50 Fun Date Ideas For Couples To Strengthen Their Love

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Fun date ideas for couples to strengthen their love! Summertime is one of the most important times in our lives as 90% of us have more time to rest and less time for work-related things. It is only normal that we look for fun things to help us unwind during this time – it is not just something that happens in the States but this is the norm all over the world.

When it comes to date plans, there are different forms in which they can be done, some can be done inside the house, some would require you to go outside and the remaining can work whether you are inside the house or not.

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50 Amazing Fun Date Ideas

1. attending a wedding – there is something about a union that just makes you want to love again all over and this is why going to a wedding with your partner should be the number one on your list of summer date ideas.

2. having a fake Christmas – we know how Christmas is the time of giving but waiting till December or their birthday to buy them gifts is boring. So, hit the store and give them as many gifts as possible this summer.

3. visit the adult toy store – this might be out of the Blue but a stronger relationship would involve a stronger bond in the bedroom too, so what better way?

4. see a new city – an adventure wouldn’t hurt, rather it would do you a lot of good – so if you are from New York or New Jersey; our suggestion should be a visit to Maimi this summer, take a lot of photos and make memories as you go.

5. visit the pub – restaurants are cool and all but they get boring now and then. So, if you are looking for summer night date ideas to replace a dinner date, try a cool pub and come back here to thank us later.

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6. relive a moment from the past – it might be a very useless moment or one that holds significant importance but regardless, if you had an amazing date in the past that you still talk about – surprise her by going to the same place and doing the same thing again.

7. go to the zoo – the zoo is not just a place you take your kids to teach them about animals and the life they live. Sometimes, you are your partner can learn a lot about love and togetherness just by how the animals interact.

8. charter a sailboat – sail the seas while sipping expensive wine – this is one for the rich but it is surely worth it.

9. visit the museum – the museum just like the zoo brings you closer than you think for a reason best known to our hearts.

Flirty Date Ideas For Couples

10. go to the beach – the water, sand, and nature just bring out the summer spirit in us and that spirit comes with a stronger love for the person we are with at that time.

11. go watch a stage play – who is going on stage this summer? Just make sure you and your partner have front-role rickets.

12. go to a sculpture garden – art is beautiful but most times we do not see it till we are in a room filled with them, so a sculpture garden is not a bad idea for this summer.

13. have an afternoon at the park – it doesn’t matter the activities you have lined up; it might be just to sit and laugh but make sure you are together, that is the most important thing – hit the park and just do something together.

14. attend a concert – loud music has its way of making us feel good and we always would remember the person that made it possible. So, take them to go see their favorite band this summer.


More Fun Activities For Couples To Do Outside

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15. have a burn fire night – it might be done in the backyard or the faraway wild but some barbecue and marshmallows on the fire will do your summer a lot of good.

16. play with water – they might say we are not children anymore but who is watching? The only opinion that counts is your partner and reliving childhood memories is amazing. So, get two water guns this summer and go to battle; may the odds remain in your favor.

17. go skinny dipping or just regular swimming – there is something about the waters that get us; the summer is already giving us heat, so hit the waters and make memories there.

18. fishing is a good sport – try fishing as the benefits are just too numerous to mention; it is relaxing, brings the both of you together, and still puts food on the table.

19. have a picnic – visit the park or beach and have a proper picnic at least once, we are all dreaming of these moments, so do it for us if you can this summer.

20. have a run or walk in the morning – exercising is amazing, so why don’t you add keeping fit to your summer bucket list and go for early morning jogs?

21. rock climbing – for those of us who are not afraid of adventure – rock climbing can be a very amazing experience for you and your partner. You could also try bungee jumping or other adventurous activities.

Fun Date Ideas For Couples To Strengthen Their Love

22. stargazing/watching the sunset – the beauty in nature sometimes is all the companion you need when having a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner and this might be what you need this summer.

23. visit an amusement park – we have reiterated this and we would keep doing so till this discussion is over, you are not children anymore but believe me, you are permitted to play like children. So go on rides at the amusement park, and enjoy the companionship of your partner.

24. go on a restaurant adventure – new restaurants have opened all over town from the state of the year till summer and your goal this summer should be to try all of them out and find out which is the best. Who knows, you can kick start your career as a critic.

25. go skydiving – adventure and the thrill it gives cannot be overlooked even for one day – this summer we suggest that you turn to a daredevil and take on the skies with your partner.

26. plan a road trip – ride slow is what Russ said in his song and that should be all you plan to do this summer. Go on long drives, you might not have a destination in mind but just enjoy the companionship of your partner and the stereo of your car.

27. go hiking – mountain climbing and hiking is yet another one that opens us to a whole new world of adventures. So, you can try hiking his summer, just for the fun of it but make sure you are fully protected to avoid injuries.

Deep Fun Date Ideas For Couples

28. an outdoor movie date – drive-in cinemas used to be amazing features in the past and they are coming back to win again. so go to one this summer, and enjoy a movie with your girl from the comfort of your car.

29. watch some sports – when you both support the same team for support, there is no greater joy than witnessing them win. Summer would have the biggest games of the season regardless of the sport in question – football, soccer, basketball, or baseball. Just make sure you are watching the game with your partner, from the comfort of your home or in the stadium.

30. pottery and sculpture classes – this can be done online or you could actually go to a school and get busy with your hands together. Fun Date Ideas For Couples To Strengthen Their Love!

31. have a couple of sports competitions – go play sporting competitions that allow you to compete in pairs and take on your couple friends this summer. Make sure you come back home with bragging rights; this is one of our best on the list of summer dating ideas.

Original Fun Date Ideas For Couples

32. yoga/outdoor exercise class – whether you get an instructor to come home or you try out a class, exercise, and yoga can be relaxing and with its health benefits – we see no reason why it is not part of your summer plans.

33. wine tasting – just like trying out restaurants, you can do wines too and decide which is the best.

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34. play some music and dance – you either decide to do this at home or go to the club to get your groove on.

35. book a couple of massage sessions – almost every spa has the couple massage option available and some of them would go as far as coming to your home to do it, so just book a session today.

36. cook; together – make dinner or lunch together as a unit this summer, there is no greater sense of joy than helping your partner with things like this.

37. have an ice-cream date – movies and food – this is what we do half the time when we go on dates and the truth is these are not all that you can do – so this summer go have an ice-cream date with your partner.

38. volunteer for a course – there is a sense of fulfillment and joy that comes with helping others and that can translate into a stronger bond between you are your partner, so make sure you are doing some charity work this summer.

39. Have a double date – this summer go out with a couple of friends and see how it helps your love

40. dinner date – an expensive restaurant once in a while has not killed anybody

41. Have lunch together – food dates should be left for dinner and breakfast alone, especially for those who work.

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42. go for a karaoke night – sing and laugh over bottles of wine or beer – that’s what karaoke should be.

43. games you can play as a team – solve a murder, this is our suggestion – try playing this game as a team.

44. plant a garden – inside the house or in the yard, help yourself, and help the environment.

45. go paint the internet red – make all the goofy videos and take all the PDA-infested photos and dump them on the net.

46. skincare therapy – help them take care of their skin this summer, you may not know what to do but YouTube is always there to help.

47. Have a Bruno Mars day – stay naked all day and do nothing except have intercourse and eat food.

48. a movie night – binge-watch your favorite series and movies this summer.

49. Indoor games – there are a thousand and one indoor games available, just pick the one that both of you like the most.

50. take care of the house – do deep house cleaning but try your best to make it more fun and less of a chore. Fun Date Ideas For Couples To Strengthen Their Love!

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