15 Things Women Find Most Attractive In Men

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what ladies find attractive in a man

In life, there is nothing as important as learning and this is why men always fall short in matters of the heart. On average, a man seems pretty straightforward, do this and that to win his heart, a woman on the other hand is different. Women will always remain a mystery to men – how they think or do the things they do always seems more complicated.

You never really know and here lies the problem when it comes to the relationship between women and men. You think she likes this and then you realize it is one of those things that turn her off when she is with a guy.

Knowing the things women find attractive in men will opening you to a whole new world of adventures. Your luck increases with women as you now know the character traits you possess that need more time and attention.

These forces of attraction can come in any sphere of life; they can be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. The most important thing is knowing what girls find attractive in guys as this knowledge will give you an edge in the race to win a girl’s heart. That been said, we would like to jump the gone and begin things before the next girl walks by.

what do you find physically attractive in a man

15 Things Women Find Attractive in Men

The first thing we would be taking into consideration before we begin is that all women are not the same. This must be noted before beginning, because all these things may not apply to all women. What works for Jessica might not be what works for Christine and this is not weird in any way.

This is why we encourage men to first know their women before trying to find the things women find attractive in men. When you know her, you would be able to easily identify the things that would work for her and the ones that won’t. That being said, these are 15 things that would most likely attract a woman to you;

1.  Age Gap

We all have heard the saying that age is nothing but a number which can be said to be true in some cases. In this situation, however, the statement that most women have been drawn to is the one that says ‘what an elder, sees sitting down cannot be seen by a child even if he climbs a tree.

You can ask a woman ‘what do you find physically attractive in a man that I don’t have all day and she will not be able to give you an answer. This is because the real reason she is not attracted to you is that you are not just younger but you look and act your age.

Women have the ideology that an elder man would be able to protect them more with strength and experience. They also believe that he is wiser and more focus on his life than those younger.


2.  Sense Of Humor

There is nothing a beautiful smile cannot do, smile and brought unmerited favor to the feet of a lot of people. So, it will not be the first time if that is what brings you the woman of your dreams. Women love a man who uses sugar as hi lip balm.

A funny saying, we heard is ‘she closes her eyes to laugh at his joke, so she doesn’t notice when she begins to fall for him. This is not just a thing with women, even as men, we enjoy having a good time and would be drawn to people who offer us that. The key is making them want to spend most of their time with you because this is the easiest way to make them fall in love with you.


3.  Hair

As weird as it sounds, try grooming some hair – this is one of the things women find attractive in men. Our first suggestion would be facial hair, it is the most visible place you can groom hair that would become a magnet used for attracting women.

The good thing about facial hair is it can grow like a weed before we all plant them and, on some faces, it has to be nurtured from small until it becomes exactly what we are looking for.

How your own grows does not matter as long as it is well-groomed and taken care of. Another area that might not be too visible for women who love to see the hair is the chest reign. Just make sure she has some hair to play with while you are having pillow talks.

4.  How You Treat Other Women

weird things girls find attractive

Has a woman ever listened to your conversation with your mum on phone and just began smiling at you uncontrollably? This is simple logic, women see the way you treat another woman especially a woman close to your heart like your partner, sister, or mother.

If the way you treat these women confirms how they want to be treated they automatically become attracted to you. This is why we have a lot of situations today where a woman is ranting online about how her boyfriend stole her man and also why women advise themselves to be private about how their man treats them especially when he treats them right.


5.  Adventurous In Bed

This shouldn’t be news to anybody, a man who is a professional in bed will always be impressive and attractive to a woman. Find what makes a man sensually attractive and make sure it is in you – this is the easiest way to be attractive in the eyes of a woman.

It doesn’t even stop at you being sexually active, it should also involve you being adventurous in bed. Most women want to be nurtured and loved but at the same time, they want to try new things and be spoilt in bed. So, they would be attracted most times to a guy that knows more than they do in the bedroom.


6.  Skills In The Kitchen

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The way to a man’s heart is his stomach but no one knows the one that leads to a woman’s heart. That been said, knowing how to cook helps in your quest to make yourself attractive in her eyes.

When a woman says she wants breakfast in bed, what she means most times is she wants to be made breakfast not bought breakfast. A woman will appreciate a nice meal that you cooked more than an amazing meal from a fancy restaurant.


7.  Your Personality

A lot can and should be said about this issue, what makes you a person is your personality and although prowess in the bedroom might be the most attractive physical feature of a man, having a good personality goes a long way.

Being a kind and selfless person will always turn the head of a woman and she thinks that is how she will be treated if you eventually end up together. Also, cleanliness is one of the easiest ways to get a woman’s attention. So, if you want her attracted to you, try cleaning your house when she comes visiting.


8.  Romantic Nature

They want prince charming to sweep them off their feet and spend the whole night looking for them with a pair of their shoe. You can’t fault them for wanting this, Cinderella was the only love story they knew while they were growing up.

Now, I know not all men have the romantic strand in them but it is important that you try to find it, if and when you can. A romantic guy is every woman’s dream, so try being that and watch yourself become every woman’s dream.


9.  You Look Good

most attractive traits in a man

How you dress, is the way you are going to be address – there has never been a statement as true as the one right here. If you are dressed like someone that wants to attract a woman then there is a high possibility that you will attract one. Someone said, he always dresses cool because if he eventually dies, that would be his ghost outfit forever.

Funny, yes but the statement shows the importance of dressing and looking good. So, if you are looking for some of the things women find attractive in men, we suggest you start with dressing well when you go out. It is not just how you dress, sometimes you need to look the part too, how your body is built counts for a lot when you are trying to make yourself attractive for women.


10.  Mental/Financial Stable

Comfort is one thing that women put as a top priority when they are going to find a man – they want a man who can afford the basic amenities of life and then a little bit more than that. Women because of this, will tend to go for the more financially stable man than the man who is struggling to make ends meet.

It is just simple logic – you get a job and your money right before going out to find a woman. Also, a woman wants a man she can easily walk to for advice and this is where mental stability comes in. Her man should be able to proffer a solution to her problems or point her in the direction of someone who can. A man who can do this has already won the way of heart even if it is not totally, he has an advantage.


11.  Fame

Women want to be able to say that is my man when they are watching their favorite show. Fame is one of the things women find attractive in men, they do not just want riches sometimes.

A man whose name and association with her is enough to move mountains and open doors – this is exactly what women are looking for out there. This is why playing sports, acting, or being a musician comes in handy when you are trying to be attractive to a woman.


12.  You Smell Nice

A woman can forget anything but she will rarely forget how you smell/scent – the first hung and how your perfume enveloped both her nose and her clothes is why she will come back tomorrow if you invite her. Your mouth too counts when you are considering scent and smell, so make sure it is brushed before going to her to say hi.


13.  Show Your Scars

what attracts a woman to a man sexually

It is the instinct of a woman to build, so if you can please show her that you are not perfect. Women most times see their man as a project, she takes potential Mr. Right and tries to make him just that.

They want to see that you are not perfect and you have scars, this way they see what they can work on and how they can build you. if a woman doesn’t see that you can be built, she most times doesn’t even waste her time with you. So, if you are ever asked about the things women find attractive in men, start by saying they should never be perfect.


14.  Wear Red/Pink

Although this has not been proven scientifically or medically – studies have been carried out that show positivity in this line. You will always see your favorite color and because a woman’s favorite color is most times between red and pink, wearing that makes you stand out.


15.  Be Responsible

A woman wants a man with goals and a point of view, not someone who doesn’t know where he sees himself in five years. Women need to know that no matter what happens, you will be responsible for both of you.

This is why single fathers are pet owners who are attracted to women, the thinking is if you can take care of another human or living thing, you can do the same with them. So, instead of asking what do girls find attractive in guys, try doing some things that make you look responsible.

Let’s, forget there is one that surpasses all in the list of things women find attractive in men and that is men who share this post and also leave comments in the section below. Thanks for reading this and we hope to catch you here again.


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