The Keys To A Successful Marriage

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Happy marriage! There are secrets to successful relationships. The grass isn’t really greener on the other side, you have to tend your garden. Regardless of what stage you are in your relationship whether dating, married, or just friends, you have to work on your relationship else it could fall apart.

You need to do all you can to make things work between you and your partner. Marriage is not a joke! We all have responsibilities and character requirements for unending bliss and we must all obey the letter else trouble will come in.

In today’s post, we will be exploring tips for a happy marriage, characteristics of a successful marriage, and marriage advice for newlyweds.

marriage advice for newlyweds

The Keys to a Successful Marriage

1.  Create Time For Each Other And Have Fun

One marriage advice for newlyweds is that the reception is over and all guests have returned to their various destinations, it’s now time for a new journey together. If care isn’t taken, routines will set in. One of the tips for a happy marriage is to make it a point of duty.

Learn how to treat your husband like a boyfriend sometimes. Get out of the rut. Go out, play, have fun, and do some “quickie”. Keep the children with a relative for a day or two and have some fun.

The reason why you may be having tension and undying conflict in your marriage is that you don’t have time for each other. CREATE time!

elements of a successful marriage

Nobody has time in this economy considering the bills to pay and the daily task of caring for the children. If you wait for the perfect time to spend time with the love of your life, you will never have the time.

One of the elements of a successful marriage is to just make up your mind to do it! Look for a weekend or public holiday and get out with your man while the kids enjoy a fabulous visit to your parents or trusted relatives!

My husband loves the computer and enjoys working on it. He reads a lot too. He likes technical things. I’m loving to be technical too, so we can chit chat and gist while we explore the computer together says Tanny. Your partner wants you to enjoy what he or she enjoys. They want you to share the same passion and be their best friend.

If he or she loves a particular football team, try to get interested. You may need to study their passion and be there to scream along as they score their breathtaking goals. Be your mate’s recreational companion. This is one of the tips for a happy marriage.


2.  Look For Healthy Means Of Resolving Conflicts

tips for a healthy marriage

One of the tips for a happy marriage is to Look for healthy means of resolving conflicts.

Talk! Let out those hurts and bitterness you’ve been nursing for a long time. Let your partner know the things they do that are hurting you and let them tell you theirs too; NOT WHEN YOU ARE MAD! Don’t talk to your mate when you are angry, talk, but not when you are mad! They will only defend themselves and stand their ground by being defensive.

Sit down and have a fresh plan for your marriage. Your finances, emotional health, and in-laws’ issues need a serious address. Those may be the areas giving you a serious headache in your marriage!

If you do not sit down and deal with them they may become a mountain too high to climb. Pull your man close when you are upset, hug him, lay his head on your chest, and say “Honey, I love you no matter what”…

Massage his ego and address the issue as calmly as possible first thing the following morning. He will listen to every little thing you have to say and even say “I’m sorry”…

Only witches control others, nagging is a form of witchcraft. Nagging does no good, it doesn’t help. Let your man have peace, please!

When he returns from work (imagine after working all day, facing an over-demanding boss, attending to duties, complaining customers, and satisfying highly demanding clients which you know can be energy-draining), save all matters of concern for pillow talk at bedtime.

Correct him once and watch how he reacts. One of the characteristics of a successful marriage is no one likes someone witch-hunting them over their mistakes. Stop screaming, shouting, and abusing your mate.


3.  Have Plenty Of Intercourse

You seriously need it.  do the kissing, lovemaking, and romancing! You have your partner only to do that with. Now is the time to try that fantastic lovemaking style you’ve been dreaming of.

Look at your man’s fully naked body, what part have you neglected for so long and you need to explore?

When last did you make him enjoy making love?

if I would ask the last time you make him gasp for breath?

When last did you make him scream your name?

Intercourse is a serious issue in marriage and should not be taken with levity as it is one of the basic needs of a man. Millions of couples are divorced all over the world because of carelessness in this area. If you are not sensually satisfied, do not lie to your husband.

Shyness is not allowed in the marriage. This is one of the rules for a successful marriage. Tell your man exactly what you want in bed. If you want him to touch your breast during lovemaking, tell him. If you want him to give you a head, discuss it with him.

There is nothing to be afraid of. You must get all the sensual satisfaction you need at home and keep outsiders (another man) out of it. Some women are so religious, they will never do anything aside from the missionary position! They claim it is unreligious.

Excuse me, lovemaking is an instinct! No manual that says it must be missionary only! Nowhere is it stated that the man must stay on top of you. So if you climb on top of him and give him a powerful ride, it won’t be held against you. Come on, lose inhibitions, and give your husband mind-blowing lovemaking. You will be rewarded for it.

He knows far more than intercourse; and yes! intercourse is food in marriage! and passionate intercourse in marriage are important to him, that is the way God created men so spice up your bed. life! This is a part of the tips for a healthy marriage.


4.  Learn To Be Romantic

This is one of the tips for a happy marriage. French kiss and enjoy lovemaking with your husband. Try different lovemaking positions! 3 months of a missionary is boring! Try cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, sitting, and doggy among others here. Do what both you and your husband enjoy and find comfortable.

Some women run away from lovemaking if they don’t enjoy it. You won’t enjoy making love when your mind is not there and you’re not wet. Tell your husband how to locate your G-spot, tell him how you want to be touched.

You must learn to patiently work on his body. And tell him to do the same for you for at least 20 minutes in foreplay before you get ready for intercourse. If he complains that the place is too wide, try kegel exercise or some vagina products, it will help you a lot.


5.  Celebrate And Adore Each Other

Continuous admiration is one of the tips for a happy marriage and is key to the success of every relationship. Admiration turns a man on faster than you think. When last did you tell your partner he or she looks so sweet and watch them blush? Men love to know they are physically appealing to their wives.

Admire his head, face, muscles, stomach, and all. Let him know you find him irresistibly attractive and you are blessed to have him. Admire your wife’s intelligence and wisdom, if not, you wouldn’t have married her. Stop focusing on your mate’s weaknesses, it will make them look foolish to you.

Your husband is wise if you reflect on so many things he has done for the family that requires a great deal of wisdom, you will realize, you have a wise man as your head.

Admire the fact your mate goes to work daily to earn a living and also supports you on the Home Front. Running a business is not child’s play. Yet, after sweating, laboring, fighting competitors, working to the bones, and risking his life, he brings the money home for you and the children. Appreciate him, celebrate him, adore him!

Admire each other’s body parts. Let them know you love the size, length, and circumference, and having them is a blessing; even if your lady is extra-large, show admiration, and work together to help her lose some pounds.


6.  Keep Being Best Friends

Men crave friendship from their wives. He wants you to be his buddy, gist mate, and recreational companion. This is part of the tips for a healthy marriage. The home gets boring when the woman shows no interest in what excites him.

Some men will rather hang out with friends and come home late than spend an hour with a nagging, bitterly complaining wife who does not even care whether he exists.

Make your man enjoy coming home. Real companionship satisfies mutual interests, especially in your man’s passion/hobbies will keep him happy, excited, and full of life.


7.  Have Deep Respect For Each Other

At a point in my life, I saw nice, men falling in love with me and I didn’t know why. Looking back, I realized, I showed them so much respect. When I talk to my husband with respect, he becomes so affectionate, so tender, so romantic, and very generous.

Every man desperately wants respect from his wife. It’s not his fault, God made him that way. The same way you want him to love you unconditionally even when you don’t deserve it, the same way, show him respect even if he doesn’t deserve it. He will cherish, love, and admire you forever.

Couples should have mutual respect for one another; while it is called respect for the man, it is called love for the woman. Cherish your woman, let her know without a doubt that you love her greatly. This is one of the tips for a happy marriage.


8.  Work At Staying Attractive To Each Other

Every man wants a beautiful and presentable wife so also does every woman wants a hardworking and neat husband; when a wife looks good, her husband likes to show her off. Men have an ego, and one of those things that stroke, caress, and fondle their ego is to see their wives look good and presentable.

A man likes to own something of value. He likes to see his friends say “Wow!” when he introduces his wife to them. Build his pride, let him be happy to show you off.

Don’t look shabby, don’t look ten times his size, don’t blow off! Look good, trim up, and stay physically fit. Avoid fat, stay off junk, eat healthy food, exercise, and rest well. Take care of your skin. Do your hair, dress well, and be sweet to look at; your husband will love you for it.

The man should also work out if possible to stay fit, and lose some body and tummy fat. Dress well, wear good perfume, and bathe regularly. Most women complain that their men don’t like taking regular baths. Men, please do all you can to stay attractive to your wife.


9.  Listen Deeply To Each Other

Try to listen to each other. If your mate tells you they want some things, is because they need to feel happy in the relationship, they need to know that you would do whatever they ask from you because you love them.

Be assured that if you truly meet the basic needs of your partner for them to be happy, they will do the same to you, if you ask for it. Men, as women, can’t read minds so don’t be upset if things don’t go how you want them to.

If you don’t communicate it’s your fault. If communication is good, keep trying and things will fall into place; this is one of the elements of a successful marriage.


10.  Never Stop Dating

That is what keeps a marriage alive! You can’t stop telling him you love him because he’s now a husband and a father! You can’t stop admiring, praising, complimenting, and sending him sexy text messages! Don’t let work snuff all the life out of your marriage.

Communicate honestly, truthfully, and sincerely. Don’t lie about anything. Share your frustrations, pains, fantasies, and desires; listen to your husband with an open mind. Both of you should work together towards being better people and you will be glad you did.

Lastly, try meeting each other basic needs and your home will be the envy of the world; this is one of the vital tips for a happy marriage. No one said it would be easy, but in the years to come when you look back, you will realize it was worth it.

Keep your eyes closed, ears closed and mouth closed is advice a man gave to his daughter on her wedding day and he said one of the tips for a happy marriage is to have your eyes closed because after marriage you come in contact with people better than your spouse but don’t fall for it.

Keep your ears closed because so many suggestions will come your way from both friends and family but look for what works best for your mate and keep your mouth shut because words can harm you. They can kill and give wounds deeper than weapons.

Weigh your words before you use them. Try these happy marriage tips in your home and you will be happy you did.


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