21 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

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things guys like girlfriends to do in bed

Love is a beautiful thing and making it last the test of time is something that we all dream of but sometimes it is hard than it sounds. Staying happy is something we are still trying to master, so keeping someone else happy always becomes a hard task. However, when you know what is needed to keep them happy, it becomes easier this is why you are looking for the things guys secretly love.

Half the time, they won’t say it or even show that these are the things they love – you only see them glow more when you do them.
Making your man fall deeper in love with you every day is the goal as far as you are looking for in your relationship as one with a bright future ahead.

There are things girls do that guys love and knowing them is the key if you want to take your relationship from where it is now to the next level. If there is one thing we learned during physics class, it is that action and reaction are equal. So, if you are looking to see the cute things guys do when they like you, you must first do the things girls do that guys love.

things guys secretly love

21 Things Girls Do That Guys Love

Before we begin this journey, you must first understand the concept of diversity in humans – a man can be of the same tribe, religion and social class with another man yet they would have different hobbies and options on issues.

This means that your man might not love one or two of these things we are about to list. What we did here, is find 21 of the most common things guys like their girlfriends do, they include;

1.  Confidence

The first on the list of things that guys love but would say it is confidence. Every man wants a woman who carries confidence as her middle name in the house and outside of it.

Being sure about yourself is attractive and that attraction is doubled when you are looking at your partner. How you look and sound when you talk, how you act with the bedroom activities – it doesn’t matter what you are doing, confidence is the only way to go about it.

2.  Affection Displayed On A Grand Stage

This is where most men lie; if asked, the average man would tell you that they want to be loved in private but that answer comes only because it is stereotypical for men to look for love this way.

In all honesty, you man desires to be shown to the world, just like you do too. That public display of affection is what men would kill for whether you are doing it offline or on social media. Also, you should make him feel like he is the best whenever you have the chance to – with your words and actions.

3.  That Thing You Do With Your Hair

One notion that is widely accepted in the world today is that a girl will play with her hair when she is having a conversation with a guy she likes.

So, you would understand if we say one of the things girls do that guys love is when they play with their hair while they are having a conversation with them. He holds on to that notion and he believes that you are really into him and this makes him fall in love with you even deeper.


4.  A Good Listener

things guys secretly love but wont tell you
Communication is one of the pillars as to which ant relationship is built and listening is one of the sides of the communication. Yes, the normal notion is that women would do the talking while the men are to listen, and believe me every man knows this.

They all have agreed to these terms and conditions as long as it makes you happy; however, they only ask that when they have the chance to talk, you listen and when we say listen, we are not saying you listen to reply to him. What a man truly wants is a woman who listens and understands him when he speaks to her.

5.  Support/Help/Encouragement

Honey, please I need your opinion about this issue we have at work’, ‘please can you help me get the pan from the kitchen counter, I can’t seem to reach it’, ‘everything will be fine, my love’ – these are some of the things guys like to hear from their girlfriends.

A shoulder to lean on is one of the things he wants and you should be exactly that for him. He wants a number one fan and you should be that for his dreams and goals. Also, a man wants his woman to be dependent on him, so once in a while give him the cookie jar to open even if you can open it.


6.  Show Your Scars

No one is perfect and it is important to make sure he sees that in you. Love is a journey of building and molding – you are two imperfect people trying to be perfect for each other, so it feels off when you seem perfect already.

A man wants to see your scars and vulnerability; showing him this, gives him some level of assurance as it takes trust to open up to this level. He doesn’t want to know these things so he can take advantage of them or use them against you. he wants to know these things, so he can truly protect you better than he already is doing.

7.  Be Comfortable And Happy In Your Skin

There are so many things girls do that guy’s love but this one stands out. Every man dreams of one thing and that is to see their partner comfortable and happy in their skin.

He wants you to appear without make-up sometimes and he wants you to be yourself. If you love yawning and stretching in the morning then go for it more often when you are with him. If your thing is eating as your life depends on it, do it when you are together at home, men love that.


8.  A Playful Partner

things guys secretly hate

Whether or not you are dating a man named Jack, the saying still applies to him. All work and no play would make him a dull man. This is why, he is looking to be with his best friend, so they can play together when he wants to. The relationship is a serious one but does not take that literally, playing is important if you are planning on keeping your man happy for long.


9.  Being Passionate About Something

Men have minds that travel a lot and this is why they love to see passion. The first thing they assume is that you would resonate that passion in other places.

This is why one of the things girls do that guys love is concentrating on their work. When you are cooking in the kitchen, what turns him on, is watching you resist all the distractions he throws at you. A perfect explanation for why independent women would always be a turn-on for them.


10.  A Flirtatious Partner

To them, this love is an adventure and being with an adventurous person only makes it worth the time and effort. So, try flirting with him at every chance you get especially when you are not together.

make him think of you all day by sending him inappropriate messages and photos while he is at work. A flirtatious partner will always win the heart of her man because she remains there as well as in his mind and fantasies.

11.  The Eyes And Face

Most women will tell you how they easily get whatever they want from their man just by giving him the puppy eyes. Now, there are so many things girls do that guys love but the puppy eyes thing is one that men go crazy for.

That childish face you make is one that drives him crazy when you do it. They also love it when their words make you blush during conversations whether it is face-to-face or over the fun.


12.  Putting Some Effort Into Communication

things guys secretly love over text

One of the things guys like to hear from their girlfriend is ‘I just called to check up on you’. The effect of this statement is tripled once it is said while you are out having fun with your girls or while he is. Something as small as texting him first can go a long way when you are trying to make sure he stays happy and in love with you. The effect to stay in constant conversation with him is what he craves.


13.  Seeing You Angry

This might be the most annoying thing you read today but the truth is getting angry is one of the things girls do that guys love. Some guys would intentionally provoke you just to see that cute frown that you always carry when you are angry at them.

14.  How You Appear

Appearance is one of the things we cannot skip when we are having this conversation. Your man will love it when you come to bed or the living room look like a whole snack in those comfy PJs or the lingerie, he got for you during your anniversary. However, what makes them go crazy is seeing you wear their clothes, especially when the both of you are going out to a function.


15.  Being His Mum

A man would fall in love with you ten times over when you take care of him especially when you do it exactly how his mother used to when he was growing up. If you are looking for the things girls do that guys love then try making him soup just the way his mum does when he next he catches the flu. Men want to be taken care of too and doing it right is a ticket to the softest parts of his heart.

16.  The Accessories

One of the funniest things we would talk about is glasses – when we say glasses what we mean are those transparent glasses that people with eye issues wear. For some funny reason, men are attracted to girls who use glasses, so, it doesn’t matter if your eyes are good or not.

The glass doesn’t have to be medicated, it just has to look at it – get one today and see how your relationship life is affected positively. How you smell also is another thing, so spend time and resources on your scent, because that is the key to his heart.

17.  Giving Nicknames

It might be a dumb or a romantic one but one of the things girls do that guys love is giving nicknames. The idea is that it takes some level of connection and a certain desire before you can decide to name someone or something. So, giving them a sweet nickname unique to both of you will make them fall deeper for you.

18.  Reciprocating Love/Appreciation

We all want to be loved back and appreciated for our efforts and it is no different for guys. So, reciprocating the love they give and appreciating them for giving it when you can is important for a better relationship.

19.  Your Kitchen Skills

what do guys like in a girl appearance

They said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and believe me they were not lying when they said this. Before looking for the things girls do that guys, love, check your kitchen skills, if they are top-notch then you have nothing to worry about because he loves you already.

20.  Physical Intimacy

Everybody loves intimacy but when it comes to our partner, physical intimacy tops the list. He wants you to want him physically; cuddle him, lay on his chest, be touchy when you talk to him – he wants it all, giving him that makes him feel wanted and this breeds the feeling of being loved.

21.  Bonding With Those That Matter To Him

If you wish to see those things guys do that turn you on then you have to first do the things that turn them one and one of them is when you try to make a bond with his loved ones (friends and family). Only a girl that sees a future with a man will want this bond and this is one of the surest ways to make him love you deeper.

There are a lot of things girls do that men love and we have listed 21 of them. All you need to do is pick the ones that work for you and make sure your man gets all the things he loves. We promise, you a lot of love back and a more stable relationship.

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