How To Pleasure A Man And Make Him Love You Forever

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Pleasure A Man And Make Him Love You without doubt

How to pleasure a man, as the old saying goes, men are simple creatures. This couldn’t be more true, and it explains why so many women struggle to keep their man in line and under control, but with this one tip, you can make sure that he’s ultimately head over heels in love with you and there’s absolutely nothing that he wouldn’t do for you!

The way to any man’s heart is through his stomach—or at least that’s the saying. There’s also an old saying: A man falls in love with the woman who makes him dinner. Either way, if you want to make a man fall in love with you, you should learn how to pleasure him and make him swoon over you in bed… Follow this step-by-step guide on how to satisfy a man and make him fall entirely in love with you!


ways To Pleasure A Man And Make Him Love You Forever

Give Him An Unforgettable Kiss

Remember, a kiss is one of your best weapons to making him fall head over heels in love with you. Use it wisely! When you’re out on a date, don’t be afraid to put those lips to work by locking them around his lips for a kiss. If he kisses you back, great—you’ve got yourself a winner. If not, there are still more fish in the sea (and we know how to catch them).

It’s never too earlier to start practicing your kissing skills and make sure that when you find Mr. Right, you have everything under control… er… well… at least everything south of your waistline!

Ways To Help You Give Him An Unforgettable Kiss

Be confident about what you want and go after it

Make sure your mouth is moist before going in for a kiss.

Keep your eyes open during a kiss to see if he’s enjoying himself or just tolerating it.

Pay attention to his breathing patterns and body language during a kiss—if they change drastically, then chances are things aren’t going as smoothly as possible.

Don’t forget to breathe while you’re kissing!

Don’t force anything – if he doesn’t respond favorably to something you’re doing, stop immediately.

Don’t be afraid to use your tongue!

Never use teeth unless necessary.

Moan softly into his ear – it will drive him crazy!

Don’t forget to smile throughout a kiss – even if you’re nervous, let him know that you’re having fun and enjoying yourself.

Remember that practice makes perfect – every time you kiss someone new, try new techniques and experiment with different ways of giving pleasure.

Do whatever feels comfortable for both of you.

Go easy on the lip gloss/lipstick; otherwise, it might get all over his face and look like a clown instead of a sex goddess.

Try gently nibbling his lower lip while kissing him – it’s incredibly sexy!

Try using your tongue to trace his lips; gently suck on them or flick your tongue against them.

Kiss slowly at first and gradually increase speed as passion builds between you two.

Take Your Time On His Body, From Head To Toe

When you’re pleasuring a man, take your time. Don’t just go straight for his manhood and end things there. Your man is an entire package: he has hands and fingers, lips and a tongue, ears, and eyes—all of which can be equally sensitive to pleasure if you know how to touch them properly. Taking time with him will make him feel more adored than rushed sex.

For example, start kissing his neck gently and nibbling on it until he gets goosebumps all over. Move down slowly to his chest and kiss around his nipples before sucking on them lightly (they’re susceptible). Go down further still, working your way from chest to stomach, then thighs. Then move back up slowly; lick behind his knees, then suck on each toe while massaging both feet together in your hands.

Use All Five Senses In Bed

How To Pleasure A Man And Make Him fall in Love You

It’s simple to get stuck in a routine when regularly getting it on with your main squeeze. It might feel like he wants what he wants, but you can make things more exciting by using all five senses. For example, if you usually have sex while watching TV, try turning off the lights and lighting some candles instead.

If he usually feels up your breasts during foreplay, give him something else to touch—like your back or inner thighs—and let him know how much you enjoy it. Do not be scared to ask for what you want from him either! After all, there’s no better way to pleasure a man than by making him feel pleasure himself. He’ll fall entirely in love with you.

Give Him A Fantastic Bj

It might seem naughty to spend so much time talking about handjobs, but trust us when we say that a man’s experience with a mouth on manhood is strongly correlated with his perception of your sexual skills and prowess. If you want to drive him wild, master your oral technique! Then, when you least expect it, turn around and give him a BJ out of nowhere. He’ll love that you kept him on his toes.

Tease Him…All Over

Men get off on physical contact, too. The whole point of foreplay is to arouse your man physically and psychologically. Start by teasing him with light touches when you’re going down on him:

Run your fingernails along his inner thighs.

Kiss around his shaft without touching it directly.

Lick up his balls from behind.

As he gets more excited, take his manhood into your mouth—but don’t suck it right away! Instead, tease him by flicking your tongue across its tip (like you would if you were licking an ice cream cone). If he’s not moaning after about 20 seconds of doing that, move on to something else for a while.

Once he’s begging for more attention, wrap your lips around his manhood and use your tongue to give him slow strokes all over its surface. Start at its base and work your way up to its head; then repeat in reverse order. Be sure to pull off every once in a while so you can apply some extra spit or lube—this will make everything even slipperier and feel amazing for him.

Repeat until he comes or loses interest, then try again later when he’s excited.

Let Him Know How Good He Makes You Feel

The things you say matter. Your body is his playground, and so too is your mouth. Tell him what he does to you. Talk dirty to him—and trust us, it’s not hard to do when you’re in bed with a guy who knows how to pleasure you.

Talking dirty can be an incredible turn-on for both of you, says Dr. Kat Van Kirk, sex therapist and host of LoveLine on SiriusXM Insight. If done right, it can make sex more fun and exciting for both partners. It allows couples to explore fantasies or fetishes that they may have never discussed before but always wanted to try out together!

Talking dirty during sex can help stimulate and excite each other because we get verbal feedback from our partner, she explains. So whether you like hearing your partner tell you how sexy you look while pleasuring them or telling them how good their touch feels against your skin, talking dirty during sex is a great way to enhance arousal levels and enjoy sexual intimacy even more.

You Can Do This

Don’t doubt yourself, and allow your thoughts to limit you. We often think of our self-worth in terms of what we can or cannot do, but it’s important to remember that you are capable of far more than you think! Whether you want to try something new or accomplish a personal goal, take steps toward making it happen, and don’t let fear hold you back.

If there is something you want to try, give it a shot—you might surprise yourself with how well things turn out! Even if they don’t go as planned, it doesn’t mean you aren’t capable; instead, look at these experiences as an occasion for growth and learning. Remember: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! The only option to succeed in life is to take risks and move forward one step at a time.

Once you overcome an obstacle, your confidence will grow, and so will your ability to handle anything life throws at you.

Final Thought On How To Pleasure Your Man And Make Him Fall Completely In Love With You

Thanks for reading this post to the end, how to pleasure your man and make him fall completely in love with you. The above tips help you avoid turning off your man. Nice attractive tips like these are essential and inspire you to learn from your past, I hope you will engage in the above article for a better and deeper relationship with your husband or boyfriend. So give it a try and then be back to comment.

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How To Pleasure A Man And Make Him Love You

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