8 Things Guys Notice About Girls

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sweet Things Guys Notice About Girls

Things guys notice about girls, whether you like it or not, guys are constantly taking in your appearance — and it’s usually far more than you think they are! Below are eight things that guys notice about girls when they first meet them — and no, we’re not talking about the color of your dress or the accessories you wear.

These things might seem insignificant, but they all add up to help him form an overall impression of you and decide whether he likes what he sees. But no worries! If you’re lacking in one area, men and women are different creatures, but both species have the same goal
in mind, attract someone of the opposite sex so that they can mate and reproduce.

Sure, that may be a gross oversimplification of the whole human mating ritual, but it’s not too far off from the truth. That being said, because men and women are on entirely different wavelengths about dating, relationships, mating rituals, and whatnot, we tend to notice altogether different things about each other when we first meet each other – even if we don’t realize it at the time.

What Is The First Thing A Boy Notices In A Girl?

Eyes. A girl’s eyes are often her most expressive feature, conveying emotion to guys like a few other parts of a girl’s body. When a guy fixes into your eyes, he sees more than just part of your face—right into your soul. And that is incredibly attractive to him. He will notice if you have pretty eyes, but that means a lot more to him if you have beautiful eyes.

What Does A Guy See In A Girl?

The first thing he notices is your eyes. The things you say and do with them will let him know whether or not you’re interested. If a guy considers a girl, his pupils will dilate when she speaks to him. It’s like somebody flipped a switch as soon as she entered his radar, and now he’s looking for every opportunity to talk to her. Eyes are essential because they can be more revealing than even words sometimes.

He may notice that you have pretty eyes, but if they don’t match what you’re saying, he knows something isn’t right. He also likes it when girls pay attention to details about him, so make sure to notice what color shirt he has on or what shoes he wears.

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The Way You Walk

An upright posture commands respect and suggests self-confidence. You’ll walk more confidently if you have a good sense of balance—practice walking on a moving surface, like an exercise ball or your bouncy exercise step. And make sure you know where you’re going so that you don’t look nervous (or worse, distracted) as you stride down a hall.

Put your head high with your chin parallel to the floor, and keep your shoulders back and relaxed. If you need to stop midstride, do it in place; never abruptly halt by freezing in place or stomping one foot forward while dragging another back. Always try to keep eye contact when talking with someone; avoiding eye contact can be interpreted as shifty behavior or even hostility.

Walking tall makes a confident impression—and will help other people perceive you that way too!

The Way You Hold Yourself

Whether we’re working out or sitting at our desks, our bodies are always on display. If you want to feel better about yourself, stand up straight and pull your shoulders back. When guys see you stand with confidence, they’ll be putty in your hands. Indeed when you look good, you feel good. So get ready for some fun!

A study by Florida State University found that women who think positively—and walk confidently—are more likely to attract a mate than those who slouch. Stand tall, and people will notice how much you have going for you. (Don’t forget to smile!)

The Way You Laugh

Laughter is a healthy, active form of stress relief. More than that, though, it’s also one of the best ways to be more charismatic—which is why men are likely to notice a good sense of humor first (especially if they’re attracted to you). Start by making fun of yourself; it shows that you’re comfortable with who you are and place you in a good position for being able to laugh at others.

Then, watch your favorite funny movies or clips on YouTube to get ideas about what works for you. There’s no point in imitating someone else’s sense of humor; find something that makes you genuinely chuckle. Once you do, work on having a good time when you tell jokes—there’s nothing worse than telling an off-color joke only to have everyone sit there awkwardly.

If all else fails, remember: It doesn’t matter how well other people think you tell jokes; what matters is that you know how to make yourself laugh. So go ahead and bust out those corny puns!

How Organized You Are

Studies have revealed that men are attracted to women who are both intelligent and organized. It’s natural for guys to want to be around someone who makes them feel comfortable, and if you always seem like you’re running late or aren’t sure where your keys are, it shows that you might not be a good fit for them in their everyday life.

This can be a pretty big turnoff for guys because they want someone who can be an equal match for them. If you’re trying to attract a guy, make sure you keep yourself together. Men don’t want to date someone who has trouble taking care of themselves; instead, they want someone who will be able to stand by their side through anything. To do that, though, you need to show them that you’re capable of doing so.

How Practical You Are

Practicality is one of those characteristics that go along with being a nice person. Being nice doesn’t mean you aren’t practical; it just means you can be applicable in different ways than other people.

Someone who shows up to a party empty-handed isn’t always considered a bad guest (especially if it wasn’t their turn to bring something), but someone who does show up without anything, or expects others to buy them dinner, might come off as thoughtless. If you want to be seen as a nice person, remember: It’s not about how much money you spend on gifts and parties.

It’s also about how much time and effort you put into making sure everyone has fun at these events—and when they do have fun, it should feel like your doing your part. You don’t need to go overboard and plan every detail—but showing up prepared for whatever happens will help ensure that things go softly for everybody else.

Your Handwriting

A perfect score! Most men notice girls with good handwriting because she always gets perfect score on their spelling tests or quizzes. If you can easily spell words like envelope or irony, then the chances are high that he will think highly of your intellect and knowledge base.

Your Scent

The way you smell is fundamental, and while guys don’t tend to go around sniffing each other all day, they notice when a girl smells good. This doesn’t mean you have to have a fragrance that costs over $100; even cheap perfumes work if they match your body chemistry. You should take care of yourself, shower regularly, and use deodorant.

When it comes to scents, everyone has their preference—and some scents are much more universally liked than others—but in general, citrusy or floral fragrances tend to be popular with men. If you want to stand out, try mixing two different scents. For example, mixing jasmine with musk will create an intoxicating combination that most guys won’t be able to resist.

Another option is to layer a light scent under something more substantial. One of my favorite combinations is baby powder under sweet amber, but it might not be for everyone! We also like girls who wear bright colors: Bright colors draw attention because we’re hardwired to notice things different from our surroundings.

Think concerning how tough it would be for you to find someone wearing black in Times Square at night! Make sure your clothes fit well, so they look flattering on you rather than boxy or shapeless.

The Shoes You Wear

Your shoes say a lot about you—and not just about your sense of style. For example, if you wear jeans every day, men notice that and take it as a sign of your comfort level within your social circle. That said, wearing sneakers to work and heels to dinner don’t always say anything about your personality; it depends on what kind of heel, where you work, and who you’re with.

So while we may think we know what type of girl is rocking each pair, keep in mind that our assumptions could be off-base. And even if they aren’t: So what? You do you! (But don’t get us wrong—we love learning more about why girls choose to dress as they do.

Bottom Line On 8 Things Guy Notice About Girls

If you’re a girl reading this, take some time to think about these eight things and then ask yourself how you measure up. Are you confident? Do your words reflect that? Are your clothes flattering? Are you putting others down (even if it’s in a joking way)? Make a mental note of any habits that aren’t helping boost your confidence level, and try to cut them out. The comment section is below.

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