15 Undeniable Signs A Man Loves You Deeply

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How do you know your man loves you? How would you know that guy hanging around you loves you secretly and wants you in his life?

Or you two have been dating but all of a sudden you’re not sure he loves you, or he’s been using you. We’re going to look into all this. Undeniable Signs He Loves You deeply!!

We all know love is a beautiful thing. And having a partner who loves and cherishes you makes it more beautiful and sweet. Yea. Love is sweet.

Now, oftentimes, you may have had a guy who loves you come around, being nice and everything but, you aren’t sure he loves you deeply. ‘Maybe he’s coming around because of Ashley’ you’d think.

Some of us don’t identify love easily. You go for the guy who doesn’t act to show signs that he loves you deeply, but rather you go for him who only professes to love you, and the guy who actually loves you, you ignore him because ‘he’d have said it if he loves me.’Love comes with action. There are certain ways a guy would definitely behave if he loves you deeply. Let’s look into these facts;

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15 Undeniable Signs A Man Loves You Deeply

1.  He Is Caring

This is the most imperceptible sign and undeniable fact that he loves you. He’d show care. Concern. Trying to reach out to you to see that you’re alright. He seeks to know how you’re feeling. And when you’re not fine, he makes an effort or says kind words to you to see that you feel well.

He is happy when you are happy, and he encourages you to do what makes you happy, as long as you don’t hurt yourself or anybody else.

Don’t go drooling over a guy who doesn’t show concern in your personal life- a guy who doesn’t even care one bit how you feel. All he’s out for is himself. Look into critical areas. Does he worry when you’re ill? That moment when you’re all moody and you just want to cry, what is his action?

Does he leave you hanging while he goes out to chill a bit with friends- or he keeps you close, to see that the mood swing doesn’t dwell for so long because he misses the normal you? If he cares so much about you, and your mental health, he is always checking up on you often, he loves you very much. Give him that love back!

2.  He Understands You

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A guy who loves you- does not hold on to your flaws or your old story. He does not discuss your problem with his friends for fun. A guy who loves you sees your mistakes as what they are. Mistakes.

It is understandable when you tell your man you can’t be meeting him for a certain time for some reason(which you can share with him) and he won’t throw tantrums. Does he show compassion towards you? When you talk about your family traditions, what’s his opinion?

Do you get the listening ears from him when you both engage in discussions? Do your emotions towards him matter to him at all? If the answer isn’t yes, then it’s obvious he doesn’t love you. He’s only out for just himself.

3.  He Respects You


We all know deep down what it really is to respect someone/ to be respected- even when we use curse words and pretend it doesn’t have anything to do with disrespect. A guy who respects you will always try to please you. He holds you high in esteem. He treats you right when you’re both alone and when you have family and friends around.

A man who respects you- values you. He respects your opinion and does not talk down on you.
Being disrespectful is a turnoff. When you get this turnoff, you can point it out to him so he can work on himself in that area. If he continues with that attitude, you should walk away. This implies he is not your soulmate, because Love doesn’t disrespect.

4.  He Is Affectionate


Yea! Let’s get excited about love. It is witnessed often with couples in love. They get so emotional for each other. The man’s pain is the woman’s- and the woman’s pain is the man’s. They share reassuring hugs and deep kisses.

A guy who loves you shows you much affection. He holds you in his arms and says those beautiful words to you. He adores you entirely. He plants you surprise kisses when you talk. He holds your hands when you walk together. He wants to spend time with you often. He is real and open with you.

Now, don’t confuse romance with affection. Flirts can be romantic, you know. A flirt can be all-sexy, clingy, and not have affection for you, yea. It doesn’t really bother him how you feel- as long as it doesn’t put him in tight corners. But, an affectionate guy is caring and honest. He pays attention to your love language.

5.  He Is Proud Of You

‘Everybody, can you hear me? I have a girlfriend. Here’s my beautiful woman’ He tells all of his friends and even his family that you are the one for him. When people enquire about you two, he doesn’t stutter to say you’re his woman. He’s so proud of you he flaunts you. He tells everyone ‘That’s my wife.’

A guy who loves you wants to attend parties and shows with you by his side. He would not play games with you- asking you to pretend you’re his sister or his cousin. He has to be intentional about you.

6.  He Has Lots Of Patience

He exhibits patience. No pressures. You don’t want to end up with a control freak? Then you should avoid an impatient man. A control freak may come to you using under love. Do not begin to think you can change him and make him kind and patient, No.

A guy who loves you is not domineering. He sees you as himself and treats you with love. Not every guy knows what it is to love someone. Don’t get fooled by mere words and appearances. Let the action speak.

7.  He Is Open-Minded

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Let’s call this transparency, too. A guy is open to a woman he loves. He is open about his past and experiences. He wants to come clear to his woman. He talks about his family and friends. At a point, it feels like you’re his mom as he just bares it all out to you. He will tell you a lot about himself if he loves you.

8.  He Gives You Maximum Attention

This is not about him staring at you while you talk and whine. Naturally, one can stare at you and not pay attention to any word you make. A guy who’s attentive to you- pays attention to your words and gestures. He notes even the trivial statements you make, and he comes back to them to talk you through making a better decision.

9. He Is Very Supportive


A guy who loves you pushes you positively. He’s the emotional support you need. He supports your dreams and cheers you on to betterness. He understands that you need the drive. He’s not selfish and doesn’t feel threatened by your big dreams or huge plans. Once a guy loves you, giving you support becomes easy.

10.  Discussing His Future With You

What guy doesn’t talk about his future with a woman he professes love to? As long as he is deeply in love with you, he sees you in his future. He includes you in his plans. It’s not just about saying ‘I want to grow old by your side.’…

Does he share his dreams with you, babe? You know some men just want a woman to satisfy their sexual pleasures. You know some men just want babies and the mom can go away. They aren’t always open about this.

So, that guy you’re falling for, or the man you’re dating, the discussions he has with you tell whether or not he really loves you. You may love him but he doesn’t love you back. A guy who loves you is open about his investments and plans for you both. He keeps nothing from you. Men tend to talk about everything when they’re in love.

11.  He Is Inquisitive About Your Plans For Your Future

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He wants to know how you picture your future. Do you imagine ending up with a man? He wonders if he can be that man. Do you imagine becoming a person better than you are now? That’s a man who’s into you. He wants to know if you have any plans or ideas for the future. And he can give ideas and even push you to attain your goals. He wants to have a future with you.

12.  He Has Unconditional Love

It doesn’t matter who your ex is or what/how you felt, he’d love you true. Even when you don’t love him back as much as he would want you to, he’d love you still. He encourages you no matter what. He’s out to have your back and not leave you helpless when you need some more support.

A guy who loves you unconditionally doesn’t say things to hurt you. He loves you regardless of your tribe and skin color- no matter what his family thinks. In fact, he gets his family to love and hold you. That’s unconditional love.

13.  He Spends Quality Time With You

How else would you realize he loves you if not for the times you both spend together; the outings, hangouts with friends, playing games together, the touches of laughter, and the hugs? All these show that your man loves you. He always wants to have you near, to hear you laugh with reckless abandon as he racks all the jokes he’s ever heard.

When you’re in the kitchen, he comes around and livens the atmosphere. He holds you from behind and drops kisses on your cheek. He assists you and helps in cutting the veggies or rinsing the cutlery you’ve washed. You don’t even have to be sitting out on the beach before he gets to have quality time with you.

Quality time. This is not just about meeting together and having a treat. What happens over the treat? Do you catch him staring at you? Or does he bluff about the spoon not being golden and how his mom got him a tie for his birthday?

Oh, well, this is for you to realize that not every guy who’d take you out has an interest. Look out for the love signs. In fact, if he loves you, you don’t need to look out for any signs because they get quite glaring and you can see he loves you deeply.

14.  He is Possessive

My woman. My baby. My beautiful Queen. He sees you as his. Actually, he sees you as a vital part of his, he does not want to lose you

He does not have to carry you about with a plaque over your neck with the inscription ‘taken’. No. He does not have to keep you indoors because you’re his wife. He does not have to stop you from attending fêtes and parties. That’s insecurity issues actually. That’s debasing.

A guy who loves you just has to flaunt you all over the place proudly. He adores you and calls you his heart rob. He wants to stay close to you when you’re out together and his eyes never leave you even though there are several other pretty-looking women around. It’s you he’s head-over-heels for.

On the dance floor, he has his hands on your waist, and it feels like you’re the only two on the dance floor. And even with friends around, he still gives you attention. That’s a time well spent together. And the times you both go out for exercise together- quality time.

15.  He Shows Admiration

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I wouldn’t ignore this aspect. ‘You look pretty afresh, baby.’ ‘I like it when you carry your hair this way.’ he admires you and he says it. He comments on your style- the way you smile, the way you run, your curves when you are in that pretty dress… He adores you and he’s proud to call you beautiful anywhere- even in front of friends.

These show that he loves you. And if you get that guy who ticks these boxes, keep him close. And be kind enough to reciprocate the love. Thank you for reading! This will really help.


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