Dangers of Dating a Married Man: 10 Warning Signs to Heed

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Dangers of Dating a Married Man: 10 Warning Signs to Heed. Dating a married man might seem like the ultimate thrill, but it can ultimately cause great harm to your emotional and physical well-being.

If you’re thinking about getting involved with a married man, or if you’ve already started seeing one, here are 10 things you should know about the potential dangers of dating a married man and what to do if you find yourself in this situation. 1. His loyalty isn’t to you — it’s to his wife and kids.

What are the consequences of dating a married man?

The consequences of dating a married man can be very serious. Not only are you committing adultery, but the emotional turmoil you go through is harmful as well. These men often use you as an emotional crutch, guilt-tripping you into thinking it’s your fault that they’re married in the first place.

These men also often have children, so if things go sour with their wives and they decide to reconcile, those kids will suffer because of their relationship with their father.

Why it hurts to date a married man?

Why it hurts to date a married man? We have all heard the phrase, Love is Blind. That is never truer than when you are in love with someone who is already in love with someone else.

It can be quite an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you wondering if the man really does love you or if he just loves the thought of having his cake and eating it too. And don’t even get me started on how difficult this can be for your own relationship

10 Warning Signs To Heed

1.  He Just Needs To Get Out

He says he’s not happy in his marriage. But if he’s not happy, what does that say about the relationship? What happens when things go sour and you’re left alone again? The truth is that there are plenty of people around us who are willing to be fully present in a romantic relationship.

If he just needs to get out, then maybe he should leave his spouse before meeting new people—including you. There are many emotional benefits to monogamy, even though it can be challenging at times.

There is nothing wrong with being single either! And while love isn’t always easy or perfect, isn’t it worth staying faithful to the person you married until death do you part?

2.  He’ll Be Leaving Soon

If you are dealing with a married man, chances are that he will be leaving soon. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that he may have no intention of ever leaving his wife and family. If he loves them so much, why would he want to leave them in the first place?

More often than not, this man is only looking for sex or someone to spend time with while he’s away on business trips. Just because they’re not together doesn’t mean that they’re not still in love! When a woman is married, she doesn’t stop loving her husband just because they live in separate houses.

It’s possible that he has been struggling to maintain an intimate relationship with her due to long work hours or other obligations but try your best not to take advantage of their situation by being the solution for him. You’ll only end up hurting yourself more if you do fall for him.

3.  I Don’t Know If I Want Kids…Yet

It’s not that I don’t want kids…it’s just that I’m not 100% sure if that’s what I want right now.

If I meet someone who wants the same things as me, then maybe we can figure out how to make it work. But dating someone who has no idea where he or she is headed in life? No thank you!

Kids are awesome but they come with so many responsibilities and obligations. I don’t think I can do this without knowing exactly what direction my partner wants their life to go.

4.  I’m Worried About Other Women

I was just chatting with my friend Sarah and she said that her husband is always texting some girl. I am really worried about her. She has no idea who this woman is and now she’s worried that he might be cheating on her. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard stories like this, either.

My neighbor’s boyfriend is married and he goes out drinking with his friends all the time, but comes back home before his wife gets up in the morning. One day, his wife came over to tell me that he didn’t come home last night and she doesn’t know where he is.

It turns out he went over to see one of the girls from work for a few hours and then went to sleep at his mom’s house because he knew his wife would be mad. That’s when it dawned on me how dangerous dating a married man can be. The list of risks you face when you date someone who already has someone else in their lives are too many to count!

They range from emotional trauma to physical violence, and if you’re not careful these things could happen. Here are 10 warning signs to heed if you find yourself considering entering into an affair with a married person:

1) A lot of phone calls or texts during the weekdays- If they’re away from their partner more than they’re around them, there’s something going on.

2) Their spouse is suspicious of your relationship- Maybe they feel threatened by the attention you give their partner?

3) Your new paramour leaves early every morning for work- When did he/she get a job?

4) You never meet anyone except when your lover tells you to meet them somewhere – Why does it have to be so cloak and dagger?

5) You never go anywhere together- Where do they want to go without you?

6) Your partner doesn’t want to introduce you to any of their friends or family members – Why not show off their prize catch?

7) They don’t answer questions about what the future holds for them – Marriage, kids, retirement?

8) There’s never any talk about their past relationships- So it’s been 20 years since they were single.

9) They drink more than usual when they’re with you- It’s only a problem if they get belligerent, right?

10) They use sex as a bargaining chip- If this behavior becomes abusive, please seek help immediately.

5.  My Spouse Doesn’t Understand Me

It’s easy for your spouse not to understand you when they are so caught up in their own lives. If you feel like your spouse doesn’t get you, it’s time to take a step back and think about what’s going on. Here are some warning signs that your spouse might not understand you.

1) Your spouse criticizes you constantly.

2) Your spouse belittles your ideas or goals.

3) Your spouse is insensitive to your feelings and needs.

4) You can’t talk with your spouse about things that matter to you without feeling frustrated or unheard.

The more these signs show up, the more likely it is that your spouse does not understand you and does not care to learn more about who you are as a person. When this happens, it will be impossible to grow together as a couple. There may also be other issues present such as abuse or infidelity that need to be dealt with first before anything else.

6.  We’re Just Good Friends

Just because someone is married doesn’t mean he’s off the market. There are plenty of men out there who have secret relationships with women outside their marriage. In fact, these are some warning signs that he might be one of them. Talk About Her Like She’s Your Best Friend:

Even if you’re just friends, when you talk about her, it should feel like she’s your best friend. If it sounds like he talks about her all the time and like they’re really close friends – even if you’re just friends – this might be cause for concern.

That said, you can still ask him to stop talking about her altogether so that things don’t get weird between the two of you. Share Personal Details With You That Shouldn’t Be Shared: A man will only share personal details with a woman who is special in his life.

It’s easy for someone in an open relationship or dating more than one person to casually share things about their other partners without realizing how it affects others on the receiving end.

7.  He Only Wants Sex

He only wants sex and nothing else. If you find yourself in this situation, you may be in denial about the fact that he is cheating on his wife. Don’t think for one minute that just because you’re not married means it’s not wrong. It is wrong and it will eventually catch up with him.

You deserve better than being used for sex and then discarded like last year’s model.
If you find yourself contemplating the idea of dating a married man, stop now! You’re setting yourself up for pain, hurt and heartache.

Yes, sometimes we don’t see the warning signs until it’s too late but if you want to avoid future pain, heed these warning signs today.

1) He never introduces you to anyone.

2) All of his friends are single girls.

3) Every time you go out, he always tries to end the night with something physical.

4) The two most common words uttered from his mouth are I love you.

5) When he talks to you, all he does is talk about himself and brag.

6) He tells you secrets or information that should only be shared between husband and wife.

7) Whenever there is an argument or disagreement between you and your spouse, he takes your side without even asking what happened first.

8) He doesn’t have any pictures of his wife anywhere.

9) Whenever you mention marriage, he avoids the conversation by changing the subject.

10) He uses any excuse to get out of doing anything family related with you.

8.  How Do You Spend Time Together?

The time you spend together will depend on the type of relationship you have with your married lover. If it’s just sex, then you won’t see each other outside of the bedroom. But if you’re in an emotional relationship, then you’ll see each other often and share many conversations and dinners together.

This can be dangerous because it gives the person too much power over you if they’re a married man. It also doesn’t help when they say things like I’m not getting what I need from my wife. You should get out while you still can!

What we’re saying is this – if you are in a serious emotional relationship with a married man who has no intention of leaving his wife, then he is going to try to isolate you so that you feel completely dependent on him.

And once he feels that he has control over your emotions, he will start trying to cut off all ties so that he can make sure his family never finds out about his infidelity. Be careful!

9.  You Must Keep This Confidential

Please keep this information confidential and only share it with those who have given you consent. This document is for educational purposes only. If you need help, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233. It’s not easy to get out of an abusive relationship but you can do it!

You deserve so much better than that. You’re worth so much more.

10.  No One Will Ever Know

While there are many dangers of dating a married man, you may not see them coming. According to Business Insider, one-third of people who had affairs with their boss ended up getting fired. And in some cases, even worse things can happen.

A woman in Michigan was murdered by her married boss after she refused his advances and attempted to break up with him. This is just one example out of many that show the dangers associated with dating a married man. Even if it doesn’t seem like anything bad will happen, don’t be naive.

There are plenty of warning signs that can lead to something awful. So if you’re dating someone who’s already spoken for, make sure he’s worth risking your reputation and personal safety over! You never know what could happen.


Conclusion on dangers of dating a married man. The bottom line is this, if you are considering dating a married man, understand that it’s not the right decision for most women. Remember, it doesn’t matter how nice he is or how much you like him-the risks are just too high, and the rewards are not worth it.

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