How To Find True Love In Life

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how to know true love from a guy

I think that movies have spoilt all of us; those romance movies where true love conquers all – the prince just finds the girl while he is strolling around his kingdom and they just click.

He doesn’t spend a kilobyte of data asking his preferred search engine ‘how to find true love’ rather true love finds him while he is going about his day. The truth is, these things happen, we are not saying love can’t happen out of the blue but this is one out of ten scenarios.

However, because of how repeated the concept of love finding people has spread across the movie industry, it has made us believe that finding true love is that easy – so we are all going about our day and waiting for love to get to us which might not happen again once it has happened once in ten people.

What is true love about, before looking at how to find true love and happiness, Love is love at the end of the day, so what makes some true and the others not so true or does it mean any love that doesn’t count as true love is false.

The truth is the existence of true love is debatable; debatable because is nothing but a concept – that love fades and goes anyway with time, that love comes and goes as it pleases but there is one that comes and stays forever and it has to be called different from the others.

An English dictionary attempted to give the phrase meaning; to them, it could be the form of romantic affection that is considered pure and wholly positive, not just based on feelings of lust and sex.

It could also be that unique individual or thing for whom one feels such affection for – person, animal, place or thing, it doesn’t matter, if you feel such affection for them or it then they are your true love.

Now, we have a little bit of understanding of what true love means and yes in simpler terms it is the type of love that made the prince search for Cinderella all around town with just her slipper – now we know.

We are searching for how to find true love, there are so many roads that lead to Jerusalem, you just have to find the one for you – a wise man said this once and, in this situation, it is the best we can do. Even we drop a hundred tips here on how to find true love, the truth is not everyone would work for you.

This is because no two people are the same – your true love would not be in the same place the other man found his own, he or she might not even speak the same language the other person’s true love speaks – there are a lot of variations to this at the end of the day and you just have to focus on what works for you and your love life.

how to find true love in life


There are details we established the fact is that not every step will work for everyone, there are a few that are more general than others. For these few steps, there is a high chance that it works regardless of who is trying it and these are the steps we have combined in this amazing discussion. We identified 10 of them which we going to discuss one by one below;


 1.  Go And Search For It


 signs of true love in a relationship

Even in the movies, Cinderella wasn’t cleaning the house when the prince met her; she disobeyed her aunt and got dressed for a ball she was not supposed to attend in the first place.

So, as much as they have you believe that what is meant for you will come to you and love finds you when you are busy with others, it is also important that you add this to the list of quotes you live by – it will happen once in every ten cases.

We don’t know how you see things but 1/10 is odd that doesn’t favor you, so we suggest you take the other option if you are looking for how to find true love which is finding love.

Now, do not get us wrong, when we say, search for love or go find it – we do not mean everything in your life has to be on pause or that your life has to be messy because you are searching for love.

Think of things this way, true love is the car keys that your friend gave you and you cannot find it anymore knowing fully well that you guys would be leaving in 30 minutes and he is in the same room as you, how do you find the key? The answer is you use your eyes and trace your steps back, you wouldn’t start moving things and make it obvious the key in your hands some seconds ago is missing.

This is how to find true love, you go out and meet new people but when you are about to do so, make sure you are not just going to any place. You meet the kind of people you want by going to a place where they go to – if you want to meet an extrovert then try the club, if you want to meet someone who is a bookworm then the library is your best bet.

2.  Love Yourself First

 signs of true love in a relationship

If you do not do that already then there is no need for us to have this conversation. A poet on Instagram (freetivation) once said in his book Emotions; Au Naturel “life is simple as that if you do not love yourself, how do you expect me to love you”.

Self-love is the secret ingredient, I know you have been asking how to find true love in life, so, here is the answer for you. The secret ingredient to finding true love is loving yourself first because only then will someone dim you fit for love back.

Being single is not a bad thing although most times we think that is the case – in fact before you go out searching for true love, we suggest you stay single for some time because that will help you figure out things for yourself – learn how to enjoy your own company.

It reduces the tendency for you to turn desperate while you are searching for true love. Get a new hobby, get to understand yourself more – when you eventually find true love, these things will make your union even more interesting.


3.  Happiness And The Power Of Positivity

How to find true love and happiness


Happy people attract true love and the reason is that you put smiles on other faces, it is important to be happy before you search for how to find true love.

This is why the previous step which is to love yourself is important self-love will bring happiness closer to your doorstep and that happiness is what will keep people attracted to you when they come.

Also, some of us end the relationship before it even blossoms into something beautiful and we do this by not being positive about the direction the relationship will go. You are already prepared for heartbreak and you begin to guide yourself against it when the relationship just started.

You will not give all to the person at once when this begins to happen, true love would have been successfully thrown out of the window. So, if you are looking for how to find true love, make sure you learn how to stay happy and you remain positive about the relationship.


4.  Know What You Want


When it comes to this love thing, it is important to always know what it is that you want. What type of person do you want to end up with, which character traits are important to you and which you can do without, it is time for you to find true love when and only when you know this.

Contrary to popular opinion, being honest will take you places; we know people will tell you that telling others what they want to hear is the way but this isn’t the case, if you want true love for yourself and those around you, our suggestion would be, to be honest about your wants.

Let them know how you feel at all times and what you want. One of the signs of true love in a relationship is honesty – we have established a fact already and it is that like every other feeling love might be missing sometimes but always letting your partner know what you want at every instant will help your love transcend from the ordinary type to the true one we all seek.

It is okay to want to be alone, it is okay to want to be with them – regardless of what it is, it is important to know what you want, this is how to find true love.


5.  Seek Partnership First Before Romance And Intimacy

how to find true love in life


We were told that how to know true love from a guy or girl is to see what they go for first. From the details we establish on ‘true love’, it is obvious that what would exist between two people for us to call it true love is the purest form of affection possible and not one that is based on bodily desires.

Look at it closely and understand what they want from you – now we are not saying physical intimacy is wrong but if true love is what we are all about, it shouldn’t be the only card that they put on the table.

Friendship is important, there is a reason they are called your partner and not your bedmate, the relationship cannot always start and end on the bed, this is not true love, rushing to their bed every single time is not how to find true love.

We have to reiterate that love will be missing sometimes it doesn’t matter how strong the bond is, this is why you have to hold on to other things when love is missing until you find it again and the easiest and strongest thing you can hold unto is friendship.

Build an empire together, do not just be partners only in the bedroom, true love can be birthed there but it is impossible to grow if it only stays there.


6.  Search For Mutual Respect/Feelings

how to find true love



True love has to be mutual; you do not just feel it for someone and believe that what you feel will be enough to carry the both of you. if you do not take anything from this search for how to find true love, this should go to bed with you – the love and feeling must be mutual, it is the only way things can work between you and your partner when you find one.

Aside’s love being present and mutual, respect should also be the next line of action, you have to have respect for them and they too have to respect you.

When respect is present, it is easy for true love to blossom as you always put them into consideration when making decisions and they do the same thing too. This also creates an avenue for trust to be built and once trust is established, there is no telling how strong the love will end up being.


7.  Love Them For Them


There is a reason why we said you should always know what you want before you step out of your house in search of true love, this is the reason. These days, we tend to find someone random and do the handyman job in their life – mold and shape them into exactly who we want.

Now, we are not saying the handyman job is such a bad idea but the truth is renovating a full noise is harder than changing the light bulb and cleaning the cobwebs.

If you find someone, how to find true love with them is to love them for who they are first – if you do not love them first and you plan is to change them then I am sorry but you will be loving someone only for a while and that is not what you are out to get.

As you do that also, it is important to make sure that your partner is doing the same thing and the easiest way to make sure this is the case is to make sure you are being yourself at all times.

You can only pretend for a while and the real you eventually come out, so if you must let somebody love you make sure they are loving the real you, it is the only way for love in its purest form to blossom.


8.  Communication And Commitment


The two of them go hand in hand and if you are looking for how to find true love, it is impossible to look past any of them without being wrong in your approach. A lot of things we have said here all come down to communication, you have to talk and keep talking to your partner, it is the only way that they understand who you are and what you want.

Communication is continuous as far as true love is concerned in fact, there shouldn’t be a conversation about true love without mentioning communication. She or he is the love of your life and they should be treated as such – they deserve to know everything that is happening so they can be there for you when you need somebody.

True love doesn’t just grow out of the blue, rather it blossoms over time and one of the secret ingredients for this is communication and commitment. You have to be committed to the growth process or else you will spoil everything with little acts of dishonesty and infidelity.


9.  Make Yourself Attractive


We know you have standards and you know what you want but the question is will the person you want, want you back when you finally meet them. To settle this, we tell people looking for how to find true love to make themselves attractive and when we say this, we do not just mean physical looks.

Yes, look good, take care of your skin and face – make sure you look appealing to the eye but that is all about attraction – your soul needs to be appealing too.


10.  Go Out, Look Away From Your Phone, Meet New People

This will be the shortest thing we say here because all that needs to be said has been said. Go out and when you do put that phone in your bag, look up, smile, and meet new people.

Your chances of finding a true lover increases when you find people – meeting people is how to find true love. if you must stay home and be on the phone, you can try online dating but if you take this option, we advise that you be careful.



There isn’t much left to say, in the quest to find true love a lot of things can be done to make everything go wrong, and then there are things you can do to make things go right.

Here we have listed 10 of them, 10 that would work magic for almost anybody who wants it to. So, if you are tired of searching for how to find true love we suggest you follow these steps and get love today.


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How to find true love and happiness

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