45 Hot Things To Say In Bed To A Man To Turn Him On

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45 Hot Things To Say In Bed To A Man To Turn Him On

Intercourse can be one of the most beautiful experiences for couples but it all depends on how it is done. There are things to say in bed to turn him on and these things are important for so many reasons. One is the fact that turning him on will make him do even more while you are both at it.

To make intercourse beautiful, both parties need to be turned on and ready. Also, contrary to popular belief men are naturally turned on and ready. There are things to say to turn your man on and you need to know them if you want him crazy about you.

Sometimes it is not the fact that you make love that keeps them coming but how you do it. It is a combination of how you move, how active you are, what you say, and many other things.

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45 Hot Things To Say In Bed To Turn Him On

We are focused on the things you say that keep him desiring you every day but before we get there, let us talk about some ground rules. When you are planning on the things to say to your man, it is important to tick these three boxes first;

Know what he likes to hear – some men a naturally dominant while others just wing it. Understanding your partner and what he likes to hear will give you an idea of the perfect things to say in bed to turn him on.

Be honest/precise – you mustn’t exaggerate while you are in bed with your man especially when you are trying to praise him and his performance. This is because everybody knows how well they can normally perform so anything out of the ordinary brings a negative effect. Nothing kills a boner faster knowing your woman is faking her reactions.

Keep it short and simple- yes communication is important but there is a time and moment for everything and this is not that time. So, keep whatever you want to say short and sweet before it ruins the mood

We have separated this into two categories to properly explain to you the situations they should be used. We also gave you some pro tips on how to use some of our things to say in bed to turn him on.


Things To Say In Bed To A Man During And After Intercourse

‘What to say to a man when making love?’

‘What to say to a man after making love?’

These are questions on the lips of every woman out there today – we all want to know these things. This is because intercourse has evolved just like every other thing in the 21st century – it is no longer about just doing it. You shouldn’t feel weird or think you are the only one finding these solutions because you are not. Some of the things that work magic when they are said are;

1. Ready for round 2?

This statement here will send chills down his spine and blood to the right veins.

2. Can you help me with something in the bedroom?
He already knows what he is going to help you with but he will pretend not to. This should be used with your partner after a long time of constant intercourse.

3. You make me so wet
This one should not be said except you are wet, this is because he might want to confirm sometimes before proceeding to give you unmeasurable pleasure.

4. Kiss me everywhere – my whole body wants you
When saying this attitude is what makes it work. You cannot be saying all your body wants someone else with a straight face, he has to feel wanted.

5. First you are going to get on your knees and then tell me how I taste
For men who love being dominated, this is one sure way to give him a hard-on

6. Do whatever you want with me, tonight
For the dominant man, this is one way to make them go crazy but make sure you are open to his level of crazy but using this

7. Take your clothes off, lie down and shut up – can you do that?
Just like the number 5, this is going to give a boner to your man if he loves to be dominated. If you are looking for things to say in bed to turn him on, this is it.

8. I can’t wait to feel you inside me
This works best during foreplay – makes him want you even more than he already does

9. Tonight, it is all about you and your fantasies
If I was your man and you used this, I will cry for five minutes before we even begin – a powerful sentence here

10. Put your hands here, I want to come for you, Daddy
This is a mixture of a command and a plea. The dream of every man is to bring unmeasurable pleasure to his woman. So, telling him what to do to make that happen makes him even more active

Things To Say To Turn Your Man On

11. Touch me right here, that’s the spot
This will give you the same effect as number 10 but be sure to guide him. This is because men tend to overdo things, he might go over on the spot which brings a negative effect

12. @%&$
Cursing is one of the things to say in bed to turn him on. Strange but the idea behind it is that you feel so good, you can’t use words. Nothing will get your man turned on faster than cursing when he does things to you

13. Tell me what you want me to do to you
This is the funniest request because in actuality it is not even a request. It is more like permitting him to make a request. Our only pro tip here is to be prepared, there is no going back from this, and saying no will only hurt him. So, be prepared for whatever request he has to make

14. Use my face as your canvas, paint it sperm
During the climax, there is nothing a man loves more than coming on a body part. This is common especially in the 21st century and the high rate of films consumption is a factor here. So, ask him to let it out on your face and see how good it makes him feel.

15. I love the way you fill me up and feel my body
This is a sure way to make his thrust harder and faster when he is inside of you.

16. I am all yours baby
Perfect after you make him watch you strip yourself naked

17. That feels so good, please do not stop
He is going to continue and never stop – just tell him his

18. Tell me more
Probably after asking him what he is going to do to you – just keep asking to hear me till he eventually starts

19. I want you to come in my mouth
Boom! He already did because the request was just too good to ignore

20. Do you want to watch/I want to watch
If you are cool with self-pleasure or you have a man that doesn’t mind that then you can use this

21. @$#% me hard
In the hit of the moment, saying this always gives your man an extra inch to go deeper

22. Deeper! Deeper!! Deeper!!! I am coming
Attitude is our pro tip for this one – he has to see that you want him to go deeper not that you are saying something you read off the internet

23. Babe, my body is shaking, babe!
the not so popular quote says ‘she can’t fake that leg shaking’, if you ever experience this during intercourse, don’t be shy to tell him

24. I enjoyed tonight especially…
This is perfect to use after sex, he needs to know you the things he did good, so he can do more

What To Say To A Man When Making Love

25. Please, daddy put it in
During foreplay, say this only when you are ready to take it in as he won’t waste seconds to put it in

26. Wake me up with your tongue if you get turned on, goodnight
He surely is going to wake you up and he definitely won’t sleep until it does – that is the power of a statement like this. This is specially meant for those men that always bring work to the house

27. I want to taste myself from you
Stop him from thrusting and give him a good job after saying this – then observe how well his thrusting becomes afterward

28. You/this makes me feel so good
Thanks for telling him this, he will continue to do so

29. Why don’t we try… tonight?
If he has told you about any of his fantasies, this is the perfect way to fix it into the conversation

30. This was what I was thinking about all day at work
He just unconsciously doubles the effect to make sure he is worth staying in your head all-day

31. Can we spend the whole day in bed, doing what we just did                                                                                                                Tell him this after round one and watch him call the office to claim he is sick

32. How about you tie me up and treat me like your toy tonight?
Two things to note, the first is to make sure you have the necessary apparatus for this. Also, make sure you are open to something like this

33. moan, pant, scream
This is the best response to him doing a good job and men do a better job when they know they are doing a good job

35. scream his name or say it silently
Scream it if you will be saying something afterward, whisper it if that is all you can say

36. What are you doing to me?
This should be said in the faintest of voices – it is going to make him run wild


Things To Say In Public To Turn Your Man on

What To Say To A Man After Making Love

When in public with your man, you still have the opportunity to make sure the night turns out great. We know we are talking about things to say in bed to turn him on but everything must not be said in bed, some things should be said at inappropriate times and they give the best effect. Some of such things would include;

37. I feel like giving my man some pleasure, can we please go home

38. Remember how good you made me feel last night, I want that again tonight

39. I wish I was home cuddling in bed with you

40. If you want me turned on before we go home then…

41. I want to have you right now!

42. Just so you know, I left the house without an underwear

43. The problem is I can’t control myself when I am around you

44. I don’t know what you have planned but I want this night to be unforgettable

45. Why am I always turned on when other people are around us


Things You Should Never Say During Intercourse

It cannot always be great; this is something we all understand – even the best of men will have their off days. That being said, there are things that we should try as much as possible never to say to our man in bed as they kill his ego and willingness to try.

Is it in yet?

Forget about the condom (once he brings it out, just roll with it)

Are you finished?

Is that all?

Do you mind if I check my phone?

There are so many things to say in bed to turn him on but saying it is just one piece of the puzzle. What does work for you is how you say it. As we have reiterated attitude is what makes it work, so as you have seen the things to say in bed to turn him on, make sure you match them with the right attitude and facial expressions. Also, use them when appropriate so they do not make things worse for you rather than better.

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