5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Exciting

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5 Ways to keep your marriage exciting, have you and your spouse hit that dreaded moment in your marriage where everything feels like it’s been done, said, and experienced? Have you ever felt like there’s no way to get back to the beginning of your relationship, where it was all exciting and new?

While getting stuck in that rut can be discouraging, knowing how to keep your marriage exciting can help take the struggle out of keeping the spark alive and make marriage fun again!

How Can I Make My Wedlock More Exciting?

This is one issue that seems to come up frequently in couple’s therapy. One or both partners feels like their love life has hit a wall or that they are not connecting with their spouse as well as they used to. When you feel bored in a relationship, it is often difficult for couples to know what tips need to be taken to get back on track.

How To Make Your Marriage More Exciting

With so many things to do and people to see, it’s easy to forget that your marriage must be one of your top priorities. But maintaining an exciting marriage takes work and dedication from both you and your spouse, which means you can never afford to lose sight of the little things that keep the spark alive over time.

And this isn’t just about how well you know each other; many people who have been married for years feel like they’re getting to know their spouses better all the time, but their relationships are still suffering without constant attention and effort. Here are some tips from therapists and other experts on how to make your marriage more exciting

sweet tips To Keep Your Marriage more Exciting

Remember Your First Date

When you spend quality time together, even in a familiar place like your home, it’s easy to get complacent and forget how excited you were. Make a point of celebrating anniversaries and rekindling that passion from when you first met. It can be as cheap as sharing a bottle of wine on your porch or going out for dinner at your favorite restaurant.

Don’t forget about special occasions, either: holidays are great opportunities to revisit traditions with each other or make new ones. For example, if you go Christmas shopping together every year, why not try taking an adventure on another day? You could also bring back some old traditions that have fallen by the wayside over time.

Don’t let life become so busy that you stop enjoying each other—keep things fresh!

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary

It can be as cheap as trying a new restaurant in your neighborhood, making reservations at an out-of-town bed and breakfast, or even going on a day trip together. For example, if you live near Mt. Rushmore and have never been there before, go check it out! There’s no better time than now.

You don’t have to make a big statement with these excursions—but it helps if you do. After all, spontaneity is what keeps things interesting. So get up off that couch and get moving! You won’t regret it.

Try New Things Together

One of my favorite memories as a married couple was when we drove down Highway 101 in California. We passed by natural splendor for two hours and had an adventure that would’ve never happened if we hadn’t agreed to it. This is just one way of many for trying new things together, even if it’s something simple like going out for dinner at a restaurant you’ve never been to before.

The key here is not to be so caught up in your daily routine that you forget to make a moment out of your day for each other. You don’t have to go on extravagant trips or try every new food trend—try something once in a while! I guarantee your relationship will flourish from all of these new experiences if you do.

And remember: The best part about any occasion is sharing it with someone else who means everything to you.

Schedule Quality Time

Many married couples end up neglecting each other’s interests because of a myriad of factors. However, setting aside time for each other ensures that you can rekindle those old flames before they become embers. Make it a point to schedule at least one date every week and make sure it’s quality time—no kids or pets allowed!

If you have kids, please get them involved in activities that give you time together as a couple (date night is always a good idea). If finances are tight, consider staying in and cooking dinner together instead of going out. You don’t need expensive gifts or vacations to reignite romance; just some quality time with your spouse will do wonders for keeping things fresh.


Sexting is a fantastic way to stay sexually connected when you’re apart. There are plenty of sites dedicated to sending messages, photos, and videos to spice up your relationship while you’re away from each other. Plus, it can be enjoyable! Why not give it a try? No one ever died from being turned on… If there’s no sex in your life:

Many people fear that they won’t have sex in their marriage because they don’t have sex with their spouse before getting married. The truth is that several couples end up having more petite sex after they get married.

Final Thought On 5 Ways To Keep Your Marriage Exciting

The key is not so much that you’re doing these activities with each other, but what you make of them. If it’s still fun and exciting for both of you, why not enjoy it? so do give it a try and surely you will be back to comment. Thanks for reading this post to the end.


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tips To Keep Your Marriage Exciting

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