10 Ways To Please Your Man And Give Him The Best Night Of His Life

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If you really want to please your man and give him the best night of his life, you need to make sure that he gets everything he wants during the entire night. You can do this by making sure that all of his wishes are fulfilled throughout the night and by catering to his desires and needs at every turn.

If you do this, he’ll be more than willing to return the favor for you the next time around. Here are 10 ways to please your man and give him the best night of his life!

How do I please my man mentally?

1. Guys want to feel desired and appreciated by their partner, so tell him how much you love the way he makes you feel when he’s with you.

2. Guys want to feel like they’re the best man in your life, so show him that he is by letting him know when you really appreciate something he does for you or says to you.

3. Guys want to feel like they’ve met their match, so take an interest in his hobbies and goals.

4. Guys want to feel respected by their partners, so ask them what they need from you sexually, what turns them on the most about themselves, or what kind of sexual positions do they prefer.

5. Guys want someone who will be there for them through thick and thin, so be available for a talk whenever he needs it.

How can I make my man happy all the time?

There are many things that you can do for your man to make him happy. Let’s take a look at some of them.
-Sexually please your man: Sex is one way that you can please your partner and make them happy.

Be creative and explore new things with them, don’t be afraid to talk about what you want, and let them know what makes you feel good. They will be more than happy to oblige as well!

Ways To Please Your Man And Give Him The Best Night Of His Life

1.  Talk Dirty

It’s simple. Get to know his body, what he likes and doesn’t like, what drives him wild with pleasure. Then use that information to your advantage in the bedroom. For example, if he’s turned on by seeing you naked, then don’t be shy about getting naked for him. If he loves it when you lick his balls, then try it out.

If he gets off when you tell him how much you want his dick in your mouth, do it! When it comes to talking dirty during sex, anything goes as long as both of you are into it. Even if you’re not comfortable saying certain things, just go ahead and say them anyway; after all, making your man feel good should always come first.

That’s why these 10 tips are so important: they’ll help turn every night into a night to remember

2.  Send Him Naughty Text Messages During The Day

1. Send him a text while he’s at work and tell him how hot you are for him. It’ll make his day better, and it’ll be the first thing on his mind when he gets home.

2. Buy some new underwear or lingerie and send him pictures of you wearing it. He’ll love knowing that you’re waiting for him to come home and see you in your new outfit.

3. Send him a naughty video during the day to get his blood pumping.

4. If he has an hour lunch break, meet him somewhere for a quickie before going back to work.

5. When he comes home from work, greet him with kisses as soon as you open the door so he knows what’s coming later that night.

6. Sit across from him at dinner with no panties on under your skirt and let him know just what is going on beneath the tablecloth by wiggling your foot against his leg – it will drive him wild!

3.  Initiate Sex

Look your man in the eye and say, I really want you right now. This will initiate sex before he can even think of an excuse to get out of it. It’s a more effective technique than asking him if he wants to have sex because then he can say no without hurting your feelings.

If you’re not feeling sexy yourself, try rubbing his back or giving him a foot massage first. Take charge: Tell him what position you want or tell him exactly how long it’ll take for your clothes to come off. He might be worried about not being good enough so make sure to reassure him that he is amazing in bed.

4.  Get Creative In The Bedroom

1. Talk dirty to him and let him know what you want,

2. Use a sex toy on him,

3. Wear something sexy for him (or have him wear something),

4. Kiss and touch as much as possible,

5. Comin together and then cuddle with each other afterwards ,

6. Touch him as much as possible,

7. Make it all about his pleasure while touching yourself,

8. Be confident in the bedroom and show off your body in new ways

9. Find out what he likes and do it

10. Communicate openly with him so he can tell you what he likes and dislikes

5.  Try New Things In Bed

One way to please your man in bed is to try new things. For example, if you’ve always been the giver and not the receiver, then switch it up. If you’re not into oral sex, try it. If you don’t like being on top, then try that for a change. It’s important to keep things fresh and exciting in order to keep him interested in pleasuring you as well.

Switch positions often so he can enjoy seeing different views of your body. You might be surprised at what his favorite position might be! When you do something out of the ordinary (something he likes) make sure to communicate with him during it so he knows how much pleasure you are getting out of it too.

Be vocal about what feels good and what doesn’t; most men want their woman to have an orgasm so they can feel powerful and sexy!

6.  Be Open To His Fantasies

You should always be open to your man’s fantasies. They’re a big part of what makes him feel special and loved. It also helps if you know what his fantasies are! If you can’t tell, ask him.

1) One way to please your man is by being open to his fantasies.

2) Ask him which ones he likes best and try them out! He’ll love it when you go along with his desires.

3) Another thing that will make him feel great is when you touch him in ways he loves to be touched.

4) Last but not least, just lay back and enjoy the ride! You don’t have to do anything other than let him explore and take care of everything else.

5) Relaxing on the sofa while he kisses your neck or gives you a shoulder rub will give both of you immense pleasure without any effort on your part.

6) Stroking his hair as he watches TV or gives him an extra-long hug will make him feel extra-loved and wanted.

7) Get creative! Think outside the box. There are plenty of ways to help him feel desired and appreciated.

8) Tell him how much he means to you, how sexy he looks when he smiles, how amazing it feels when he touches you and all those things that make him happy too!

9) Massage his feet after a long day at work or show off some skin (even if its covered up!) – All these things will help satisfy your man and make for one unforgettable night together!

10) Make him feel like a king: Tell him how handsome, smart and funny he is. Take pride in telling him how lucky you are to have such an incredible partner and lover.

7.  Give Him A Massage

Start by giving your man a nice massage. This will help him relax and feel better about himself. Focus on his neck and shoulders to start, then work your way down to his lower back if you have time. If he’s feeling really tense, try adding some lavender or vanilla essential oils to the mix for an even more soothing effect.

Pay attention to where he is most sensitive: Find out what kind of pressure feels good to your guy in different places on his body. Is it light stroking? Deep pressure? A light tickle? Be mindful of these details as you move around the body, so that all areas are treated equally.

Make sure not to neglect erogenous zones: Many men love when their partner takes the lead in touching them in ways that get them off.

8.  Cook His Favorite Meal

Cooking his favorite meal is a surefire way to please your man and give him the best night of his life. Cooking for him is an act of love. It’s a gesture that says, I care about you and I want to do something nice for you. That’s why it’s important to know what he likes and make it for him.

If he loves spaghetti with meatballs, then it’s on you to find out how to make spaghetti with meatballs and get them in his belly ASAP. Even if he doesn’t say anything when he gets home from work, as soon as he smells those dishes in the air – all will be forgiven.

What does cooking for him say? I care about you.

What does cooking for him say? I think about what makes you happy. When I walk through the door after work,

there should be no questions in my mind: This is where I’m supposed to be. There should just be this feeling of Yes! Finally!

9.  Plan A Special Night Out

The best way to please a man and give him the best night of his life is to plan a night where he gets his fill of everything that he loves, while also getting what he wants. This can be as simple as taking him out to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, or surprising him with an intimate dinner for two at home.

Another way to please your man is by giving him the freedom to enjoy himself on a vacation that’s all about him. For example, if you know he’s been wanting to go fishing, why not make it happen? Buy some fresh bait and lures for him before hand so that when the day comes he has nothing else to do but enjoy himself.

Let him put his feet up in front of the TV after a hard day at work, then serve up some hearty comfort food like macaroni and cheese or pizza. He’ll love having his sweet tooth satisfied with ice cream sundaes served in a waffle cone bowl. Or whip up an incredible gourmet meal from scratch!

If you’re feeling extra frisky, tie him to the bed and surprise him with a homemade candlelight bath or massage. These are just 10 ways to please your man and give him the best night of his life!

10.  Tell Him How Much You Love And Appreciate Him

I’m so lucky to have you in my life. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I love you more than anything in the world. Thank you for always being there for me and being my number one supporter. You’re always looking out for me, even when I don’t see it or want it, which is why I’ll always be by your side.

Whenever we get into a fight, we usually make up because I know how much you care about me and what would happen if we were apart. No matter what happens between us, I will never forget how much of an impact you’ve had on my life.

You gave me hope when I didn’t think there was any left and helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to live like this and give back to others like I do now. There’s no way I can thank you enough for all that you’ve done for me but as long as we have each other, everything will work out just fine.

Bottomline On 10 Ways To Please Your Man And Give Him The Best Night Of His Life

Finally , for the finale, you should know that it is not about what you do, but how you do it. Make sure your movements are passionate and focused on his pleasure. Keep eye contact with him and show your enjoyment by moaning from time to time. Believe me when I say he will feel loved and appreciated.

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