How To Be The Perfect Wife Every Man Desires (According to Men)

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How to be the perfect wife every man desires (according to men). Many men will tell you that they want their wives to be the perfect wives, but what does this mean? To understand what it means to be the perfect wife every man desires, you need to ask some men – many of whom will likely have different opinions about what makes the perfect wife.

You can get some insight into this by reading some quotes from famous men about how women should behave if they want to be the perfect wife every man desires. Being the perfect wife takes more than just cooking and cleaning and being there when your husband needs you. Being the perfect wife means knowing your role, and playing it well.

So what does that mean? Well, if you want to be the perfect wife, you have to learn how to cook, how to clean, and how to be there when your husband needs you. That’s only one part of it though – you also have to keep in mind everything else he wants you to do as well!

What do you do if your husband isn’t happy with his career?

How do you keep him happy in bed?

How To Be The Perfect Wife Every Man Desires (According to Men)


In order to be the perfect wife that every man desires, you need to be able to cook. This doesn’t mean that you have to be a Michelin-starred chef, but you should at least know how to make a few basic dishes. If your husband is coming home from a long day at work, the last thing he wants is to have to cook dinner for himself.

So, surprise him with a home-cooked meal and he’ll be sure to appreciate it. Not only will this please your husband, but it will also show him that you care about his well-being. And if you’re worried about what to cook, don’t worry! There are plenty of recipes out there on Pinterest and other sites.

Keep the house clean

One of the most important things you can do to be the perfect wife is to keep a clean house. A man coming home to a clean house is one of the best things that can happen to him after a long day at work. Plus, it shows that you care about his environment and want him to be comfortable in his own home.

Here are a few tips on how to keep a clean house

1. Keep an organized fridge so your food doesn’t spoil or go bad as quickly.

2. Clean up spills right away so they don’t get out of control and make your entire house dirty.

3. If you have children, try not to let them make messes because they will need to learn how to pick up after themselves eventually anyway!

4. When cooking or preparing meals for yourself or your family, clean up as soon as possible!

5. Always put your dishes in the dishwasher or hand wash them immediately after use so you’re not doing dishes all day every day.

6. Try to vacuum often–not just once a week–so dust and dirt won’t collect on furniture, shelves, and more throughout the week.

7. Put clothes away instead of leaving them scattered around on the floor where they’ll just end up making more clutter!

Understand men are visual

Men are visual creatures. This means that they are attracted to what they see. If you want to be the perfect wife for your husband, you need to make sure that you are always looking your best.

This doesn’t mean that you have to be supermodel thin or wear the latest fashions, but you should take care of yourself and dress in a way that makes you feel confident and attractive. One thing you can do is figure out which styles work for your body type.

For example, if you’re petite, don’t buy clothes that are too long because they will just look like a dress on top of pants. You can also highlight certain features and play down others with different clothing choices.

For example, showing off your legs can distract from fuller hips or thicker thighs while loose-fitting tops will help camouflage any tummy trouble.

Surprise your man with gifts he wants

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show your man how much you care. Get him a gift that shows you listen when he talks, and pay attention to the things he likes. A simple, thoughtful gift will go a long way in making your man feel loved and appreciated.

And if you want to do something more elaborate, get a special present for an occasion like his birthday or an anniversary.

In addition to being thoughtful, these are all gifts that any guy would be happy with:

-Tickets to a sporting event or concert

-Gift card for one of his favorite stores

-A six-pack of his favorite beer or bottle of wine -Comic book subscription service -Something for his car, like new tires or a battery charger -Fancy coffee maker

We can also take this post from just talking about what we should buy our partners to talking about what they might buy us.

Wear makeup that accentuates your best features

There’s no need to go overboard with the makeup. A little bit can go a long way in accentuating your best features and making you feel more confident. Plus, your husband will appreciate the effort you’ve made to look good for him. Here are some tips on how to use less makeup so that it looks natural:

1) Use a foundation that matches your skin tone as closely as possible.

2) Apply it sparingly with a brush or sponge, rather than rubbing it on with your fingers or spraying it on like hairspray.

3) Try wearing just mascara and blush for an understated look or skip foundation altogether if you have clear skin.

4) When applying eyeliner, make sure it is close to the lash line but not too thick. For lipstick, choose a shade of pink or red that complements your skin tone.

5) Avoid using blue-toned eye shadow because it tends to make the whites of your eyes appear redder than they really are which can make them appear bloodshot and tired.

Sex it up on dates

When you’re out on a date with your man, make sure to dress up and look your best. He’ll appreciate the effort you put into looking good for him. Plus, it’ll make him feel more confident about himself when he’s around you. It also makes him want to take care of you in return. It also will lead to some really hot sex when he gets home!

He won’t want to waste any time stripping off your clothes before he takes his own off too. Just be prepared because the lovemaking session is going to be hotter than ever before! You’ll be left craving more and just as satisfied as your partner.

If you keep these tips in mind then there is no doubt that he will fall head over heels for you!

Tell him he looks good when he does.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. While this may be true for some men, it’s not necessarily true for all men. In fact, some men would say that the way to a man’s heart is through compliments. Compliments make us feel good about ourselves and let us know that we’re doing something right.

They also make us feel appreciated. So take time to notice what your guy does well and compliment him on it. When he gets dressed up, tell him how great he looks. When he does the dishes or cooks dinner for you, thank him for taking care of things so well.

And when he helps with the kids or tackles a difficult project at work, tell him how much you appreciate everything he does for you on a daily basis!

Furthermore On How To Be The Perfect Wife Every Man Desires (According to Men)

Finally, men say they want a wife who is forgiving and forgetful. When they mess up, they don’t want their wives to dwell on it or make them feel bad about themselves. Instead, they want their wives to be able to forgive and forget so that the issue can be forgotten.

They also want their wives to be intelligent but not perfect because men have insecurities too and don’t like when women are smarter than them.

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