to talk and get to know yourselves, regardless of how many years you have been together – there are topics you won’t agree on.

You grew up in different places, even if it was in the same city, it was different neighborhoods, even if it was the same neighborhood, it was different houses.

It is impossible to understand life the way they do and this understanding is what prompts them to act the way they act. So, you must understand that you won’t agree with everything they do or say and the rest that would be vice versa too.

6.  Do Things Together

This is one of the golden dating rules for everybody to follow. If you would be dating her then you must do things together.

Every date shouldn’t see the both of you sitting opposite each other in a restaurant because after a while eating together becomes boring since it is something you have been doing for a long time.

So, make sure you are trying to spice things up by doing other things together. There are a lot of creative ideas for a date and if you cannot think of them, you can ask the internet to help.

One of the ways the relationship ends even without starting is when finances become an issue. We know that the norm is for the man to foot the bills but the truth is a man would prefer to be with a woman who helps out from time to time.

One of our casual dating rules is for you to split the financial cost of dating once in a while even if this is not done always. It gives the other party the feeling that you also want things to work out as well as them.

We would alone invest in something that we want to grow, so when you invest in dating and the relationship, they feel wanted even more. Do other things – wine tasting, hiking, long drives, picnic, art exhibitions, museums, movies; it most not always be about food in a fancy restaurant.

7.  Relax

It doesn’t happen overnight – we know what we said was 90 minutes to know someone and feel that spark and anything above that might be too much that anything was not specified. The spark maybe just a spark and you would need an accumulation of sparks to get what you want working.

This love thing takes time, the stronger relationship you seek will take time too, so you have to be patient enough to allow things to play out the way they should. Enjoy the moment and live with it, this is why one of our dating rules is to have an open mind to things.

When you have an open mind, it is easy for you to move on, if things fail and easier to be patient with how slow things will go sometimes.

8.  It Is Okay To Fight But Not Okay To Quarrel

Fighting is not the end of the world; in fact, you should be worried if you don’t fight when you are in a relationship or dating someone frequently.

Like we said earlier, you grew up differently so definitely conflict will arise when he wants things done his way and she wants things done her way. The issue is not fighting, that is accepted, the problem is quarreling – going at it over and over again even when the time for that has passed totally.

You can’t tell us you want a stronger relationship with them when something as simple as their preference to the side of the bed they sleep makes you stop talking for days.

As long as you claim to want more with them, you must learn to apologize and forgive a lot because you would have to do that more than you think. Remember always that fighting is never the problem, what happens after the fighting is where the issue lies most times.

9.  Spend Time Away From Them

Saying happy is one of the most important things regardless of what you think the relationship gives you.

There are things that you would love to do and the person you are dating will find them weird and uninteresting. When situations like this arise, you must take time to yourself now and then.

Make yourself happy, this happiness will be radiated in your relationship and make the both of you happier than you were.

Also, you should understand when this is the case with your partner – it is normal for you to be uninterested in some of the things that they like and when this is the case allowing them to be happy will do your relationship a lot good.

10.  The Bed Is Your Church

If you get there, if you have dated to the point that it begins to involve intercourse then you must understand that it is important to make the best use of it.

Building a stronger relationship will be a whole lot better when the foundation is laid while both of you are naked on the bed. Explore and make sure you are making the best use of the best room; it will be the best decision you ever made.

11.  Be Positive, Be Yourself

When you are dating someone it is important to stay positive if you want it to work. If you desire a strong relationship with them someday then you have to stay positive about things.

Don’t overthink it and try to find errors and flaws so you protect yourself from falling in too deep. Just be yourself and be contented with where the journey takes the both of you.



At the end of the day, the never-ending journey of dating is so beautiful but at the same time, it is one that you should ho with caution. When emotions are involved, things tend to have a higher effect when they go bad, so you must be careful.

The best way to be careful is to follow the 11 dating rules we have provided for you from the moment you meet them to the very last time which might even be forever.


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11 Essential Dating Rules

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