5 Ways To Be A Submissive Wife: How To Please Your Husband And Have A Happy Marriage

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Ways to be a submissive wife. Being submissive in marriage doesn’t mean that the wife does whatever she wants, when she wants and how she wants. It means doing what the husband wants, when he wants it, the way he wants it without question or argument.

This can seem like an impossible task to some women, when you’re in a relationship, being submissive doesn’t mean you have to be subservient. It simply means giving your husband what he needs emotionally, mentally, and physically to feel respected and fulfilled as the leader of your household.

Don’t confuse submission with disrespect; in fact, it’s just the opposite – the ultimate sign of respect.

How can I be a cute and submissive wife?

1. First and foremost, learn what your husband likes and try to do those things.

2. If you don’t know what he likes, ask him! Asking shows that you want to please him and makes him feel good.

3. Another way to be submissive is to let your husband take the lead. This doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion, but it does mean that you should let him make the final decision.

What is a submissive wife according to the Bible?

A submissive wife according to the Bible is a woman who respects and defers her husband’s authority, decisions, and leadership. She puts her husband’s needs and desires above her own and is willing to sacrifice for him. A submissive wife is also a woman of God who prays for her husband and seeks to please God first and foremost in her life.

Here are five ways to be a submissive wife so you can please your husband and have a happy marriage.

5 Ways To Be A Submissive Wife

1.  Be The First to Say I Love You

Saying I love you first can be a daunting thing. You might be worried about rejection or that your partner doesn’t feel the same way. But sometimes, being the first to say those three little words can make all the difference. It shows that you’re brave and confident in your relationship. Plus, it sets the tone for a happy and healthy marriage.

Be The First To Say I Love You: Sometimes we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives that we forget to tell our partners how much they mean to us. Saying I love you out loud is an important step towards showing your spouse how much they mean to you.

If you’re always saying I love you before bedtime, then there’s no need for anyone else but your spouse in bed with you!

2.  Praise Him

When you see something your husband does that you like, praise him. It could be something as simple as making the bed in the morning or taking out the trash. Whatever it is, take a moment to let him know that you appreciate it. This will make him feel good and encourage him to keep doing things that make him happy.

Make His Needs A Priority (four sentences): Another way to be a submissive wife is to make your husband’s needs a priority. Even if there are tasks you don’t want to do, put his needs first. If he asks for dinner before dinner time comes around, put down what you’re doing and start cooking.

You may not always get the recognition you deserve for being such a great wife but he’ll notice your actions and thank you for them later on.

3.  Listen More Than You Speak

In order to be a submissive wife, you need to be able to listen more than you speak. This doesn’t mean that you can never voice your opinion, but it does mean that you should be careful about when and how you do so. After all, your husband is the head of the household and his word should carry more weight than yours.

What’s more, he knows what he wants in life better than you do. If he asks for input on a decision then by all means give him your opinion (but keep in mind who’s making the final call). The idea here is to provide him with balance by giving him what he needs without overwhelming him with too much at once.

For example, if he comes home from work after a long day and needs some time to unwind before getting into anything serious, just talk to him about things going on in your day or ask him how his day was while he eats dinner. Asking open-ended questions will also help get him talking while still allowing you the opportunity to listen.

4.  Know When to Keep Quiet

In any relationship, it’s important to know when to keep quiet. In a marriage, this is especially true. As a submissive wife, you should know when to speak up and when to remain silent.

By doing so, you can please your husband and have a happy marriage. For example, if he asks you to take out the trash or get him a beer while he watches TV on the couch, go ahead and do it. Let him be in charge of the remote control or make all the decisions about what to watch on TV.

5.  Do His Bidding

As a submissive wife, your number one priority is to please your husband. You should always be willing to do whatever he asks of you, whether it’s running errands, taking care of the household chores, or being intimate with him. It’s important to be attentive to his needs and make sure that his happiness is always your top priority.

If you want to stay in a happy marriage, you need to keep doing things for him, even if they are small tasks.

Final Thought on 5 Ways To Be A Submissive Wife

Conclusion – It is important to respect your husband and obey him. The Bible says that a woman should be submissive to her own husband, as to the Lord. (Ephesians 5:22) Wives should want to please their husbands in everything.

It’s also important for wives to show respect for their husbands by dressing modestly and avoiding argumentative words. A happy marriage is based on love, care, trust, faithfulness, and respect for one another.


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