5 Romantic Kissing Skills To Get Him All Wet Down There

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Romantic Kissing skills to make your boyfriend go crazy

Romantic kissing Skills, kissing your boyfriend can seem pretty straightforward, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re sick of getting the same ol’ kisses night after night, try these five different kissing skills to give him the time of his life. I guarantee you he’ll remember that night in the backseat of his dad’s car for the rest of his life!

Kissing your boyfriend can be one of the most romantic things to do with him if you do it right! Here are five skills to make every kiss as passionate and pleasurable as possible. They’re easy to use, and they will make him so happy to be kissed by you!

Which Kiss Is Best For The First Kiss?

No matter how you feel about giving your boyfriend your first kiss, it can be an inspiring and somewhat scary event. But as far as picking which is best for the first kiss—it doesn’t matter! Just go with what you feel is suitable for you and your relationship. But know that there are several options when it comes to kissing.

Whether you give him a sweet peck on his cheek or steal away to someplace secluded, each kind of kiss has its own time and place.

Is It Advisable To Kiss A Guy On A First Date?

Is it okay to kiss a guy on a first date? You can have a great time without going all in. While kissing may be a fun activity, you should know that there are many reasons not to make out with your partner on your first meet-up. And here’s why If you want to get to know someone better, then making out with them is probably not a good idea.

It could send mixed signals and confuse things. Also, if you’re still trying to get over an ex or aren’t sure about your feelings for someone yet, then making out with them is also a bad idea. It could lead them on and cause problems later when they think things are more severe than they are. So if you’re not ready to make out with someone, don’t do it. Wait until you feel comfortable enough to take things further.

5 Romantic Kissing skills

Get Him Ready

One of your jobs as a woman is to make sure your man is ready for what you want to do with him, and kissing him is no exception. If you’re going to kiss him, but you sense he’s not into it right now, move on to something else—and ask him later. You don’t have to start by going in for a passionate face-sucking; build up to that. Start by having some fun playing around and making out with him.

When you go in for that first smooch, he’ll be more than ready. And if all goes well? You can always take things further! It’s important to note that men are less likely to get down or become sexually aroused after they’ve come, so if you want to keep things steamy between you two, avoid having intercourse too early in your lovemaking session, romantic kissing Skills.

Let Passion Build

This tip is more about skills than passion, but it’s important to remember that Kissing is an art form. If you jump right in and start making out with your guy, he’ll be surprised by your sudden move and not get swept up in his feelings of passion right away. Instead, begin slowly and seductively; when you kiss him, gradually intensify your kisses until he can no longer keep control of himself.

It will take a little time for passion for building between you two, so take your time and let it grow naturally. Your boyfriend will thank you later! Romantic kissing Skills.

Keep It Natural

Romantic Kissing skills To make Him wet

It doesn’t have to be a sex-scene kiss, but you want it to look genuine. It should look natural – like something you’d do before friends or family. Think about what you do when your partner kisses you on your cheek: You tilt your head and turn toward him. Do that here, too! A gentle tilt and turn of your head are all it takes to make his heart melt.

Plus, tilting and turning will help him feel more comfortable kissing you (since he can see what he’s doing), which will help him relax and enjoy himself even more. The trick is to get close enough to touch your lips but not so close that they feel. There won’t be any bad vibes if you accidentally bump heads or noses or whatever else happens when two people get packed together.

Your lips should barely graze each other as you move them around effortlessly; let gravity do most of the work for you.

Sweet Skills To Kiss Your Boyfriend

French Kissing

French Kissing is a great way to intensify a passionate moment, says Dr. Kreeger, who suggests opening his mouth slowly and allowing his tongue to enter yours at its own pace—don’t force it in there; let it happen naturally. When his tongue enters your mouth, let it touch against yours lightly before pulling back again slowly.

Open-Mouth Kissing

Open-mouth Kissing involves placing both of your lips over your partner’s lips and moving them up and down or side to side. These skills can be used anywhere on his body where you want to show extra affection or attention.

Lip Licking

While open-mouth Kissing, lick around your partner’s lips for added stimulation. The combination of open-mouth Kissing and lip licking will make any man feel like he’s getting head, says Dr. Kreeger.

Tongue Tickling

Tongue tickling is done by running your tongue along his bottom lip, then quickly sucking it into your mouth. It’s a sensual move that makes guys go crazy for more, says Dr. Kreeger.

Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding adds an element of danger to make out because you’re playing with fire–literally! Your teeth are sharp, so if you grind them together too hard while making out, you could cut your partner’s skin. If you two decide to try teeth grinding during foreplay or sex, do it gently and sparingly instead of applying constant pressure, Romantic kissing Skills.

Move your head like a boss

Go in for a kiss, and then move your head side to side. It’s fun and sexy to mix up kissing styles to keep him guessing what you’re going to do next! This is also a special way to build anticipation—kiss him like usual, but start moving your head around as soon as he goes in for another kiss.

He’ll be dying to know what you’ll do next…and will probably get more turned on than ever before when he finally figures out what you were doing! We’ve all seen someone try to give their partner a goodnight kiss while reading their phone, watching TV, or even sleeping. That isn’t how you want to end your date night!

Make sure that your date ends with a bang by taking him into another room (or simply dimming down the lights) and giving him an experience he won’t forget. If you feel comfortable enough with each other, slowly remove some of his clothing as you work towards getting physical.

Play With His Hair

When you’re kissing him, play with his hair—there’s a reason why girls (and guys) often fiddle with their hair when attracted to someone. Catching him off guard will make him feel more vulnerable, which you want. Plus, it adds a whole other level of intimacy to your kiss. Start by gently running your fingers through his hair as you kiss him. Then try some braiding:

Start at one side of his head.

Pull small hair sections between two fingers.

Cross them over to braid them together with another excerpt from an adjacent part of his head.

It might take a few trials before you get it right, but once he feels that sensation on his scalp, he won’t be able to stop thinking about how much he likes it! Finally, add a bit of lube: For added effect, add some hair gel or conditioner to his hair before you start playing with it; even better if you use something scented.

If your guy has long locks, now’s also a good time to test out whether or not he knows how to French-braid properly! He should know how to do regular braids already… if not, learn together for maximum effect.

Final Thought On 5 Romantic Kissing Skills To Get Him Wet All Down There

He’s your boyfriend! And he loves you, right? Show him how much you do care with these five sexy and romantic kissing skills. Making out has never been so fun! so give it a try and definitely, you’ll be back for the comment section.

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Romantic Kissing Techniques To Give Him The Time Of His Life

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