111 New Relationship Questions

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new relationship questions for him

When we find the one, we are most times quickly drawn to thinking of the end – we want to know if this would be the case of Romeo and Juliet, Saint Valentine, or that of Cinderella. The Journey is of the most beautiful phenomena on earth is that of love; meeting someone and deciding they are the ones you would love to spend the rest of your life with.

To promote this love thing, there are questions you should ask your partner and that is the reason why we are here – to find the relationship questions you should ask your partner when the relationship is still new, to avoid committing and then realizing it was a mistake.

The goal is to make your relationship work, if you didn’t want to do that, you wouldn’t have said yes to him in the first place. Love has always been a beautiful thing and watching that love blossom is all that you want – this is why you are looking for relationship questions.

You need to ask these relationship questions, to get your partner’s view on some subject matters as this will enable you to love your partner better. Relationship questions come in different forms – you might be looking for deep relationship questions or fun relationship questions.

Regardless of which you are looking for, you intend to at the end of the day, use the information gathered from the relationship questions ask to help improve the love and friendship levels of your relationship. Before we begin, however, there is something worth noting and that is time.

You might have all the serious relationship questions at your fingertip but asking them gives you a negative reaction and this is because the timing is off. When you are carrying relationship questions around the house, you should also hold on to timing as it helps you give the desired effect.

You should throw relationship questions at him after a long day at work; he is coming to rest and relax not answer questions he doesn’t even know how to respond to. These relationship questions should be used more or less like conversation starters and this means the both of you should be ready for a conversation before relationship questions are asked.

fun questions to ask in a new relationship

Relationship Questions To Ask Your Partner

These questions are all geared towards making your union better, so it is important to ask your partner relationship questions at every chance you get. The answers to these questions will give you an eye-opener as to what your relationship would be like and what realistic hopes you should be having for the future. Some of the related questions in this category would include;

1.  When was the last time you cried and why did you cry? (You could be more specific with the question by adding this month or year to   it)

2. Who is the closest to you in your extended family?

3. What are you looking for in this relationship? is it different from what you were looking for in your past relationship?

4. What must be ticked off your bucket list before you die? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

5. Are there any of your exes still in the picture? If yes, what is your relationship with them?

6. To you, what does friendship mean?

7. What do you want to do when you are retired?

8. Amongst all the talents you have, which do you consider to be the greatest talent?

9. What do you consider cheating in a relationship? (They can give more than one answer to this question)

10. If you had just a day left to live, what will you do with the 24 hours you are given?

11. How do you celebrate others especially people close to you during their birthdays and notable anniversaries?

12. Where would you like us to spend our first vacation if all the finances were sorted out?

13. What is your most prominent childhood memory and in what way has it shaped the person you are today?

14. If you won a million dollars today, what is the first thing you are doing with the money?

15. Do you prefer to hold the door for others or to have the door held for you?

16. What do you like best about me? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

17. What is your go-to outfit when all other outfits fail? (It might be a particular dress or a style combo)

18. What is your dream job/career/business? Is that what you do for a living now, if not are you working towards getting to do that?

19. Who was the last person you kissed, asides from me? (You can decide to ask when and where it happened)

20. Describe your current lifestyle and your ideal lifestyle? How do you intend on going from the current to the ideal?


Relationship Questions For Him

tricky love questions

Being unsure can be one of the most frustrating situations to find yourself in and this is why the use of relationship questions are important. It puts a lot of perspective into your relationship and helps you avoid sticky situations. Boys can be very unpredictable in terms of their feelings and this is one of the reasons why clarity is needed in the early stages of the relationship. Some of the questions, you can ask would include;

21. If I was a working mom, would you be willing to stay at home with the kids sometimes, while I go to work?

22. What are your major turn-ons and Turn-offs?

23. What is the craziest dream you have ever had? (The dream must not have you in it)

24. When do you feel most yourself? What do you do to get there?

25. What is your beverage of choice in various settings: weddings, dinner, breakfast, lunch, out with friends, traveling?

26. Would you like to be rich, famous, or both? Why?

27. How do you work through challenges and problems?

28. What is your greatest accomplishment in life, thus far?

29. You can’t go to sleep until you _____? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

30. What is your most treasured memory in life?

31. If you could choose the activities to do that would make a perfect day, what would you choose?

32. What is your favorite color?

33. What do you find most sensual about me? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

34. What is your favorite time of the day and why?

35. Have you ever cheated on a partner before? What made you do that?

36. Do you think valentine’s day should be celebrated the way it is all over the world?

37. Have you ever almost been married, if yes, what happened and why did you call it off?

38. Who do you think is more inclined to be jealous, you or me?

39. What is something thing you feel our relationship is lacking? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

40. What was the first thing you noticed about me?


Serious Relationship Questions For Couples

intimate questions to ask your partner

When the relationship is getting serious; you have to make sure the questions follow suit – there are things that you need to know after you have decided happily ever after is the right choice for yourself and your partner.

Knowing these things will give you an idea of how much tolerance and patience you would need as you go on this love journey together. when the answers to these questions do not conform to what you desire, you can then ask for a change and when that is not an option, moving on before things get too serious is the next option. Some of such relationship questions would include;

41. How do you express anger? How do you hide it?

42. Do you believe in love at first sight and has it happened to you before?

43. Do you have a bucket list? How long is it?

44. Do you have any allergies? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

45. Who was your first crush and what were they like? Did you have the chance to tell them how you felt?

46. Would you like to have children? How many is enough for you?

47. Can you describe in detail what your first heartbreak was like?

48. What is your favorite thing to do when on a date? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

49. What was the biggest lesson from your worst breakup?

50. When is the right time to say ‘I love you for the first time to your partner?

51. What is something you used to believe about relationships, but no longer do? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

52. Have you ever had your heart broken? If yes, how many times has it happened?

53. What is something surprising that you were afraid of as a child but you no longer fear?

54. Do you believe in ghosts? Are you afraid of them?

55. What was your favorite food growing up? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

56. What career path do you wish you took and do you think your life would have been better if you took it?

57. What is your favorite meal now? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

58. Do you believe there is life outside of earth?

59. What was the first album you ever owned?

60. What is the best outfit you have seen me wear? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)


More Relationship Questions To Ask

We have established the fact that you have to ask and keep asking as long as you desire to get better and make your relationship with the man you love better. The more relationship questions you ask, the more things you would know because conversations that would not necessarily come out in a normal conversation setting.

There are a lot of things about his childhood, he would rather not say except he is asked – not because he is ashamed of it but mainly because the conversation never gets to that point.

Knowing these things might seem like a lot of work but then the knowledge of this most times, explains why he does some of the things he does and this helps you react better to him hence promoting a stranger bond. Some of the questions in this category include;

61. How does your life compare to how you imagined it growing up?

62. Where do you think I am stronger – in my career or my personal life?

63. What was your dream job when you were a kid?

64. Do you believe in the concept of luck? Has there been an incident where you experienced it?

65. Is there something you would like to change about me? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

66. Can you remember how our relationship started?

67. Tell me something no one knows about you? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

68. Do you still like what you loved about me when we first met and why?

69. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

70. Are you happy with the intimacy we share?new relationship questions to ask a guy

71. Would you rather give up music or television for a month?

72. Do you feel the same way you felt for me during the early stages of our relationship?

73. If you could meet any band, past or present, which one would it be?

74. Do you think we are positively affecting each other’s life?

75. Do you read your daily horoscope? Do you do it for fun or do you take it seriously?

76. Have you started to do something you didn’t normally do because you wanted to please me? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

77. Do you hold grudges or do you forgive easily when someone wrongs you?

78. If you could wake up tomorrow morning with one new skill or ability, what would you choose?

79. If you had to wear one outfit from head to toe every day for a year, what would it be? (It can be one particular cloth style or a style combo)

80. When was the last time you dreamt about me?


Intimate Relationship Questions


Some of the relationship questions you ask have to be intimate from time to time. It doesn’t mean you are trying to flirt although sometimes knowing your man and his bedroom ways can help increase the level of pleasure he gets. The idea here is to ask him questions that would help improve the physical intimacy in the house. You can ask questions like;

81. In what ways do you think I have changed compared to when we started dating?

82. Do you like spending time with my friends and family?

83. If all of your friends were asked to describe you, which friend’s description would be the most accurate and why?

84. What is something you did as a child your parents don’t know about? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

85. Look at how often we communicate when we are away from each other, do you think it is enough?

86. What is your most prized possession in life right now?

87. How often do you think of me as you go about your day?

88. Do you think you need any personal improvements, to make this relationship better?

89. What was your favorite book (or movie) as a child and why did you like it so much?

90. Who is the most influential person in your life right now?

important new relationship questions

91. If you could kill any character from my favorite television show, would you? Which character would it be and why?

92. If you could have been an eyewitness to any event in history, which one would you choose?

93. Is there anything you’ve always wondered about me, but have hesitated to ask?

94. Which of our dates did you enjoy the most? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

95. How do you want love to be shown to you and how do you show love?

96. What do you do when you want to relax and unwind?

97. Of all the sensual activities to do in the bedroom, which is your favorite? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

98. What do you spend most of your money on? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

99. What do you love most about yourself? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

100. How much money would you need to make daily to be comfortable?


Relationship Questions For Singles

When you are talking about relationship questions, we are always quick to conclude that they are for those in a relationship. when in reality, these questions are for anyone and everyone.

The idea of these questions when it is been asked by single people is ultimately to check for compatibility. It is important to first find out if you are compatible with someone before you go on investing all your time and effort into a relationship that wouldn’t even last as long as your favorite TV series.

101. Would you say that you are a submissive partner or a dominant partner?

102. What will you not be willing to change, even if I ask for that change? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

103. When was the last time you fell in love and why did it fail? (Excluding now that he is in love with you)

104. On rainy days, what do you like to do? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

105. What are some of the lessons your first love thought you?

106. What part of your culture are you most/least proud of?

107. What is your favorite part of your body? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

108. If you could hang out with any cartoon character for a day, who would it be?

109. What do you think your worst character trait is? (Tell them it is okay if they have more than one answer here)

110. Is there a place that only exists in movies, you would love to visit?

111. What would you do if your drive for intercourse and physical intimacy was higher than mine?

After All, Said and Done

The main aim has always been to be better and what this means is that you do not just hold on to these relationship questions but also carry good timing and other communication skills as you are on your way to ask. Every question here can lead to a full-blown conversation geared towards promoting intimacy and giving you a stronger bond.

However, you have to find the right time, place, and way to ask your partner. If any of this is missing then the chance of not getting a fully satisfying answer becomes more. You would be amazed at the number of things you do not know about your partner; regardless of how long you have spent together, the truth is that you cannot know it all but with the relationship questions listed above, we are sure you can come close.

Our comment section will always be open for you to tell us how you feel and what you think about the questions proposed here. Also, we would love to catch you here some other time, as we have a host of articles, you would love to be ready. So, do well to subscribe also, thanks.

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