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How To Improve Confidence In A Relationship

How to increase confidence! In whatever you do, you need self-confidence. In whichever activity you choose to go into, you need to be self-confident, as it enables you to speak well and to act boldly.

In this article, we will be looking at the following concepts, how to improve your self-confidence in a relationship, building self-confidence, how to increase confidence, and how to be more confident in a relationship for guys.

Confidence is an outward expression of certainty and an inward motivation of one’s self. When you are confident, it brings people towards you. Yes, because they feel you know well and that they can learn from you. People tend to interact more with confident people and move with them.

Confident people take the podiums boldly. They handle their jobs as if they have been doing that job for years. Even in your relationship, your girlfriend needs you to be confident. Women want confident men. Men who act so sure and certain about any action they take. Women trust confident men.

Men who are bold and do not shrink in the face of danger. Further below, I have talked about how to be more confident in a relationship for guys.


Building Self-Confidence

Self-confidence earns you respect. It makes people listen to you and acknowledge your presence often when you’re in their midst. It is not that timid people don’t get to have their circle of friends. They get to- sometimes, but not as self-confident people.

Timid people avoid circles and dread interactions, especially with new faces and for long discussions. But, a confident person tries to meet new people, engage in discussions, express himself, and share ideas.

Now, self-confidence is not only in the way you carry yourself. How do you see yourself? What comes into your mind when you stand before someone? Do you begin to feel inferior, whereas the person you’re in front of is only admiring your hair or smooth face?

In your relationship, too, do you have self-confidence? Or you are confident but not confident enough.
Having self-confidence in your relationship gives your partner even more courage and certainty that she is with a serious guy; a guy who is sure of himself and can handle his relationship well.

A confident guy in a relationship, no matter how annoying or crazy his girlfriend may act, isn’t so bothered nor fears that his girlfriend would leave him. He tries to make her happy and handles the situation like a guru.

Just like when you handle a school project, you don’t run back to your professor to tell him you can’t continue, or that you’re scared to continue. Even if it’s your first project at college, you have to do your research, work on it to see that there are no errors.

That is how to increase self-confidence. In your relationship, you don’t need to show fear at the slightest misunderstanding. You and your partner may have misunderstandings, but that shouldn’t give room to negativity. It is normal for people to misunderstand themselves.

But with self-confidence, you can handle the situation well enough. It is the self-confidence that makes a new mom take her sick child to the hospital, and follow the doctor’s directions like she’s been a regular visitor at the hospital.

It is the self-confidence that makes a new student go to a college himself for registration and admission process, without the assistance of his parents or a relation. No one can see your fears except you show them.

No one can hear how hard your heart beats when you mount that podium for the first time. No one really knows that you get nervous around your girlfriend until you show it. And no one knows you don’t love your look until you say it, then they hold onto it to taunt you.

You should be confident even in that new step you are about to take. Show self-confidence in your relationship. I have listed some tips below you can follow, to improve your self-confidence.
I’ve also mentioned below, how to be confident in a relationship for guys.

How To Increase Confidence

1.  Work On Yourself To Kill Low Self-Esteem

Having low self-esteem really kills your self-confidence faster than anything. And this is not good for you. Low self-esteem will cause you to seek validation from people, and seeking validation from people simply means that you are not confident in yourself. To kill this low self-esteem, you should;

• Read self-help books
• Stand in front of the mirror and appreciate yourself
• Celebrate your little wins
• Smile at your fails and tell yourself you can do better

• Don’t compare yourself to others!

Of course, we’re not gonna pretend there are no fails or bad moments. But, let them not be the things that occupy your mind most of the time. You have to focus on the positive side of yourself.


2.  Feel Good With Yourself

To achieve self-confidence, you have to feel good about yourself first. You should realize that no matter how bad you feel you look, there’s always something about you that people love still. There are things you love about yourself; you have to focus on the beautiful parts of yourself more- than on the poor sides.

Feel good with yourself. Understand that no one knows what goes on in your mind and that your assumptions about people’s thoughts of you can only be based on how you carry yourself at that moment.

Meaning that if you’re feeling smug and lowly, you are likely to think that everyone you walk past thinks low of you. But, when you feel good with yourself, not looking down on yourself but carrying yourself with poise, you’d realize that everyone is going about his business.

And if anyone is actually whispering, it won’t bother you. You have better things to handle than to get bothered with what anyone says about you. What people say about you doesn’t define you. So, why care?

Self-confidence even in games, your opponent would think you’ve been in the game for years even though you’ve only begun playing it of late. Confidence at work makes you feel in charge. Of course, you’re in charge of your actions and how you feel.

You have to feel right with yourself if you expect people to listen to you and follow you. Feeling good with yourself is how to increase confidence.


3.  Be Positive-Minded

In other, for you to boost your self-confidence, you must think positively of yourself. It is better you focus more on the positive things in your life. Think of your growth and the times you won. This is how to increase confidence.

When you have a positive mindset, you will be able to handle a podium in front of a crowd and give your best without shrinking. Sometimes shyness comes because there’s no self-confidence. No self-motivation whatsoever.

You don’t necessarily have to be so social to be self-confident. You should be yourself. Be natural. And be positive-minded. Be certain of your plans and steps. One who is always showing fear is not a confident person.

Shaking when you’re told to stand in the midst of your mates to talk about something they should know, or calling in sick at work when it’s your turn to supervise the other workers, is not how to increase confidence. You need the self-confidence to enable others to stay put and listen to you.

4.  Workout Often

This really helps in reducing stress and anxiety. It enables you to be relaxed and fit, which goes a long way in improving your self-confidence. This is how to increase confidence.


5.  Be The Best Of Yourself To Your Partner And Others

Being the best of yourself means you’re sweet, positive-minded, affectionate, and cool.
You don’t need to be a loud person. You just have to be that person anyone can socialize with. People have to know you a little- to be able to listen to you.

Be the best of yourself; not timid in the midst of your peers, and not having low self-esteem.
People don’t have to be nudging you all the time to speak up, to be yourself. Don’t give your partner the burden of having to ask you all the time if ‘everything is ok? Being the best of yourself is how to increase confidence.


How To Improve Your Self-Confidence In A Relationship

  •  Disallow nervousness. when you’re nervous all the time in your relationship, freaking out when   you see your boyfriend talking with another lady aside from you,
  •  Let your partner be himself or herself
  •  Trust your partner
  •  No trust issues: you should kill that urge of trying to know about every of your partner’s activities. This is also a sign of low self-esteem.
  •  Snooping can get you feeling insecure.

Staying positive and keeping your fears far away is key to a healthy and confident relationship. As long as you trusted that person before going into the relationship (going into a relationship without trust is dangerous), your fears should be far away.

Live every moment with your partner beautifully. These are some important tips on how to increase confidence in your relationship.


How To Be More Confident In A Relationship For Guys

It is not new that guys don’t always act confident at the beginning of their relationship, especially when it’s their first relationship, or if the guy is a shy person. Often, when a guy is in a relationship with a lady of higher class or height, or IQ, he may lose confidence and be quiet in the relationship.

You have to be confident so your girlfriend can see you as one who is confident, and she can lean on you (literally) without any fear that you’d shake and let her fall. You can always listen to your girlfriend even as a confident person. You can always be kind to her even as a confident person.

The confidence here is not being a control freak or needing to massage your ego. Here is how you can be confident in your relationship as a guy;

1.  Be Free With Yourself

Girls don’t want a too-tight boyfriend. You should be open and relaxed around her. You can touch her hair, play with her, hold hands… Just be natural. Don’t let nervousness take over you in your relationship.

Nervousness does not make a relationship active. Learn to interact with her, talk about yourselves, and be accommodating.


2.  Encourage Her To Be Herself

Don’t discourage her from being herself just because you don’t seem to be able to control her. You don’t need to control her. Just as you’re being natural, she should be natural around you.

Let her be free with her friends, let her use her phone and chat with friends and business partners. Give her some space without feeling bad about yourself. That is how to increase confidence in your relationship and this equally proves that there are love and trust in your relationship.

3.  Avoid Analyzing So Much

Let go of the urge to always try to analyze everything she says or does. It will weaken you emotionally. It can make you lose your self-confidence when she calls another guy cute and you keep wondering why she had to say it, or you try to get back at her.

It’s totally unnecessary. To be confident in your relationship means you are positive about your girlfriend, and your relationship altogether.


4.  Be Emotionally Healthy

What this means is that you should drop any emotional baggage or terrible feelings of yourself. Be good with your emotions, and fulfill all your emotional needs together by letting him or her know what you really need at a particular time. This will help keep your relationship healthy.

Having a terrible feeling of yourself will make you feel bad about everything that concerns you, including your relationship- which is not good. Be joyful inside, and this will visualize outside, thereby giving you strong confidence.

5.  Be Certain Of Your Actions

You have to recheck whatever you want to do so that you can act sure and confident when you follow it. Don’t be the confused type. Your woman wants you to be sure about your actions, and what you say so that she can trust your words and actions.

Self-confidence is a very important aspect of one’s self, as this helps in every area of one’s life. Without self-confidence, you may not be able to pursue a dream you have or take up that plan you have in mind. These steps will help in increasing your self-confidence.


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