10 Signs You Are Not Ready For This Marriage

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signs a woman is ready for marriage

Signs of marriage! Relationships are hard work how much more marriage? This is an aspect of life I’ve seen people handle with kid’s gloves.

One minute they are in a relationship and the next they are married and before you realize it, they are divorced. Everything in life calls for preparation including marriage.

What sense does it make to prepare for the ceremony and not for the life after it? People get married for the wrong reasons, others hold back for seemingly wrong reasons. Many bow to pressure from society, family, or even friends. Others do too for economic reasons.

In today’s post, we will be exploring signs you should not get married, am ready for marriage, and the ready for marriage checklist.

why am i not ready for marriage


1.  You Are Questioning Your Relationship

A piece of advice to keep close to your heart, if you’re questioning if a relationship is right and aren’t excited about getting married to your current partner, please don’t do it.

It’s one of the signs you should not get married, at least not just yet. You may be in love but just don’t feel like you should take the relationship to the next level.

When you find that special someone, you will know beyond every reasonable doubt that you are meant for each other.

There’s no trophy for getting married early or late in life. We think love is enough reason forgetting that relationships are in phases and when the candle of love goes out, it will take friendship to keep the boat going.


2.  You Are Still Searching

One of the signs a man is ready for marriage is when he stops searching. Are you in a relationship and yet you find yourself still looking for someone better? It’s one of the vital signs you are not ready for marriage.

Does your mind still wonder at the thought of marriage or do you develop cold feet when the subject of commitment comes in? Some still feel there’s a better mate than the one they have presently.

The truth is this, even after marriage you will find a thousand and one people you should have gotten married to in the first place. There should be an air of confidence around you that you’ve got the best partner ever; if there isn’t, then it may be one of the signs you should not get married.


3.  You Are Not Happy

signs of a good woman to marry

What are your vitals saying? Are you happy being with this person? Is your relationship draining you? Do you feel like you are in bondage?

Are you investing much more than you are getting out of your relationship? Is the cost of keeping your relationship more than you can bear?

Is it taking you away from your family and social activities? If your answer to all of the questions above is yes, then you may need to have a rethink because marriage is not for you yet and they are all signs you should not get married.


4.  Your Priorities Are Not In Place

One of the signs you should not get married is if your priorities are not in place. Many rejoice at the thought of marriage without being ready for it.

As a man, are you earning? Can you comfortably fend for yourself and still have leftovers? Have you discovered yourself, your goals, visions, and what you want to achieve? Do you have a picture of where you want to be in 5 years? What about your value system? What do you stand for?

For the woman also, are you a good homemaker and keeper? Are you earning too? (Of course, you read correctly). Have you developed yourself character-wise?

If your answer to all of the above is no, then marriage isn’t for you. The level of unpreparedness before marriage is one of the reasons for high divorce rates today.

So many assume responsibilities that are not theirs, and others feel time will sort out their differences which never happens, only a few pull through and they end up learning the hard way. Get to a point of independence and you are good to go.


5.  You Are Not Yet Highly Emotionally Intelligent

How emotionally intelligent are you? Do you fly off the handle or go into a rage at the slightest provocation? Can you wholeheartedly satisfy the emotional needs of your partner?

Marriage is about two people from two completely different backgrounds and upbringings coming together to live as one. There will be friction and disagreements but how you handle those matters a lot.

Until you have mastered your skill of conflict resolution and you can ignore some flaws and not be too touchy, please don’t venture into the journey of marriage.

Remember, you cannot control the actions of people but you have power over your response. The way you respond will be the game-changer.


6.  You Are A Perfectionist

A lady walked into my office a few weeks ago asking, Am I ready to get married? It led me into asking a series of questions and I found out she’s a perfectionist. She likes things being done her way, her decision has to always be final.

You see, in relationships, we will need to meet somewhere in the middle sometimes. We may have to give up our rights and compromise and shift grounds too for it to work.

This is part of the ready-for-marriage Checklist. Can you let go, so that you two can work? If you insist on having everything done your way, you may be seen as a selfish and egoistic person and it may be one of the vital signs you should not get married just yet.


7.  You Are Not In Your Man’s Future

signs a man is ready for marriage

One of the signs a man is ready for marriage is that he talks about it and features you in it.

So, if your man talks about his future without you in it then he’s not ready for marriage and you are not going to marry yourself. Or are you?


8.  You Have Trust Issues

When you have issues trusting people and hardly give people the benefit of doubt, marriage will be hard. Situations will arise where your fidelity will be questioned, can you be trusted and can you trust and love your mate without a doubt in your heart?

This is one of the foundations of any marriage and anything short of blind trust unless broken is one of the signs you should not get married.

A relationship without trust means you are on a faulty foundation. Trust is the belief in your spouse’s integrity. Some have a hard time trusting their partners, this is so wrong, so ask yourself again, am I ready to get married?


9.  You Are Being Pressured

Another sign you are not ready to get married is if you are being pressured to get married. The decision to get married is a personal one and involves you and your partner.

If you are been pressured into doing that, please take a back seat. It means you are not ready for it. You shouldn’t be pressurized and you shouldn’t succumb to it either.

When the time and partner come you will go into it fully satisfied that it was based on mutual consent between you and your partner and you will face the consequences of your actions. You won’t get into a blame trade. Ask yourself again, Am I ready to get married?


10.  You Are A Cheat

Am I ready to get married? Is one of the questions that come to the mind of serial cheats who are still single? I advise that if as a single, you’re still in the dating world, sampling and still checking out babes and guys, then marriage isn’t for you and is one of the glaring signs you should not get married.

Some think of marriages as boring and a cell where they stay glued to one partner for life. If this is still your mindset, you have to evaluate yourself on the Am I ready to get married checklist.


Finally, commitment happens based on mutual comfort levels. You both agree as a couple and work towards it; it is not a one-sided thing. I end with an anonymous quote, would you rather get married and be happy or get married and become a philosopher? The choice is yours. Enjoy!


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