Laughing Your Way To A Perfect Marriage

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Perfect-marriage! I’m so, so excited about writing this beautiful piece for my dear readers. We all want beautiful and happy marriages, but sometimes we seem not to be able to figure out how to do it. In this article, I’ll be teaching basically, how to laugh more.

The sole aim of marriage is companionship, therein we have love, support, and laughter. We need laughter for a happy home. Knowing how to laugh more will really help you both in building a stronger bond and a perfect marriage.  You may be wondering, how important is laughter in a marriage.

Now, when there is no laughter in a relationship between a couple, it does not show a good relationship. A good relationship is not void of laughter. Couples should practice how to laugh more. You should know how to make your boyfriend laugh.

No matter how well you may flow with your partner, getting wins, taking pictures together, and attending parties together, if there is no laughter, the relationship would only be like a play. Laughter is important for our relationships to stay healthy. Laughter will leave happy memories for you and your husband.

You need joy and laughter in your relationship, to make it into a perfect marriage. On a date with your boyfriend, put up a good sense of humor. Laughter in a relationship is important. And don’t tell your girlfriend or boyfriend to stop laughing whenever he/she does. You should join in the laughter.

Laughter- as trivial as it may seem, is a powerhouse in a relationship. A couple spending quality time together, always laughing; keeping their relationship super healthy! Couples laugh often, they experience much closeness. They always have each other in mind.

How can you make your marriage a perfect one? How do you make an ideal home? It is a very easy process and can be achieved. You may say there’s no perfect marriage, but, that only depends on your idea of a perfect marriage.

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Secrets to Laughing Your Way to A Perfect Marriage

A marriage filled with joy and laughter is a perfect marriage. It is a marriage envied by all. You need to see that you and your partner stay happy always. To accomplish this, you should put to practice these steps;

1.  Let Grudges Go

Have a clear heart for your spouse. Forgive easily and welcome their jokes. Let there be genuine happiness between you two. It is evidence of a perfect marriage. When you both laugh because you are both so happy with each other and not because it is a criterion for a happy marriage.

You are not proving any point for anyone. It is your marriage, and you should see that there is always laughter and peace going on in it. Laughter in marriage is healthy. So make funny jokes to make your husband laugh, that is also a good way to make yourself laugh too.


2.  Do Silly Things

In marriage, there’s no need to be serious or appear so normal when you’re alone with your spouse. Be free around your spouse. Do crazy things. Even while you express yourself, be free. Say it the way it comes. Speak, make grammatical errors, and laugh yourselves out.

Mimic your friends and in-laws. That’s a good way to laugh in a perfect marriage. And not just with speaking. Even in dressing; you can get your wife’s wig or heels; put them on and pose for her. She’ll call you silly, of course. But, that would be between loud cracks of laughter.

There can only be boring moments in our relationships- because we allow them. Know how to laugh more in your relationship with your spouse.


3.  Do Funny In-Door Competitions

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“Who’s gonna be the first to finish a jar of water before 12 noon?” Now, that has already made the morning lively and leaves your spouse full of smiles. You both may be busy but, you have in mind that a challenge is on.

Imagine going to drink from your jar and you find your spouse adding more water to it? Like, what?! You’ve drunk and he/she has been refilling it? Yea, crazy. That may be the end of the game for that day, but, it leaves you both laughing. That is how to laugh more.

4.  Dress Funny

Do you know you laugh hard when you try not to laugh? So, why not try it? Dress funny, then dare your partner to stare at you well enough and without laughing. You make silly moves to make him/her laugh. But, the rule is; you lose when you laugh. C’mon, you both are gonna lose this game over and over again.

Or imagine yourself trying hard to get your spouse to laugh but, he/she doesn’t. You feel like going to tickle him/her yourself. You know, in games, there’s always that one person who doesn’t follow the rules. LOL. It sure is a good way to laugh more.


5.  Go Out Together

If you’re asking how to laugh more? This is surely another way to do so. You know, taking a walk with your spouse out on the street comes with an exciting and great feeling. You just feel like you’re walking with him on a red carpet and every eye is on you two.

And with that feeling, you make calculated movements, you laugh even at something that’s not even so funny. Because, yea, people are staring at a couple, and couples are supposed to be sweet to each other.

Practice hanging out together and laughing often. If you can laugh together outside freely, you can surely laugh the hell out of yourselves in the closet. Laughter heals, too, you know. Also, you would not want to have a problem with your spouse after you’ve both had a good laugh together.


6.  Watch Real-Funny videos

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Not some video that’d leave your partner sighing. No. You both should enjoy the moment and not just you. Get a video you both will find funny. This is a way to make yourself happy, too. There are funny videos on the internet you can download from or you subscribe to sites so that you can always get notified when there’s a new skit.

This is a good way to stay happy. You should know how to laugh more. Laughter comes with a light spirit. It leaves you feeling good. You may both go to a cinema- away from home, away from the kids; and watch movies together.  For Happy marriage, it is very important to spend a lovely time alone, away from home, and with kids at least every month, and there should be laughter always when you both are together.

7.  Make Comic Jokes

What do you do when your partner is moody? you simply get him/her out of moodiness and back to being alive. You know, sometimes, the cuddling isn’t always enough. It may only leave one cheesy, crying… So, why not try to rack up some jokes for your spouse? There are words or jokes to make your husband laugh.

You can read comic books for that. There are nice jokes you can always find on Google. Get him laughing. Get her rolling all over you asking you to stop with the joke which would have gotten her laughing hard.

Say funny stuff over the phone- even after a serious conversation. As I mentioned earlier, we can only have boring moments in our relationships- because we allow it. Knowing how to laugh more will make you both feel more in love. Know how to crack jokes for your spouse.


8.  Tickle-Tickle

It’s true this doesn’t work for everyone. But, if this works for your man/woman, good one! Tickle your spouse playfully. Especially at that moment when he/she has obviously done something wrong and is supposing that you’ll stay mad for a while. Tickle comes in.

This will make you laugh with your girlfriend. She will laugh so hard- begging you to stop. You can stop, allow him/her to think you’ve really stopped, then continue to tickle him/her. You two can hug and kiss. Know how to laugh more and be romantic with your spouse. Laughter in marriage is beautiful.


9.  Play Hide-N-Seek

laughter in marriage importance

This game works in bringing youthfulness into the relationship. There’s no age limit to this game as long as you are both physically fit. Go out into the garden, and play hide-n-seek with your spouse. You’ll find it funny that your spouse can actually hide in the silliest ways. Practice laughing with your girlfriend.

10.  Don’t Be Nervous With Your Partner

Yes. When you act nervous, when you allow yourself to feel nervous when you’re with your partner; you feel awkward. You don’t know what to really say or how well to even respond. You find jokes dry. Be free both in the private alone with your partner and also outside in the presence of other persons.

Have you ever gone out and met a couple sitting at a table and they’re just sitting, staring, no one’s laughing; the guy doesn’t seem to be able to come up with something funny, and the lady is just there picking her food? Or maybe she doesn’t have a good sense of humor. They look like there’s a problem or they were forced to spend time together.

As a couple, be free around each other… Make funny jokes and laugh together. Laughter in marriage quotes are available on the net, you can say them to make your spouse laugh, or make your boyfriend laugh.

11.  Pranks Can Make Your Husband Laugh

Yes. In this 21st century, almost everybody pranks everybody. You just walk into your door and your spouse is on the couch pretending to be swallowing a hard egg without chewing it and you’re wondering why he/she doesn’t seem to be able to chew it. You get closer and you realize it’s not even a real egg.

Prank your spouse and watch him/her try to understand the whole situation. Make sure your spouse has a shock absorber though. Some pranks can be over the top. But, be sure to have everything end in laughter. Laugh with boyfriend often.

12.  Going Out With Other Couples

This is not a bad idea because you will get to meet funny couples- that’s if you and your partner aren’t among the funny couples. This meeting will only be for discussions that’d keep the air light. You all can talk about your funny moments, your worst moments, your first meetings, even your dumb moments.

There’s always so much you can talk about. Just make sure you all have your cheeks spread like paste. The goal is for you all to have beautiful moments of laughter.


13.  Making Your Own Dance Moves

You can make your own dance moves. That wouldn’t be sad, would it? Make dance moves you think your partner has not seen. And of course, your partner shouldn’t have seen the craziest of moves if it’s not your move. Be creative. Be willing to go extra crazy to put a lasting smile on your spouse’s face.

Make your spouse go ‘wow’ ‘wow’ ‘wow’. Dance till your partner responds. It could be a funny response. It could be a frank response. Either way, don’t feel bad about the response you get. It’s supposed to be for fun. And it will certainly have your boyfriend laughing.

14.  Liven The Atmosphere Wherever You Both Go

I know you may worry about your partner being so shy or introverted, but, you can always be different outside once in a while, you know. You can have a passer-by take you pictures with your camera, you can join people playing games and try to beat them to it.

It could be at a night party, and you kill the night with your vibes. You can both go to the stage and create a beautiful scene for everyone. Make happy moments. It is great. Take your girlfriend unaware. She will certainly have a good laugh.


15.  Be Happy Always

laughing with your boyfriend

This can also make your wife happy, too. Moods can be communicable. Getting mad, and having fumes escape your nostrils, won’t bring any positive vibe. Don’t have your spouse always getting worried about your mental health. You can also help yourself by staying happy.

When you’re happy, your partner is happy, too. Both of you can’t be completely happy when one of you is not happy. You can get busy to avoid mood swings. Get yourself occupied, and of course, laughing! Practice how to laugh more. It is good medicine for the mind.


If you’re a wife reading this, you should know that it is not the role of the man alone to cause laughter. C’mon, girl, apply the steps mentioned in this article and make your man laugh.

Get funny lines, moves from movies, and plays. Act before your man and amuse him to a stupor. Let him beg you to be normal. And don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t show interest.

You know, some men don’t show excitement. Continue with bringing laughter into your marriage. Even when he has just returned from work and he’s looking so serious, get the serious look off his face with random jokes. Old recycled jokes even.

Never get tired of ensuring that laughter stays in your relationship. It is what you have to do to keep your relationship happy and perfect for you and your partner.

Enjoy your happy relationship with your partner as you put into practice, the steps mentioned above.


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