How To Keep Spark And Love Alive In A Relationship

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how to keep the love alive

Like a cold night out where you have to keep the fire burning to stay warm, that’s how you have to keep the fire burning to keep your relationship alive and active.

But hey, not fire literally, and in this case, it doesn’t require as much effort as gathering dry wood and match stick to keep your relationship interesting.

There are some questions that you can’t just have all the answers to no matter how basic they may seem; this is why this article is packed with successful relationship tips for you; how to keep your relationship alive with love and make it active too, which equally provide you with various long-lasting relationship tips.

You’ve been with your partner for God knows how long and in the first five, seven, or ten years things seem to be going fine, that is the fire is still burning, but now in your later years, there’s no longer that spark talk more of “burning fire” and you begin to wonder what went wrong and where it did go wrong.

These are the common reasons as to why the spark fades off in a relationship. As you apply the tips I have provided in this article, you can begin to enjoy that burning passion in your relationship once again. Below are things to do to keep a relationship interesting.

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How To Keep Spark And Love Alive In A Relationship

1.  Try New Things Together

C’mon, guys, you’ve been doing the same thing over and over again since y’all have been together and you still wonder why the spark is suddenly gone, well that is the problem, you keep repeating the same dinner dates at the same restaurant, cooking him the same meal, going to the same karaoke spots and all that.

I could agree that these spots you and your partner visit together may be his/her favorite place or favorite meal but it’s not working anymore thus you’ve gotta change your directive. There are a hundred and one things you and your partner could try out together and if you have no idea pick from the following or do all, it’s fun too.

You and your partner could begin to plan on a vacation together, the planning is bound to bring both of you together since you’re working on a common goal.

Aside from vacation, you and your partner could plan other goals, like do romantic indoor activities that will bring you both much more together and spark love out of the relationship, buying a new car, a new house, etc., and work on this plan together it will spark a fire and to keep that fire burning follow the other tips included here.

2.  Spend Some Time Apart

When was the last time you had an all-girls night out or an all-boys night out? In high school or college right? You got married to the love of your life and are always together like TV and remote, that is sweet really, but is it still sweet now that you’ve lost the spark?

You and your partner being together means you see each other daily, repeating the same routine for 10 years, and so on. Well, here is the time for the TV and remote to take a break, boy, hang out with the other boys for the weekend, girl, hang out with the girls for the weekend.

This will help you break out of your usual routine, give you something else to look forward to, and also create an avenue for a man to miss his wife and vice versa.


3.  Begin A Conversation

how to keep a relationship interesting

What happens after you and your partner spend a few days apart from each other and then sees each other? Oh, that’s right, loads of exciting conversations begin lord knows the last you and your partner had a hearty, exciting, soul-touching conversation.

This will bring that spark back as you get to talk about how you miss each other and the various things you did while away from each other.

However, if you didn’t do number 2 it’s still fine you can jump right to number 3, strike a conversation with your partner that will make you talk for a long period of time. This singular act will help to enhance communication in your relationship and boost the lost spark back.

In case you don’t know what to talk about or ask her? Try asking “What’s your biggest fear?”, “what are your favorite things about our relationship?” and stuff like that.

Talking about your future, knowing what is on each other’s mind, share conversations this act will bring back that long-lost spark you want to rekindle.

4.  Try Impressing Each Other

In the early days of your relationship, you’d wear your favorite dress or that special suit to go out on a date, cook his/her favorite meal, and the other things you do in those days that really create great intimacy in your marriage and impress your partner.

Now, you’ve been together in like, forever, and no longer see reasons why you continue to impress each other, bring back the former energy you used in impressing your partner, and start the act again. That is how to keep a relationship alive.

Don’t worry about if your partner will reciprocate the act or not, they’d notice that you’re trying to impress them and would equally set out to return the favor.


5.  Spice Up The Bedroom Activity

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Lovemaking and intimacy strengthen the bond of every romantic relationship. Your sexual life may be great but it’s important to spice things up in the bedroom; explore other forms of sexual activities and not just the regular “in and “out” thing you do all the time.

Introduce sexual toys, hardcore foreplays (cunnilingus), do role plays, have intercourse in every corner of the house and other places outside your house, this makes your bedroom activity less boring and rekindles the passion in your relationship. This is how to keep your relationship alive.

You can join coupling classes online and learn new ways to explore your sexual lives. It will help you build a strong and healthy relationship with your partner and equally brings activeness to the relationship.

6.  Is There Anything Bothering You? Talk It Out

This is how to keep a relationship alive. Speaking out your feelings. Your spouse may not be able to read your body language or know what goes on in your mind. You can always talk to him about the way you feel.

Always tell your partner whatever is on your mind. Do not harbor pain. Let him know you’re pissed off at him for not keeping the bathroom mirror clean. If you notice they’re changing towards you, talk it out, never hold it in.

Keeping it in will build resentment which in turn will gradually make the spark in your relationship fade off. To prevent that from happening or if it’s happening already, begin to talk things out together. This is how to keep a relationship alive.

7.  Make A Love Conscious Choice

Just as fire needs fuel to burn brighter, so does a love-conscious choice that keeps up the spark in a relationship. When you wake up in the morning, look over at your partner and decide to love her that day, no matter what may come up later.

Keep it up for that day or week, and more. Make up your mind to love your partner no matter their flaws. This is how to keep a relationship alive.


8.  Put Your Phone Away

There are lots of technological distractions here and there. The news feed refreshes with the latest news every few minutes and you’re always wanting to check out the notifications.

You should pay attention to your partner when he/she is there with you. The habit of concentrating on your phone and snubbing your partner while at it, is unromantic.

And according to recent research conducted in this context, nearly 46% of people in romantic relationships snub their partner for their phone.

This act affects your partner emotionally and psychologically. It builds hurt and anger too which in turn strains your relationship. And like high-pressure water on the fire, gradually puts off the spark in your relationship.

So, when with your partner, put that phone down, as long as it’s not an urgent business, to avoid you snubbing your partner. Give your spouse full attention.


9.  Perform Partner Activities

Activities are important for everyone, it strengthens the mind and soul and it is even way fun when you and your partner do these activities together. The activity may come from her or from you. Whatever it may be, you should go ahead to do it together. This is how to keep a relationship alive. Couple goals!

Take yoga classes together, go on swimming lessons together, play tennis together, cook together, etc. According to studies, exercising produces pheromones that can bond you to your partner when you work out together, thus fueling your relationship spark.


10.  Be There When You’re Needed

how to keep a relationship alive with passion

You may have a busy schedule and all that but, that is not an excuse for not taking her out sometimes. Try to make out time for her; it would surprise your partner, which is also good for a relationship, too.

You know your partner, and thus know what they find important. Make time for what your partner finds important. Support them and offer encouragement when necessary.

This act, coupled with others, will ignite the fire back into the relationship. Know how to keep a relationship alive despite a busy schedule.

11.  Make Eye Contacts

You’re thinking this is a lame gesture but wait until you see how effective this tip can work in bringing the spark in your relationship alive.

Making eye contact produces neural synchrony in the brain which activates the release of the oxytocin hormone which makes partners feel good about each other, this is just how much a super simple act like making eye contact will cause to happen.

Bring that spark alive in your relationship by looking at your partner in the eye as much as possible, it is equally easy to do and has long-lasting effects as well.


12.  Start Using The Element Of Surprise

In the early days of your relationship, you usually surprise your partner, giving her gifts and sending her flowers when she least expected it, cooking his favorite meal, and the other cute things you do for yourselves.

You’ve stopped doing it now because you feel you’ve been together for too long and it’s meaningless to keep doing that. But you see it’s gradually putting off your relationship spark.

Bring back those acts, and utilize the element of surprise in your relationship. It is exciting which is exactly the right kind of fuel that your relationship requires, this won’t just create sparks, but burn a big bright fire. This is how to keep a relationship alive; good surprises.

13.  Verbalize Your Sexual Thoughts

Whether you are in a distant or close relationship, this works perfectly. Look at your partner seductively, make out and have intercourse with them in your head and express it verbally.

Tell her what you’d love to do to her, tell him the parts of his body you want to put your mouth on, say “I love you” often. This is how to keep the love alive. Express how you feel about each other truly.

And, don’t forget to use sweet words. They are necessary as well. Know how to keep your relationship alive and sweet!


14.  Discover Their Love Language

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Everyone has a different love language, that is, we all have a way we want to be loved including our partner, and where’s the fun in asking them about it. It is left for you to discover.

That is if you truly love your spouse and when you do go on to perform activities that fill them up. In doing so they feel understood, loved, and will always come back for more from time to time.


These are strong relationship tips on how to keep a relationship alive with passion, and its spark. And, just as you’ve noticed, they aren’t hard to keep up or perform. Begin to apply them to your relationship, and bring the spark on again!


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