11 Ways To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed

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how to make a man cry in bed at night

The fact that you are reading or researching on a topic like this might seem off but believe us it is not. Finding out how to keep your man happy in bed is something worth every second of your time. This is because a lack of knowledge in this particular area sometimes comes back to bite your relationship in the back.

A lot of women carry the notion that it is all about making love when the doors are closed. However, how to satisfy a man every time has to do with a lot of other things and this is why we are here.

What you are looking for might be slightly different but the pathway to all of these things remains the same. Some want to know how to make a man cry in bed at night, for others, it is how to satisfy a man in 60 seconds. Even if you are looking for how to make a man scream your name in bed, the pathway is the same.

 how to make a man scream your name in bed

How To Keep Your Man Happy In Bed – 11 Sure Ways

The truth is you may have come across these tricks before – probably you have even tried some before. However, the reason it is not yielding results is that you did them unknowingly and just once. Also, it did not come as a combination rather it was a singular act hence, reducing the effectiveness.

There are things guys like in bed but won’t ask for however, knowing them will give you an edge when you are in bed with him. So, if the question is how to keep your man happy in your relationship or how to keep your man happy in bed, here are 11 ways to do so;

1.  Do It With Confidence

The philosophers will say anything worth doing is usually worth doing well. So, if you want your man to sleep satisfied or probably pass out every night then you have to do it well. One of the ways to do this is to enter the bedroom with confidence whenever you want to make love.

The title is 11 ways to keep your man happy in bed so I don’t see a reason to be shy. He is your man; has seen you at your worse – so any insecurity should be kept behind the door. One of the ways to show confidence is maintaining eye contact regardless of what is happening.

Stare deep into his eyes while he is undressing you or while you do the same to him and watch him go crazy for you. The ultimate test of confidence will be initiating things with him – start it, let him feel wanted. Also, try to do things with the lights on – do these things and come back to the comment section with thanks.


2.  Set The Mood

how to be dirty in bed for your man


Failing to prepare is just preparing to fail, there are no two ways about it. Regardless of what you are doing, it is important to make sure the mood is set before time. Like we said earlier, the answer to the question, how to keep your man happy in bed is something you may have done once. Setting the mood comes from a different place and different things you can do.

The first step is preparing yourself – get clean, put on some essential scents, make yourself a snack since you want him to eat. Also, try sexting your man especially when he is out of the house probably at work or out with his boys. Give him a reason to ditch whatever he is doing and come home; get him satisfied before you even start.

Setting the mood does not stop even when he is home and in bed with you. Distractions will kill the mood, so your devices should be kept wherever the clothes stay. Imagine giving him so hard and his phone keeps ringing or he keeps texting – you get it now, right.

The only thing your smartphone is good for during this time is for some cool background music. Surprise your man with a Nuru massage today before foreplay starts and see the difference it makes.


3.  Study Your Man

You do better at an assignment you understand and this is why studying your man is important. Understanding what he wants in bed makes satisfying him every night that much easier. First, it is important to note that when it comes to the bedroom, both men and women are the same.

What we mean by this is what works for one person will not always be what works for another person. Everybody has a particular way they want to be touched and understanding how your man wants to be touched, makes everything better.

When you know how and where to touch – he begins to see you as a goddess in the bedroom. So, can you see how something as small as studying him makes you worth worshipping, also try to be his dream girl – find out who he wants in bed and add that who you are already.


4.  Be Spontaneous

things guys like in bed but won’t ask for


Programmed sex is cool especially for men who have to prepare for it (if you know what we mean). However, being spontaneous is what most men kill for and dream about. The craziness of intercourse when it is done at the wrong place and at the wrong time is just priceless. Someone once said the thrill of getting caught is one of the most amazing parts of spontaneous intercourse.

If you are looking for how to keep your man happy in bed then we suggest you take it outside the bed. The stereotype of making love on the bed makes doing it somewhere else even sweeter. Also, do this for one month – you have studied your man and you know how flexible he is.

Take this information and invite a new position to try intercourse every week. These things might seem irrelevant or normal but the truth consciously doing them will make a lot of difference in your bedroom.


5.  Be An Adventurous Woman

The patient dog eats the fattest bone but they never told us what the adventurous one got. So, we did some research and found out – he got all he wanted, all the bones both fat and slim. Being an adventurous woman will do you a lot of good especially if your man is adventurous too.

Try to do something others would find forbidden – your man should be surprised as to what you allow. Also, do not be afraid of bringing friends into the bedroom as long as our man is cool with it. plugs, vibrators, nipple clips, cuffs, the whole BDSM set even. These things heighten pleasure in the bedroom and also remove the pressure of satisfying you from the man.

Roleplaying is another way to improve the quality of love-making you experience with your man. One activity that was suggested by men when asked what they find odd but enjoy in bed is playing with their prostate. So, if your man is comfortable with this, I suggest you go for it today before the main business starts probably while giving him a massage.


6.  Be Vocal


Sometimes what you say is everything when it comes to the bedroom. He doesn’t want to play the guessing game to know if you are enjoying yourself, you need to say it. Be vocal and tell him how much you love whatever he is doing. However, we must warn against faking vocals – don’t tell obvious lies.

They ruin the mood faster than they help it – so be honest about what you say. During a survey, men were asked what makes them just give in to coming when they are close already. More than half of them gave the same response – when she tells us where to come.

Communication is not only important outside the bedroom – talk about things you like and dislike to make it all better. Every man wants somebody that makes his dreams and fantasies come to life, so be that woman, 11 ways to keep your man happy in bed.


7.  Foreplay Helps

how to satisfy a man in 60 seconds

Just rushing into things has never moved mountains for any man and it won’t start today. Yes, intercourse is where it all ends but no man wants it to just be intercourse, most times they want more before that. Foreplay and teasing will drive a man crazy even before intercourse starts. You can go crazy and ask him to watch you while you touch yourself – talk dirty to him while you are at it too.

This is how to be dirty in bed for your man; he has to feel the passion. Use everything – involve all the parts of your body while you are on foreplay, from mouth to hands to feet. This is where understanding your man and knowing where he wants to be touched comes in. When you fit those spots on his body, it brings him to cum fast even when it is just foreplay.


8.  Understand The Balance Of Dominance


We have been talking about understanding your man and this is another application of that. Some men love the confidence and all from women but at the same time, they want to enjoy being in control of the bedroom.

For others, they want to be dominated in the bedroom and understand this balance is how to keep your man happy in bed. This is the only place we advise women to be bipolar, so they can adopt regardless of which their man prefers.


9.  Humor Is The Key

No one wants to be with a woman that is sad and sad in this context doesn’t necessarily mean sad. If we are being honest, intercourse is a big deal especially to guys, so there is no need to make it harder than it already is. What we are saying is you should look for ways to bring humor into the bedroom as it is going to help both of you a lot.

Talk about funny moments from the last time you were with him and have a laugh about it. However, you should be careful about the topics you choose to use for humans. What was meant to boost his happiness in bed could quickly turn to bite you in the back if done wrong.

There are topics you should avoid when trying to bring humor into the bedroom. A clear picture of the things you can joke with comes with your study and understanding the type of you have.


10.  Show Him You Like It

how to satisfy a man every time

We have talked about being vocal but saying it all the time doesn’t help. If you are looking for how to keep your man happy in bed then we suggest you show him. The first step to showing him you enjoy things is that you take things slow and savor the moment.

Push his head down a little longer while you beg him to go on for one more minute, stare into his eyes and beg him to let you have a coming. Men will kill for that kinky attitude, so if you can put it up when next you are making love to him and see how happy it gets him, 11 ways to keep your man happy in bed.


11.  Be Active

There is nothing to get a man high and happy in bed as much as an active partner does. Sometimes you are just having intercourse because he asked for it and as much as he will do it, it is not something that makes him happy.

So, participate – do a striptease, put it in when it sleeps out, moan. Every single thing counts but what makes a man super happy is a woman that understands. On some nights, he will just want to cuddle – no intercourse and that is okay too.

At the End of the Day

there are a lot of answers to the question of how to keep your man happy in bed. That been said, what brings it all together is understanding your man and what he wants. This understanding will help you in deciding which of the ways to follow on this journey to keep your man happy in bed, these 11 ways to keep your man happy in bed will definitely work so give it a try and come back comment.


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