How To Make Your Boyfriend Go Crazy Over You

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how to make your boyfriend miss you like crazy

How To Make Your Boyfriend Love You More

This is a really good move in keeping your relationship alive and drawing your boyfriend closer to you. You want your boyfriend to love you more means that you love him so much and don’t want to lose him.

Certainly, there are tips you can follow, in order to get your man missing you and longing for your touch. People miss each other naturally. But for different reasons. You have to be loving to the one you love, for him to love you more and miss you.

Not just love. There’s more which you will understand as you read further. You’ll learn how to make your boyfriend miss you like crazy, how to make your boyfriend miss you after a fight, how to make him miss you and commit, how to make him miss you psychology, how to make him miss you after a breakup, how to make him miss you and want you back, how to make your husband miss you,

how to make your boyfriend miss you after a fight

Tips To Make Your Boyfriend Love You More And Make Him Miss You

1.  Regular communication

You should ensure that you communicate with him often. Do not hide your true emotions. He may not be an empath, or be able to understand your mood or needs all the time. Get to talk about your feelings with him.

And it shouldn’t always be about you. Try to engage with him when he brings up an issue about himself. You should be attentive and show concern.

Communicate over the phone; video calls, SMS… let it be outside social media apps. You can send him love texts. This is how to make him miss you.


2.  Be Loving And Caring

Being loving is about having attentive ears, a kind heart, being supportive. It’s not about being calm and not talking often. No, you have to be outspoken.

You may be a tough girl, but, there ought to be love and care coming from you. It is not only for boyfriends to love, call, check up on the girls, try to make them happy… As a lady, you are to be loving and caring to your man.

Understand that he is a person with emotions. He surely needs love and care as much as you do and will love you more if you reciprocate the love.

He doesn’t have to ask you to love him as you mean it. You are in a relationship with this person, and you love him, you should be selfless with your love. Check up on him often, get to know how he feels. Surely, now you know how to make him miss you. He will love you more and be continually sweet to you.


3.  Compliments Him Often

‘You’re so amazing!’ ‘Baby, you look good.’ ‘You’re a great guy’ This works even in long-distance relationships. These words will sink deep in his heart, he’ll always remember you for it. And whenever you’re not around to tell him those words, he’ll give you a call to hear you compliment him.

This goes a long way in getting him to love you more. He will always be appreciative of your kind words and motivation. This is how to make him miss you.

4. Understanding

This is a very important aspect of relationships. Understanding keeps couples closer to each other. When you are understanding to your boyfriend, you get to follow him up when he needs your support. An understanding girlfriend is patient with her boyfriend.

And to get your boyfriend to love you more, you have to always be patient with him. Nobody likes to be pressured or pushed too hard. Do not be too difficult for your boyfriend. Be understanding and encouraging to him. Let him love you in every way he can.


5.  Spend Quality Time Together

how to make him miss you and commit

Let the times you share together be sweet and interesting. Seek to know a lot about him. What do you discuss when you’re together? Yourselves of course. Talk about your private lo lives, talk about the present, the future, your fears, your desires.

You should make him talk about himself more. He will think about you and how much of himself he discussed with you. That is; confiding in you.


6.  Forgiving

There may be misunderstanding sometimes, or rarely- in the relationship, and your boyfriend displeases you, you should be able to let it go, and not take it to heart. Your boyfriend will be at ease around you, and able to talk to you about anything, thereby loving you so much.

But when you’re the one to bear grudges all the time, keep malice with him without ever trying to make amendments, or to see that you both come back to talking terms, he will be scared of you and more hurt. When you’re a forgiving lady, you get your boyfriend to love you more.

How does one apologize to you, yet you refuse to forgive him? That is terrible. You practice forgiveness in relationships. There should be love and harmony between you two at all times. This will boost the love and trust between you both.


How To Make Your Boyfriend Miss You After A Fight

how to make him miss you after breakup

Fighting is not something that should be encouraged in a relationship. And if there is a fight, it must be a minor one. Never let things get so out of control or blow out of proportion. To make your boyfriend miss you after a fight, talk about it sooner.

That issue which caused the fight, iron it out with him. Once you have both settled things amicably, he will miss you and want to be closer to you. He won’t be able to get enough of you.

Also, you can compose a beautiful song for him and sing it to him over the phone. This is a sweet way to get him to miss you. Your boyfriend will miss you, along with as there are so many good moments before the fight, and as long as you do sweet things for him, after the fight.

Talk to him and discuss the good moments you both spent together. Send him photos of you two playing together, making silly faces. If there are videos you took together, you can send them to him, to get him thinking about you, and missing you.


How To Make Him Miss You And Commit

By meeting his emotional needs. Yes, as long as you meet his emotional needs; loving him, caring about his feelings, being undertaken to him, he will be willing to be committed in the relationship. He can only be committed in a relationship where his emotional needs are met.

You have to do things that can cause him to miss you. The kind words you say to him, the sweet text messages you send to him, how you motivate him to see that he becomes a better version of himself- all these will make him love you so much and be willing to be more committed in the relationship.

Go out often. You can suggest you both go out to cool places and have fun. There’s the beach, there are funfairs, there are playgrounds and fun parks. When you go to these places and spend great times together, holding hands, kissing, taking photos, driving around, it builds up a bond between you two.

You can go to any movie theater around you, or get new interesting movies, or comedy; watch this together, laugh together all the time, and let the bond between you both become firm. You will occupy so many rooms in his heart, and he will miss you often.


How To Make Him Miss You After A Break-Up

A breakup is an end of a relationship, and once there is a break-up, it means you’re both single again and can start a new relationship with someone else. But you don’t want to start any romantic relationship with another guy because you really want to make things work with this guy.

To make him miss you and want you back after a breakup, you should suggest a rendezvous for just you two. Preferably a place you both loved to visit. And there you can just sit, talking about nothing. Yea, there isn’t so much to say aloud in such an environment.

There will only be memories flooding your mind, and his mind. Then you apologize for the mistakes you made. Own your mistakes. And if it were his fault, let him know you have forgiven him and you’re willing to make things work again.

You can call him on the phone, and sing him his favorite song. This will touch him and get him warm to you. Do good to avoid loud arguments or another fight. Be calm and attentive. You want to make him want you back, not to make him withdraw from you more.

Having a good friend call him on the phone or meet with him and talk to him kindly for him to ask your partner to give you another chance to love him again, is also great. It has to be a friend who is close to you two and has been with you two on so many of your outings.

A friend who will get him to remember those times you 3 spent watching a movie, playing games, going to classes or work. This is how to make him miss you and want you back. A relationship that is broken, can always work out. Just get to follow the right step.


How To Make Your Husband Miss You

how to make him miss you and want you back

To make your husband miss you, you have to be a sweet wife to him. Make great meals he can never forget. Try out new dishes in the kitchen, follow the recipes well- to have the dish come out ok. Your husband should miss you for this.

He should be out and when he’s hungry, he thinks of you first. The delicious treat you would serve him if he were close to you. Be cheerful and positive around him.

When you have a tight face often, and you rarely say things to encourage your husband, he will only be glad to be away from you. Being cheerful will make him want to always stay close to you- to be caught in your good spirits.

Learn to say nice things to your husband often, stay together often, and share ideas. Talk about old memories that you cherish. Talk about the times you both were still dating, the early moments of your marriage, discuss the future often- and even the present.

Let there be good vibes between you two. Touch him every time you’re around him. He is your husband. Play with his hair, pat his back, kiss him often. These should not only be practiced when the marriage is still early.

If you make this a regular thing, your husband will always have you on his mind. This is how you can make him miss you. With love from you always, you are giving your husband reasons to love you still, and he will miss you so much even when you’re 5ft away from each other. He will want you more.


How To Make Him Miss You Psychology

how to make him miss you psychology

By giving him some break and letting him get to think about you. He will surely be tempted to call you to hear from you again.

Saying kind words to him often. This will keep you in his thoughts. He would wonder what kind of woman you are, to be so kind to him.

This is how to make him miss you.

Encourage him. You don’t have to wait to be told to encourage him before you do so.   Have a mind to always encourage him to be a better person, or to continue to be the awesome person he is.

Talk about your good moments. When you talk about the good moments you both spend together, he will see that you so much value those times you share, and he will be left with no choice but to also reminisce those beautiful times you shared together.

These are ways to make your boyfriend love you more and want so much more of you. He will be glad to be close to you, in your arms, or together outside with friends. I hope you enjoyed the read! Good job on your awesome relationship.


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how to make your husband miss you

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